Recap: The Collapse is Coming

It is the conceit of any Ideologue that he has a direct line on the Truth.  For your typical Talking Head, they simply assume that their opponent is an idiot – or perhaps misguided.  Those who are more intellectually honest might go so far as to admit that the Complement of their Political Shade have some good points; they might even admit to being ignorant on whether red or blue is most correct in any given situation.

After all, they’re both playing on the same field.

Here in the Reactionary Right, we don’t have that luxury.  Our stance is – by it’s very nature – a rejection of the entire game.  We can’t hedge our bets by saying “Sometimes those Liberals have a point.” We’ve taken the Red Pill, and we’re outside the Matrix; if the Matrix doesn’t actually exist – if it turns out that the narrative we riducule really is reality – then we’re nothing but a bunch of deluded conspiracy nuts.

Every so often I’ll find myself back in the Blue Pill world, talking to a conservative who notices Symptom X, but utterly denies Cause Y when I point it out; sadly, the conversation that follows seldom convinces them.

The nature of the Red Pill demands intellectual integrity, and those who are constitutionally oriented to self-serving fictions will automatically reject it.  Consequently a true Red Piller having these Blue Pill conversations will inevitably feel self doubt.

A positive statement is needed.  The standard skeet-shooting of Bad Ideas is fine on its own, but as a bulwark against Insanity a distinct framework is needed.  The Collapse is coming, and soon.  Our civilization is in decline.  Dark times lie ahead.  Let’s delineate the Evidence.


This is where we start.  It’s the first Red Pill most of us swallowed.  On the one hand, due to the suffering we’ve gone through as Men, on the other, for the Superpower known as Game.  It’s the most obvious Lie, and the most distorting.

We are animals at our core, and everything we do – art, science and civilization – ultimately revolve around sex.  Our biology is innate, and socialization can only pervert, it cannot change the sexes.  We find ourselves surrounded by simpering males, and feral females, grossly unattractive to one another.  Women’s hypergamy drives them to pursue the top 20% of Men during their most fertile years, leaving many of them bereft of Love once their beauty fades.  Meanwhile, the rest of the Men, the 80%, become sexless and uninvested in society.

Why build the infastructure of civilization when it won’t get you laid?  It’s so much easier to play video games and download porn.

We also see the perversion in our legal system.  Whether you look at the growing number of False Rape Accusations, or the anti-family divorce courts, it’s always the same: Feminist hatred of men, with no regard for the collateral damage they cause; collateral damage in the forms of male victims, increased child abuse, or the welfare-addicted poverty of single mothers.  The nuclear family – a building block of society so ancient that even Greek homosexuals advocated it – is dying.  And we’re all being dragged down with it.

Of course, no time in History was idyllic, but it used to be that both Men and Women balanced our polygamous/hypergamous urges against our parallel drive for trust and companionship.  Marriage was the life-hack applied to inscrupulous genetic determinism.  Now sex has devolved to mercenary attitudes on both sides of the Gender War.  Even the top 20% of Men – the Alpha/Sigma spectrum – who are the most successful in the current disequilibrium, will never get to experience the beauty of an Aged Wife.

It can’t be overstated how central sex and marriage are to our species; you’ll notice Feminist creepers running throughout most of the other faults in our Civilization.


Incipient Socialism is a stupid idea, but not innately destructive to civilization.  For example, consider the Medicare provided by most European countries, and Canada.  Is it over costly?  Yes.  Does it result in needless deaths?  Of course.  Would a free market do it better?  You’d better believe it, bub.

But at the end of the day, all it means is that a higher percentage of car accidents are going to be fatal, and people will die slightly earlier from heart disease.  They tell me each death is a tragedy, but as far as I can tell, there’s simply a constant statistic spread evenly across the board.

Most Medical Services are pure quackery, anyway.

Socialism doesn’t truly start becoming destructive until we see it applied along Identity Group lines.  This is the strategy of the Frankfut School of Marxism; undermine social cohesion, by turning groups against one another.  When Marx first envisioned Communism, he hoped for the proletariate to rise up against the capitalists; almost every attempt at this failed.  Following the 1930s – a turbulent time, where Brand New Political Parties were springing up like weeds – the Frankfurt School theorized that, rather than relying upon the workers for the rebel energy, they should spread the concept of marginalized minorities.

For you Sinophiles out there, it’s a similar concept to the Constant Revolution in Maoism; and just like Maoism, it decapitates societies.

The poisonous Socialism is that which targets Identiy Groups – blacks, LGBTs, women, or any other of the dozens of minority groups out there.  The welfare stipend you receive is just enough to keep you fed, but not enough to engage in a productive project; the affirmative action will get you hired, but everyone will recognize you as a ‘token’, and slowly your resentment will build; the constant ‘blaming’ of Old White Men for all the social ills in society prevents good-faith unity, and benefits the crutch-sellers, who are the ones who crippled your legs in the first place.

Maoism or Frankfurt – both serve to distract the masses and blame an opponent who cannot fight back.  Both wind up impoverishing the groups they claim to benefit.  Both help to protect those who are actually in charge.  It is the constant war that Orwell described.

Keynesian Economics

It’s pretty simple, really; does Production drive the economy, or does Consumption stimulate manufacturing?  If it were Consumption, I’d expect the poorest countries to be better off – since they have so much capacity for consumption, while we’re sated with our fancy clothes and streak-of-lightning cars.  Of course it’s Production!  Our capacity to consume is effectively unlimited, outside of a post-scarcity economy (which would be disruptive, but ultimately beneficial) the ‘brakes’ on economic growth are innovation and natural resources.

What about gold coins shoved into the mattresses?  Is that Savings or Hordings?  Well – without some sort of savings for future investment, innovation will never get off the ground.  Imagine a subsistance-level economy – you eat everything you produce, and so does everyone else.  It doesn’t matter how brilliant your factory plan is, there will never be the time or money to build it.

While it’s true the Economics can get Wild and Wooly when you look at the nitty-gritty, the basic principles are self-evident once you’ve given them five minutes of thought.  As a species, we’re designed for tribes of 50-150 people – Dunbar’s Number, it’s called – and when you’re surrounded by that number of people, Communism actually works pretty well.  So it’s understandable that – again and again throughout history – we’ve attempted central planning, and devaluation of the currency.

And every single time it’s been a failure.

Yet here we are again… I’ve heard estimates that the Canadian Dollar is worth only about 70% of it’s current market price, with the American Dollar it’s more like 50%; I can’t vouch for that, but I can point you in the direction of a Badass, Motorcyling, Ballroom-dancing Economist who’s got some solid numbers pointing to a major drop in the living standard that we could have had.

Currencies are in a worldwide bubble; if you’ve been to the grocery store lately you’ll have noticed that the bubble is beginning to deflate.  It’s not a question of if it’s going to pop – it’s merely a question of when.

The Zombie Economy

Economy suffering Mancession; Women hardest hit.”

The modern workplace is increasingly hostile to young men.  With the rise of feminism, we’ve replaced the hierarchal, aggressive, productitive, male-oriented workplace, with an HR-run, regulated, and catty female-oriented workplace.  We no longer get stuff done; we Shuffle Paperwork.

Thank God I’m in Calgary – at least we have the Oil Sands here, and the bulk of our economy is stripped-down to bare bones, because we’re always in need of skilled labour.  Competence is more valued than Compliance.  Unfortunately, that’s the exception in today’s world.  Instead, we have so much Government Intervention and Regulation, that companies are firing their most productive workers, because their least productive workers belong to a Protected Class.

And that’s not even mentioning how regulation prevents small business from forming in the first place…

The Military-Industrial Complex

It’s always important to remember just how amazing corporations are.  400 years ago, if a Cobbler invented a great, new way of making shoes, but none of his sons were interested in pursuing his trade, then his discovery would die with him.  Corporations allow ideas and innovations to become immortal.  They never die; at worst, they’re choppped up and absorbed by others.

But with the Military-Industrial Complex, we see the nepotistic relationship between Big Business and Big Government cementing itself.

Fifteen years ago, Microsoft didn’t pay for a single Lobbyist.  Today they spend over $7 million.  The reason?  The 1998 Antitrust Lawsuit.  They learned their lesson.

And let’s not forget that Deepwater was being regulated like an outhouse; and that it was ‘resolved’ by a backroom shakedown with the Golden One.

The Corporation is a brilliant entity, but it’s ultimately amoral.  It does whatever is necessary to survive – as, apparently, do politicians.  The Military-Industrial Complex is when this relationship becomes entrenched, when the upper-tiers of executives and politicos move freely between the two.  And it is here, in huge numbers.  I think somebody even wrote a book on how the Universities are getting in on the action.

But those are only the explicit problems; what you don’t notice, is how regulation always seems to benefit the corporations who were asked to consult on it, and how it always undermines the little guys, the start ups.  Is it any wonder we have nothing but big-box stores nowadays?  Work for the company or starve!  Freedom of Speech is a firing offense!


The (free) documentary “The Century of Self” documents how the application of Freudian Psychoanalysis revolutionized advertising.  They found the short-circuits.  They found the quick-fixes.  They found out how to manipulate us.  They now know how to make us feel like we’re starving during an obesity epidemic.  Questions of necessity and quailty have gone out the window; now it’s nothing but cheap, shiny crap, for our empty, meaningless lives.

They also apply this to politics.

Wimminz had an interesting conversation with a marketer, recently:

“You know what SHOULD frighten you? Not that we have had a hundred years of practice at manipulating consent, but the fact that the manipulators themselves are at least as susceptible to their own products as joe public, there is a 92% chance that I as an adult single female in the western world have shaved pubes…..”

“Nobody is in control any more” I said

“Oh no, there are shifts of people taking turns at the wheel, the problem is we are driving in the dark in unknown territory with the lights out and tinted windows, we only care about what is going on inside the bus.”

Consumption, Culture, and Pop Politics – mass produced and incredibly bad for you.

And speaking of culture…

Decadent, Degenerent Culture

Neatly summed up here, by Jonathan Frost.  I think this is self-evident.

We mate with all the elegance of Rhi-rhis; Bonobo would be a step up for us.  Dull, gaudy rythms in Night Clubs so loud that conversation is impossible.  Our movie stars, more often than not, are Assholes and Sluts.  Speaking of which, Slutwalks aren’t being shamed into obscurity.

We have no culture – just the mass produced Filth coming out of Hollywood (rare exceptions, yes, but that’s the point – they’re exceptions).  We have no standards – no esprit de corps – no ideals to strive to.  We’ve lost all sense of the Transcendent and Heroic.

Let me put it like this: say you’re at a biker bar, or a bar full of Good Ol’ Boys, or some bastion of tradional masculinity, and an emergency breaks out.  Could be fire, could be a gunshot; don’t worry about that right now.  The question is – where are you more likely to get trampled in a panicked stampede?  The Biker Bar?  Or the ever-so-much-more-popular Night Club?

Look around you; those are Night Club people you see walking down the street.  A back-alley orgasm, a line of blow, a sarcastic remark.  That is all we stand for anymore.  It seems like it’s all fun and games… but when the excrement hits the oscillating blade…

Our culture is Soma; and soon they will cut off the supply.

The Security State

Summed up very well here.  Much of the following is paraphrased or quoted.

NDAA – Why did Obama pass this into legislation if he didn’t feel a ‘need’ to be able to detain American Citizens indefinitely?  And why are soldiers being trained for ‘urban pacification’?

Why does FEMA need this many body bags?

Why is the DHS arming themselves with 450 million mushrooming rounds?

Remember that Military-Industrial Complex?  Meet Michael Chertoff, lobbyist and ex-government employee, makes millions of dollars off of the Radioactive Porno Scanners.

Hmm… I remember reading this article on the Globe and Mail a while back, but now the page 404s.  They probably just reorganized their archives.  You can read a transcript here.

Is Winston’s Job at the Ministry of Truth really that far fetched?

Global Destabalization

These guys seem a Bit Too Green for my tastes, but as far as this goes, we’re on the same page.  Since taking Office, the Golden One has:

– Signed the NDAA into law — assassinating US citizens w/o trial now legal – Waged war on Libya without congressional approval – Started a covert, drone war in Yemen – Escalated the proxy war in Somalia
– Escalated the CIA drone war in Pakistan – Will maintain a presence in Iraq even after “ending” war – Sharply escalated the war in Afghanistan
– Secretly deployed US special forces to 75 countries
– Sold $30 billion of weapons to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia – Signed an agreement for 7 military bases in Colombia
– Opened a military base in Chile – Touted nuclear power, even after the disaster in Japan
– Opened up deepwater oil drilling, even after the BP disaster
– Did a TV commercial promoting “clean coal” – Defended body scans and pat-downs at airports
– Signed the Patriot Act extension into law
– Continued Bush’s rendition program

And let’s not forget the Act of War he ordered against Iran.

And that’s not even getting into the Trouble Brewing in the European Theatre.


Actually, looking back on it, I’m probably just seeing patterns in the clouds.  I’m sure Romney will be able to set us right.

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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3 Responses

  1. Frost says:

    It’s impossible not to doubt your sanity when you’re always surrounded by the 99% of people who actually are insane.

    But, there are a few core beliefs which I am absolutely, 100% confident in: The looming economic collapse of the US, some degree of HBD, the corrosive effects of feminism on families.

    Then, there are the crazy theories that I’m only 90% sure are true.

    Finally, there’s the REALLY crazy shit that I wouldn’t even lay money on at 50-50 odds. But, once you acknowledge the existence of a rabbit hole, as the overused metaphor goes, it’s hard to go around calling other people conspiracy theory wackjobs. You ever read Texas Arcane?

    Ed: Can’t say i have; I’ll look into it.

    I should have applied Bayesian probability to all of it. I listed – what – 8 things here? There’s probably another 8, but they just aren’t as vital. Not all of these need to be true to be indicators of the collapse.

  2. Revilo says:

    The Century of The Self exposed Jewish manipulators like Edward Bernays and Freud.

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    […] are not so hopeful. Noting that in fact, Canada is actively destroying […]