Sunday Funday 16-09-2012: Hypergamy in History Edition


PUAs and Gamers are not the same thing.  Know the difference!

A fresh and unexplored Political Philosophy.

$40 billion per month; sounds reasonable to me.

I love Less Wrong, but they’ve jumped the shark.

And finally, an Important Message from the Captain (mirror).

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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5 Responses

  1. TheThordir says:

    I;m trying to open my mind to new ideas, but what in the actual capital F? Anarcho-Monarchism? Next I’ll be reading about Anarcho-Fascism… oh wait!

    “The theory that an anarchic society, having no infringements, can and should be brought about through a harsh authoritarian state. It is believed that since the people don’t come to this freedom on their own, it must be imposed on them. ” – What the fuck?! This guy has to be trolling. Right? Right?

  2. Zinj says:


    If you aren’t smart enough to follow maybe you could try more simple texts that are more on your level.

  3. “love Less Wrong, but they’ve jumped the shark.”

    I need to go to bed, but from what little i’ve read from the posts, the person saying ‘affirmative action is racist’ isn’t the dumbest argument in the world is basically saying that it’s not a dumb argument if people are smart enough to perceive that it’s basically a vague adjective being thrown on a noun.

    My problem with that is that most people are NOT intelligent enough to perceive the fact that a distortion of reality is being made in the statement.

    As Yvain said…

    “But in fact, our real reason for drawing a “racism” cluster is to make hidden inferences (see the section titled “Hidden Inferences” here). Most people see Hitler, the KKK, and South Africa, and decide racism is bad. Therefore, anything in the “racism” cluster is bad. Therefore, most people who want to draw maps of racism are not disinterested cartographers but people trying to convince others that something is bad because it is in that cluster.”

    I want to read more than a few sentences in this debate [so i until then i can’t claim objectivity or impartiality] but i’ve really got to go. I’ll try reading that other stuff when my god damn college crap doesn’t keep piling in on me.

  4. TheThordir says:

    Is ‘Opting Out’ The New American Dream For Working Women?

    But… Stay-at-Home Moms Report More Depression, Sadness, Anger

    In other words, women who work want to stay at home, and women who stay at home want to work.

    Before he died, Freud asked “What do women want?”

    The answer is, and always has been, “Whatever they don’t have right now.”

    Ed: Not even the garden of Eden was enough to keep Eve happy.

  5. TheThordir says:

    Do you even know what Anarchism is? And what fascism is? No? How about a flying horse.
    Oh and “The theory that an anarchic society, having no infringements, can and should be brought about through a harsh authoritarian state.” sounds like Leninist communism. No thank you.