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Matt Forney After Hours, Episode 7: Borderline Insane

Last Spring I joined Matt Forney on his subscribers-only podcast to describe Borderline Personality Disorder – a type of creature he and I have had far too many dealings with. It is no longer exclusive content, available to everyone – and as topical as it was back then.

Reflections on Clausewitz’s “On War”; Chapter 1

I’ve recently decided to undertake an in-depth study of Carl Von Clausewitz’s book On War; one of Western Civilization’s greatest works of strategy. I find that the best way to aid my study has always been to write down notes as I read; those notes are what follows. Hopefully you find them a useful summary; if you wish to read along with me, I’d appreciate hearing your own thoughts in the comments section.

Sallust by Quintus Curtius: A Review

Sallust: The Conspiracy Of Catiline And The War Of Jugurtha is a work of Roman History, written by one of Julius Caesar’s lieutenants during his retirement (the eponymous Caius Sallustius Cripus) and translated by my colleague Quintus Curtius.  He had several reasons for assembling a new translation. The first is the sheer beauty of the prose: For in every state those who have no resources envy the productive and, due to dissatisfaction with their own lot, are eager for everything to be changed.  They are nourished by upheaval and sedition without care, as poverty is easily maintained without great expense....

Interview, and the Regular Livestream

One Man’s Corus invited me to join him on a podcast/interview where we discussed Jordan B. Peterson, Feminism, MGTOW, and the Alt Right, as well as the direction that we’re all headed in: (And yes, I was a fan of Peterson’s before it was cool.) My regular Sunday Stream (brought to you by my Patreon backers!) will be going out at the regular time, 1700 Mtn; I’ll be going back to basics, discussing what this whole “Red Pill” self-improvement regime is supposed to be about, and how it relates to the politics that it’s grown into. And in other news,...

Inheritance: Wretched 20th Century Generations

To understand the Baby Boomers, you must understand where they came from. Assigning blame does nothing, without an understanding of how the blame-worthy came to be who they are. In other words; Hirsch explains the failures of the Greatest Generation in this article.

The Right Wins Every Battle, But Loses the War

Whenever the left wins a battle, they win a victory. Whenever the right wins a battle, the left walks away with a victory. The Catch-22 of fighting the left is that the left always wins, drifting in Cthulu’s wake. Why is it that we keep winning every battle but losing the war?