I am tEh Canadian Taliban

Edit: Naomi is a stalker and an attention whore, who’s trying to doc-drop the Captain and I.  As such I’ve decided to break the links to her website because she doesn’t deserve the traffic.  Quite frankly, she’s just not that interesting of an opponent.  I’m leaving this post up because it’s a great example of Feminist hypocrisy.

And a Monster as well, who apparently hates women.

It’s funny how fast a shit-storm starts:

  • *Sigh* That Democrat/Patriarchy bit was pretty disappointing – as usual we hear the one instance where the Old System went wrong, and are expected to ignore the 99 where things turned out very, very right.

    Other than that, excellent blog.

    Aurini 1 day ago

  • After reading your blogs, watching some of your videos, and some of the random comments you have been leaving on forums…. I wrote a lovely blog entry about you today.

    The things you have said online make my blood run cold. You are truly a monstrous human being.

    naomi chambers in reply to Aurini(Show the comment) 1 hour ago

  • I enjoyed reading it. :)

    Aurini in reply to naomi chambers 1 second ago

Naomi Chambers is an Atheistkult/Skeptic, who recently criticized the Atheist+ community.  I’m going to go out on a limb here, and guess that you’ve never heard of them (good for you!), but it’s a fairly major fight going on in the Atheist Community right now.  Essentially – following Rebecca Watson’s Elevatorgate nonsense, Dawkins ridiculing of her, and a manufactured ‘descrimination’ against female Atheists – the community split.  Atheist+ are the open Marxists of the movement, with all the nonsensical and ill-defined Social Justice and so forth which acts as a screen for “We will destroy all forms of healthy human relationships!  Power to the Wimminz!”

This is just mean of me.

The regular Atheists will argue that these are a fringe group; I beg to differ.  Atheist+ is not just the logical outcome of Leftist/post-Christian/Atheistkult; it’s secretly the guiding principle of all Modern Atheism.

Naomi Chambers’ 20 Minute Hate of myself is the perfect example.

First, there’s the feminist angle.  Chambers, I’m sure, is so pro-GLBT that any studying of sexuality and its consequences would be utterly verboten in her world.  “We’re all equal, and you shouldn’t judge, and whatever you turns you on is okay, so long as it’s consensual!” And yet when she describes me…

Usually when we find a man with feeling that strong, three other characteristics follow.

  1. Low Self Esteem
  2. Deeply Hurt in the past
  3. Tiny Penis ( see rule number 1 )


I have never heard a Canadian woman bitching that her tax dollars are being used to pay for his prostate exam (which he probably enjoys getting.)

I’m planning a whole piece on the twisted logic behind Feminists supporting GLBT, while calling any man who disagrees a faggot (oh, there’s a story to be told there), but for now let’s just bask in her hypocrisy.  I’m not allowed to judge certain fetishes as being unhealthy, but if I like a finger up my butt during a blowjob, that makes me less of a Man (what with Gender being nothing but a social construct).

Doublethink at its finest.

Then there’s the whole Totalitarian urge that we see throughout the Left; the desire to censor, to Hate, to eliminate all opposition – she takes inconvenient facts which suggest that she might need to re-think her position, and attacks the person who announces those facts.  Heck, it’s not just me she’s angry at – look what she said about my good friend Aaron Clarey:

Before publishing his blog, I took a quick look at his YouTube Activity. As I expected, ever obsessed with anything that tears women down, he favored a video shitting all over the hard work women have been doing to achieve a higher education. The video he linked is by Aaron Clarey: Debunking the Myth that Women Earn More Degree´s than Men. I remember sitting in the library until 11 pm studying. According to this guy, unless my degree was engineering – it is a waste of time. I had a friend in taking an upper level French class with me, she was getting a minor in Mathematics. I guess that is not good enough for this piece of shit.

For those of you who haven’t seen the video, I highly recommend it – he’s simply trying to warn women away from Fluff and Bunnies majors that land them in debt, with no prospects of a career.  What a misogynist!  But in Chambers’ world, any criticism of Women (or any other protected minority – not Christians though, blaspheming them is okay) is an Act of Evil, regardless of the Truth-value of the statement.

The Truth has been determined, subjectively by the Cathedral; all who question it are the Enemies of God!

(For his own reply to her, see here.)

The Left – as much as it likes to talk about Diversity – rejects all that is not pre-approved by the ruling authorities.  That she sets out to character-assassinate me, rather than arguing with me, is yet further proof of that.  Disagree with them, and they’ll use all the force within reach to crush you.  Thank God she doesn’t own a gun.


And one final thing… no, I’m not going to debate her talking points, or point her in the direction of evidence that contradicts her positions.  You folks know it already, and her mind is closed.  I’m not going to lead a horse to water, if it’s already indicated that it won’t drink.

I’m simply going to observe that there’s a lot of sexual imagery in her post.

This man is a sick pervert with a warped view of women, power, and reality. He see´s women as little children that need to be controlled, pets that are given too much freedom, and behave like untrained dogs that urinate on the street. To sum it up – Davis Aurini is one demented little man. Knocking women down, shitting on them, and demeaning their accomplishments makes him feel better about himself.

As for now, I am done giving this pervert more attention than he deserves.

Now I’m not saying that Cambers is into is into hardcore BDSM and scat play (though with Liberals nowadays, who knows?), a lot of this could just be subconscious, an extremist desire built up after years of mediocre sex, with men who consider apologizing to be foreplay.  When a woman writes over 6000 words of hate, focusing excessively on a mans genitals, after listening to hours of his deep, dulcimer lectures on the comfortingly-erotic embrace of Patriarchal protection and male domination?

As the Bard once said, “M’lady doth protest too much.”

Keep it civil, folks.  I leave you with the thoughts of RamzPaul on women and politics.

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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14 Responses

  1. ThatNorwegianGuy says:

    Now, this is something rather new. Compared to the incarnation of pure evil itself that is Ryan Faulk, I haven’t come across too much shit from Internet Atheist(kultist)s directed specifically at you; though admittedly it might just be that you haven’t responded to them before.

  2. APolak4U2NV says:

    Wait until she discovers the rest of the alt-right/androsphere… Game bloggers, traditionalists, anti-statists, Race Realists! It seems like you’re the first one she’s encountered so you’re taking the most abuse.

  3. graaaaaagh says:

    According to this gal, ‘women’ = feminists’ view of women, and ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ may as well mean fairy dust and unicorn turds – a real difference in ideography and language-game between the two of you, clearly.

    Her post gave me a good chuckle. Keep up the good work.

  4. dicipres says:

    The atheists don’t believe in god, but instead of facing the void they just filled it with other human made up stories like “equality is good for society”, “gender roles are bad for society”, etc.

    Pervert/small penis/gay… what a child (not to mention she fail to follow her atheist PC rules).

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m assuming she completely ignored your interview of Norma Jean…

  6. spice-of-vice says:

    This is a good sign, Aurini! Now that you’ve got your first feminist blogger on your belt, it’s only a matter of time until enough start noticing you until you’re on the SPLC hate list. And from that stage it’s on to the big leagues; internet celebrity, maybe your own late night AM frequency radio show, then a cable news network. The first alt-right superstar, the prophet of the collapse. The wisened, learned Moses figure that will lead angry young men of the west to the post-collapse land of milk and honey.

    In other words: Haters gonna hate. Keep on marchin’, brother, all the way to the top.

  7. Ozyman says:

    I had to say her post was at least good for a chuckle or two. As always, the more they react, the more potent your points must be. Keep at it you mysoginistic, hatemongering, patriarchal canadian.

  8. Retrenched says:

    Who’s the dude, and why is he wearing lipstick and pigtails?

  9. I stopped reading when she listed out her ad hominems early in the essay. If one can’t argue the message without insulting the messenger then the argument is over. I won’t waste my time.

  10. Introduction

    This woman is a bitch, who believes that women are great and men a
    are terrible. She called Aurini a monkey, and an animal, as insults.

    Summary of Why She is a Bitch

    1. She is terrible at humour and satire, as a typical women always is.
    2. She is way out of her depth, criticizing Aurini, when she hasn’t got the patience or attention span to listen to a full length video, without being morally outraged.
    3. She just made herself look like a bitch with a bad personality and a bad attitude, by slandering Aurini, saying he was a high-school drop out.
    4. Her straw man arguments against Aaron Clarey, were in poor taste, as with her childish you have ” small genitals” argument, as if that disproves what you are saying.


    This Bitch, is a typical Atheistkult member, and suffered epic fail, due to her own behaviour.

  11. Jess says:

    I think it is a mistake assigning a non belief, such as atheism, traits that are inherently left or right of the political spectrum. I would hate to see that word become a euphemism for the, “totalitarian urge we see throughout the Left.”

    I personally do not describe myself as an atheist, because it seems nonsensical describing one’s self in terms of non beliefs. Although I am rarely approached with the offer of becoming converted, I will fellow Bertrand Russell’s footsteps if necessary.

    In your thoughts, aren’t many underlying truths in/of the red pill based upon evolution being fact?

    I really appreciate your work and look forward to reading your posts.

    “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” -Some fat guy, that was posted on my Facebook, for inspiration.

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