Gulf Oil Spill

I don’t got much to add to this – better folks than I have gone on at length.

For a good aggregate site, go here: I found the link through Peter Schiff’s youtube channel, and I’m currently watching an old 1990 news program from there, on BPs culpability in the Exxon Valdez disaster.

All I’ve got to say is this: you know what the result of all this will be, don’t you?  The damned plebs will vote for more collusion between government and big business under the guise of ‘regulation’.  I haven’t looked too deeply into Obama’s ban on offshore drilling projects but $20 says that it’s not just a knee-jerk please-the-electorate waste of time, which just happens to provide another swift kick to the nether regions of an economy that’s already collapsing.  No, I’ll wager it’s also meant to ensure ‘fair’ lack-of-competition among the other big players.

And you wonder why so many small businesses fail?

I am so full of bile and loathing right now.  Half of it’s for the absentee-father corporate execs.  The other half is for the brain-dead electorate, who carry on in the delusion that throwing tantrums and demanding that somebody fix things will somehow work this time.

What a pathetic slave-race we’ve grown into.  The Enlightenment was a goddamned accident, a strange congruence of social policies that somehow raised up a group of Noble Savages into the limelight for a while.  How long did it last?  A century?  Fifty years?  I’ll leave that to the Historians who bothered finishing their degrees.  Suffice it to say that since the Priests, Kings, and the other Soulless Meatfuckers took power during the Neolithic our natural form of governance has been, and always will be, Feudalism.  Republics are just a refrain in this tale told by an idiot.

So enjoy your Job with Benefits – I’m sure that management has your best interests in mind.  As for me, I’ll be moving out to the desert to a compound with razor wire and tesla coils protecting me from the rabble at the gate.

Stay off my goddamn lawn.

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Davis M.J. Aurini

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