Romney’s Going to Lose, and I Don’t Care

Part I: I am an Oak

Some time ago (actually, quite a bit longer-a-go, but that’s the first time I published it) I predicted that Obama was going to win a second term.  I consider the matter self-evident.  While this may seem a Ballsy, given the current state of the economy and the upcoming Zimmerman trial, I stick by my guns.  Remember that Obama is a Product Placement, not a man.  Freudians have measured our woof, and texture; voters are in the dull catalogue of common things.  Short of a Great Scandal (like, say, Child Pornography in the White House – or the shocking revelation that he’s a half-black white, and not a half-white black), the Administration of the Immigrant Dictator is measured and plotted and predicted.

He ain’t going nowhere.

But even beyond that – even without the sly ploys of a marketing juggernaut – Romney just isn’t the man to dethrone him.

What America needs is true, Masculine leadership.  Tough love.  Not the plebeian panderings of a feminized cipher.  There is no simple answer to the woes that confront that great nation, and a Leader who can guide her through the dark times ahead won’t do so with mincing words and false hopes; not only won’t he do such a thing, he can’t – it would go against his very nature.  A stiff upper lip, old chap, and all that – some sort of non-delusional Churchill, perhaps.

The Obamas, Trudeaus, and Clintons of the world spell sweet damnation for Great Experiment, a hamsterized slide into dementia, with a heavy dose of Soma.  And the only solution is a Man with a will of Iron, and an ability to inspire the people (and no, a promised trip to Disney Land doesn’t count).

Romney is not that man.  Forget his policies, forget his waffling, and his (probably) terrible choice of running mate.  Look at Romney and ask: “Could this man lead us?”

Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images


Notice something about all those photos?  Here’s a hint, if you didn’t pick it up.

Allow me to demonstrate:

In every single photo Romney is leaning in towards his wife.  A lot of talk gets bandied about in the Androsphere about Alpha vs Beta behaviour, but what most of it boils down to is that Men – Real Men, like they had back in the fifties – act ‘Alpha’.  The modern Beta is a perversion, a degenerate, a product of cowardly testicles and feminist propaganda.  Standing like this has nothing to do with tribal breeding patterns, and everything to do with a spine made of jello.

And for those of you thinking I’m being unfair, I chose the fifth photo because it was the most Alpha I could find.  Hell, he even leans in with desperation around Ann Coulter!

This man can’t Lead his Wife, let alone a nation; the polls might be neck-in-neck for now, but as soon as Hussein pulls out the Race Card…

Part II: I Don’t Care

Speaking of Ann Coulter, I think it was she who pointed out that America can’t survive another four years of Obama.  A bad Republican (redundant, I know) might harm America, but Obama will fatally wound her.  Bad economic policy can be recovered from; foreign Wars of Adventure can be recovered from; hell, even mishandled disasters can be recovered from!  But systemically destructive policies – I believe her example was the mestizo-fication of the country – will spell eventual Doom.

She was right.  But it’s too late.

Let’s talk about Obamacare for a moment; others have gone into the specifics, but as an overview: yes, it’s horrible.  Yes, people are going to die.  Yes, prices will skyrocket to the point of bankruptcy…

…and it will probably be de-fanged by this time next year.  Obamacare isn’t the point.  The Supreme Court’s decision is the point.

In the Free Country of the United States, you are now required to purchase health coverage, or face a fine; Obama promised it would not be a tax, but the Supreme Court only passed it because the penalty was a tax.  Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, nothing to see here.  This is the point that matters.  This is where it’s all going to go to hell.  This… is the start of a New Legal Regime in the United States.

To borrow from Moldbug:

By my count, Anglophone North America ex Canada is on its fifth legal regime. The First Republic was the Congressional regime, which illegally abolished the British colonial governments. The Second Republic was the Constitutional regime, which illegally abolished the Articles of Confederation. The Third Republic was the Unionist regime, which illegally abolished the principle of federalism. The Fourth Republic is the New Deal regime, which illegally abolished the principle of limited government.

Let’s make that six legal regime’s, Mencius; Obama has abolished the principle of negative legal enforcement.

The US has been headed down this path for a while now, and Libertarians are apt to cry bloody murder against each progressive violation of the founding principles, but up until now the government could only act against you if you had actively violated a law or broken a contract.  Allow smoking in your restaurant?  That violates your agreement with the city.  Get cheated on by your wife, sued for alimony, and locked up for non-payment?  Should have read the fine print.  Download a non-sourced image to the browser cache on your hard drive?  Should have done your research first, you damned pinko!

In these, and thousands of other cases, the law was bent, twisted, and stretched to the point of breaking for the sake of coercing people to Behave Correctly – but passive resistance was still an option.  A difficult option, but an option nonetheless.

As of 2012, this is no longer the case.  The government can now compel behaviour through taxation.

The moves will be small at first.  Buy health care.  Pay for green power.  Submit your DNA to a terrorist database.  But it will grow.

This is why Obamacare matters – not death panels (that many Baby Boomers is just a statistic).  The experiment is over.  The US is in its Sixth – and I do believe last – legal regime.  Illegal immigrants?  Heck, SoCal’s been a lost cause for years.  Stopping a few more sombrero wearers isn’t going to Change the Course.

The Damage is Done.  Romney can’t change it, and neither would he, no matter what the voters asked.

I can’t wait for the collapse.

Note for my readers: I’m working too many hours, and too many days, I apologize for the dearth of posts recently; heck, this one should have been longer, better sourced, more detailed, and spell checked.  The Needed Capital is building, however, and hopefully I’ll have some interesting news by Christmas.  Stay tuned, folks, I ain’t going anywhere.


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