Three Paths to Nowhere

After writing my last post I was trying to explain it to a co-worker – explain how there are basically three life choices us Men have today, and how none of them will pan out in the long term.  I realized that this was a post in itself, delineating these three choices and why they all suck… only to check my RSS feed and see that somebody beat me to it.

The options we have:

1) The Blue Pill: Play along with the system.

2) MRM: Fight the current legal system for equal rights from within the system.

3) Game/MGTOW: These options are essentially the same: retreat. You withdraw from the system.

The FreeNortherner’s take on these issues is excellent, I highly recommend his post (and blog); my own take, which follows, is complementary in nature.

First, the MRM: the problem here can be summed up by that perverted little phrase “Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis!” The MRM has been losing respect amongst all Right Thinking Reactionaries for some time now, and it’s only going to get worse.  Without going into a long rant about Material Dialectics, let it suffice to say that Masculism is prepped to become the new Feminism, just as ethnic xenophobia is prepped to become the new anti-white racism.  These are not Good Things.  They are simply the next step on a path which will end with a Boot stepping on a Face for All Eternity.

But just as women couldn’t resist trading the freedom to stay at home for the Freedom™ of working 9 to 5, fathers will clamour to become equal parents to their ex-wives, even if said Equality™ renders them both foster parents.

Second, the Blue Pill: get married, have a loving family, retire as a successful patriarch surrounded by grandchildren.  To quote the Free Northerner: “The blue pill may work. For you, for now.

He focuses on the many pitfalls the Standard Script entails, but what about those who know the risks and navigate them successfully?  The coworker I mentioned at the beginning is one of those, an ex-army alpha.  And despite his Phlegmatic penchant for obtuseness, he’s well aware of the Red Pill reality.

For you.  For now.

“What about your daughter?” I asked him, “And you admit yourself that you were lucky to find a Real Woman.” The Blue Pill world is neither sustainable, nor is it achievable for most Men.

First, there is the deficit of Real Women.  Most girls have corrupted themselves through serial-dating and are unable to bond emotionally; in addition to this, meaningless coupling tends to induce mental illness in the weaker sex.  These would be low quality wives at the best of times, and with the current state of Divorce Law?  Your daily parade of anecdotes should be a sufficient Bayesian prior: in Today’s World most men will not achieve a successful marriage.

Second, there’s the question of the economy.  A lengthier post will be required to fully explore this, but in a nutshell – the Liberals are right about the symptoms, wrong about the causes or solutions.  The middle class is vanishing.  Reliable, productive work is vanishing.  Your ability to sustain yourself and your family in any sort of stable situation is going… going…

A familial patriarch requires a plot of land to build his castle on; what we thought was clay is quickly turning to sand.

And thirdly, we have the issue of sustainability.  Even if you are one of the lucky ones who manages to snag a good wife, who lucks into the blue collar job which doesn’t evaporate in five years, who finds a plot of land and builds his home – what about your children?

Only 50% of marriages last nowadays; of those that do, how many can be described as successful?

I recall an old trope – a really old trope, something from my Grandfather’s childhood, only faintly glimmering to this Gen-Xer through ancient childhood literature, and family heirlooms; it goes like this.

There’s this couple in the town, and they have a horrible marriage.  The husband spends all his days drinking at the bar because his wife’s a fat shrew.  Their ridiculous, self-imposed misfortune is laughed at.

That’s all.  And I suspect it evokes half-remembered memories in you as well, gentle reader.  So why is it no longer a trope?  Because this couple is no longer the exception – they have become the rule.

Society requires a hell of a lot more successful marriages than our current rate 25% (probably less); so even if you’re one of the few who makes it, your children will be doomed.

The MRM are lighting fires, while the Blue Pillers erect timber.

Next, we get to Game and MGTOW… this is where we must separate the wheat from the chaff.

We start by using the True definition of Alpha:

Alpha: The “top” male – both sexually and socially.

Beta: Most males in the population. The average guy.

Omega: The scum/deviant/criminal class

Zeta: Weak-willed males

Alpha males don’t usually get the most partners. Alpha males get the best chick around and she beats off all the other women with a stick. Alpha males are respected in society – they are not only sexually attractive, but they also have great social power and have the respect and admiration of other men.

“Omega” males are the scum class as well as the sexually deviant class. These are the bad-boys and these are also the guys who have multiple sex partners. A key characteristic of Omega males is that they cannot form stable relationships. They are not powerful like Alpha males.

The standard Game definitions are great for analyzing our own behaviour, but in examining society this is the more useful heuristic – keeping in mind that these labels describe a normal human society (or at least a traditional one); an unregulated market, if you will.

We live in an era of Heavy Market Intervention.

The extreme Zetas are still distinct: the cripples, the retards, the proud failures – as are the rapists and Baby Daddy Omegas – but the Alphas, Betas, and the less-severe Zetas/Omegas have started blending together.  Partner count no longer identifies you as an Omega; and for that matter, calling it quits and Going Your Own Way doesn’t make you a Zeta.  I commented last time that Roosh was a classic Sanguine, and the same goes for most of the other game bloggers out there – Heartiste and Alpha Persona come to mind.  Their nature drives them to seek adventure, and the only conquest allowed to us nowadays is that of the beast with two backs.  All three of these writers can see where things are going, but – just like the MGTOW – they’re powerless to stop it.  Not a single one of them is an Omega (believe me, you’ll know an Omega if you meet them); they’re just Men roasting marshmallows on the civilizational fire.

Men of Game will admit Omegas, while MGTOW will include Zetas – but the bulk of both groups are comprised of civilization’s Alphas and Betas.  If only they had something better to do…


 Ah, but our friend from the Frozen North offered up two other paths, didn’t he?

4) Patriarchy: This is outwardly similar to the blue pill, with all the attendant risks, but is done intentionally with red pill frame and knowledge,  rather than leaped into blindly.

5) Violence: Overthrow the current system with violent revolution.

The 5th path is asinine.  To quote:

Right now the system is not corrupt enough to get enough people fired up for violence. In addition, the anti-progressive movement is small and is like herding bulls. There would be no way to win. Starting violence would turn the decline into a collapse and most revolutions end up eating their own children.

I think that about covers it.  I had enough French Revolution during the last millennium, thank you very much.

This leaves of with a fourth possibility… Patriarchy.  A way out for the Good Men wasting their lives on Game and Motorcycles?

Is it enough?

Is it enticing?

Does it capture Historical Force?

…not quite.  There is a piece missing.  And that piece, well – it’ll take a lot more than a thousand words to fit in.

We’ve allowed Them to play with memetic engineering for far too long… the tools are there for us as well.  So how does one deconstruct a deconstruction, I wonder..?

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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5 Responses

  1. Ouroboros says:

    I was out with the guys last night. No plans to cruise for chicks, just a laid back evening enjoying the company of friends that have known each other for 8+ years.

    All of the bars are situated on a popular street that everyone goes to, so on a Saturday night with a full moon, you get all kinds of freaks out, which makes for interesting people-watching.

    Near the bars and pubs, there are a few “clubs” that the college kids flock to. It seems the beat of terrible music draws them like moths to flame. As we walked to our destination, there were herds of scantily clad women, and overly-tanned men with neck tattoos. Hundreds and hundreds of them. The women screeched and the men acted like children. I had to stifle my disgust. The women were especially bad, displaying no class, no grace, no true feminine qualities, no…NOTHING.

    Is this what we have to work with? Is this the stock of humanity that I am supposed to try to “date”? I have been mildly successful with women my entire life. I got mine, I was never unsatisfied. I was a blue pill guy for years until about 2 years ago when I started to read the game blogs and the alternative right material. My mind was blown after finally realizing through them that we are on a sinking ship, the water we’re going to sink in is freezing, and no one is going to save us.

  2. EnEs says:

    Music, Martini and Misanthropy..

  3. Nobi says:

    Keoni, you have articulated what was my iniital reaction to this spat as well.However, I think it speaks to a wider point. As I have mentioned before over at Dalrock’s place, this reflects the ‘equal but opposite’ nature of male and female power.Women joined together to make ‘the personal political’, and used the resultant power to promote the changes to society that have produced the feminised sewer that we all (men and women) now have to live in.For men, the opposite is now true – the political is personal. Men may be led by their dicks (just as women are led by the gina tingles) but broadly speaking we are rational creatures. And men are simply doing what they have always done; surveying their environment, understanding it and behaving accordingly. For some this may mean PUA, others Game, others MRA, others MGTOW. The fact is that now, when millions of men – individually, each coming to their own conclusions – in many different countries and cultures all start adopting a variation on a single, simple theme – indifference towards what women want or even towards women themselves – they are making the political personal. Every girl Roosh bangs, every Game insight Rollo documents, every time the Captain fires up his motorbike for a new adventure, every time Paul scores a hit for men’s rights, they are making the political personal. Every one of these actions cuts at the heart of feminism.I agree with Cane above – the bickering, the jockeying for position – these are male traits, the way we figure out the truth, what works and what is most effective.But there is something else to realise in all this. Women are herd animals; this is why the feminists were able to corral them together in the first place. But it is also their weakness. When feminism stops working for them, they will drop it like it never happened. I suspect that some feminists realise this and I’m sure it keeps them awake at night.Men are pack animals – the fractured nature of men’s social groups is why men where not able to stand together to repel the feminist onslaught. But it is also our strength. The disparate and divergent nature, and most importantly, the individual nature of men’s response to feminism means that there is no single target to be attacked, no organisation to discredit, no killer blow that can be delivered.IMO the end result of all this will actually be nothing to do with women. It will simply be about enabling men to make lifestyle decisions based on the true nature of men, women and society. As more men take the red pill, the expectations of a feminised society and the desires of women will increasingly be at the margins of these decisions.Cadders