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Let God Sort It Out

The hell with ’em all, and let God sort it out. Seriously; obsessing over this broken world will do nothing but drive you crazy.

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Killing the Thirst

Thirst is the dialectic of addiction, of marketing, it’s a trap that keeps you living in a false reality, that will ultimately turn you into nothing more than another pod person.

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1993’s Tombstone: An American Legend

Tombstone is not only an amazing film in its own right, combining 1990s technology with the “Big Hollywood” Style of the 60s and 70s, it’s a summation of one of America’s most enduring myths: the Wild West which healed the wounds from the Civil War.

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June/July Patreon Update

First off, thank you to all of the new backers!  Make sure you’ve signed up for the mailing list so that I can keep in touch with you regarding the voting and podcasts: As you may have noticed, I’ve been running a bit behind; between a shakeup in my living situation, and the ongoing trouble from YouTube, my content production has been falling behind. Episode 2 of In Depth Analysis will be “The Broken Love Lives of Star Trek the Next Generation”; I’m cleaning up the facts/names on the script tonight, and then it’s just a matter of recording...

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Has #GamerGate been Thoroughly Cucked?

There’s nothing I love more than getting hate from the left.  They say you can judge a man by his enemies, and in my case they’re a bunch of sneaky ethno-masochists who desperately cling to whatever ideologies are deemed fashionable at the moment.  Five years ago they were upset by my “sexism”, but now that anti-feminism has become fashionable they’re scrabbling to find something – anything! – else to use as an excuse. Haters gonna hate, after all. But what I find interesting is the sheer volume of hatred I inspire; in the grand scheme of things I’m a small...