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I love having a job, i love working hard and having my own money. And i don’t feel sorry for the men who feel all down and hard done by from this!

Any of us who’ve been around the Mandrosphere for a while have heard this refrain.  Arguments about the socialized artificiality of the modern workplace, the economic destructiveness of it, the Sense and Decency of traditional patriarchy – they all fall on deaf ears because women Enjoy Their Independence.

We try time and time again to explain to these women that in the long run they were better off under Patriarchy:

1. Working is not fulfillment – you’re sorting paper to help make someone else rich.  True fulfillment comes from working on your own projects, and the most important project the vast majority of people will ever have is their family.  An intact family cannot occur without a primary caregiver; if you’re going to pawn your children off on nannies you’d better have something more important than a law-firm or a marketing agency to go to.

2. Many goods in life are positional in nature; with twice as many people working as wage-earners, housing doubles in price.  In the patriarchal society the husband worked, the wife tended the home, and they had a nice house; now they both work, they eat fast-food and TV dinners, and they live in the same house.

3. Being a wife is not boring – most of the industries women work in nowadays (Human Resources, charity, social work, childcare) are what they were doing back then, too – only back then they answered to themselves and their community, not an impersonal bureaucracy.

4. Many of the jobs they work are not economically feasible – they only exist because of massive government intervention in the economy.  State sponsored day care, sexual harassment legislation, subsidies and bursaries for women – ladies, you’re doing make work, while your grandmothers stayed home and did real work.

And the list goes on…

But there is a major Disconnect here; we men keep shouting these facts, and the women… so few of them listen.  We like to blame it on the brain washing, the incessant blather of Oprah and The View, on the shaming of stay-at-home-moms… and certainly that’s a part of it; but the reality goes deeper.

I love working hard and having my own money.

We’re fighting against the nature of Woman.

As has been pointed out before, the Consumer Culture is fundamentally a feminine thing.  Women are more prone to group-think, to herd-behaviour, they’re much more vulnerable to marketing.  It’s no accident that Bernays began his experiments on the weaker sex!  Where once we had a production-based, masculine economy, over the past century it’s shifted to consumption-based feminine gossip.  Low-quality products, cheap and unnecessary, with a brainwashed populace storming the merchants on the day after Thanks Giving.

Freud taught Bernays about the vagina; Bernays invented the Consumer, that black hole forever crying out to be filled, always empty, and never satisfied…

Women are the perfect consumers; of course they love having their own money!  Where once they had to rely upon their wage-earning husband to buy them something small and precious, now they can afford to go to the mall every weekend, and prance about with consumable goods in over-wroughtpaper bags!

They’re perfect for blowing economic bubbles.

But that’s only the second part of her statement; let’s examine the first:

I love having a job

To us Men this sounds perfectly idiotic.  Who actually enjoys working?  Maybe 5% of men are lucky enough to do something they love – and even then it’s still work.  Do you think that musicians want to spend their every waking minute practicing, that sports stars want to constantly regulate their diet, or that authors want to be locked up in their apartment on Friday night?  Of course not.

And as for the other 95%?  We work to make someone else rich so that we can go home and do our own things – whether it be raising a family, rebuilding a car, or painting a picture.  It’s a necessary sacrifice, but a sacrifice nonetheless.

But we are Men; we have long-term goals we’re striving towards, and putting in the work is part of accomplishing them.  Heck, leave a Man alone on a tropical beach for too long, and sooner or later he’ll start chopping down trees to build a structure.

Women are not like this; they do not strive towards goals, not the way we do.  As men it’s hard-wired into us that if we don’t work, we starve – women have it hard-wired into them to enjoy the fruits of Men’s labour.

Men need to conquer a mammoth; women need to be part of the group.

What do you think the modern corporation is?

Lately I’ve been working for a pretty major company – overall a fairly good company as well.  It’s economically productive, it treats its employees well, and my coworkers are some of the most intelligent and pleasant I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.  But at the end of the day it’s a corporation, and corporations have Corporate Culture.

The Corporation is Dunbar’s Unit; a loose affiliation of individuals, with a minimal amount of hierarchy (unlike, for instance, the army), all of us taking a small part in the labour our tribe performs.  There’s a daily newsletter, Christmas parties where everyone dresses Beauoootifully, the office is clean and sterile, the building modern, and there’s the quiet warmth of being surrounded by the quiet hum of your fellow coworkers.

In other words… I’m gathering.

The modern corporation is the gatherer environment.  People preen about in fancy clothes, they perform the minutiae of filing TPS reports, and everyone pretends to be happy and like one another.

Women really do love working in this setting.


But you see the problem, don’t you?  While it’s a mark of humanity and decency that they put together a Christmas party (and yes, mine actually called it a Christmas party), it’s artificial; it’s ultimately a workplace.  And when that young woman moves on to another job, retires, or grows ill… will the “tribe” she loved be there for her?

Of course they won’t.

These women are doing the equivalent of dating Bad Boys; some of them are downright monstrous, while others are decent chaps, but ultimately none of them are going to commit.  Ladies, the corporation does not love you – at best it likes you and hopes you stick around for a while.

Having a community – a church – might not be quite as fancy as the big corporate strongholds, but it will still care about you when you reach your golden years.

Hah, communities – remember when we had those?


My novel, As I Walk These Broken Roads: available in kindle, kobo, and softcover.

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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10 Responses

  1. Brandon says:

    Being only 24, I can’t ever remember when we had communities. Those were ‘before my time’. Instead, I remember deracinated suburban life where noone new anyone because nobody stayed in their house for more than a couple years. My parents were an anomaly, staying for 15 years.

    Anyhow, I have spent many late nights drinking bourbon with my grandmother, listening to her found memories of growing up in a small farming community in Oklahoma.

    In return, I have filled her with horror by relating my stories of modern relations between men and women. Not a fair trade, I’d say.

    Good stuff, Aurini. You SHOULD be doing this full time.

  2. hpx83 says:

    Brandon : It is quite remarkable, how fast things are deteriorating. I am 5 years older than you, living across the pond (Scandinavia) and I can just about remember that there was something slightly community:ish when I was a small kid (late 80’s, early 90’s). Just a few small local organizations, having your grandparents close by, people being integrated with extended family, relatives and their neighbourhood etc.

    Dusk really is settling fast on our Western culture.

    Aurini : Always a pleasant read. Your book will hopefully be arriving with my upcoming order from Amazon (try to do them bulk). It’s just a blasted inconvenience to pay for air delivery across the Atlantic….

    Ed: Even getting the physical book in Canada is a pain, I’m afraid; I would have hoped that you didn’t have to deal with those issues through Amazon.UK, but them’s the breaks, I guess.

    I likewise remember the remnants of community from the 80s, 90s – community centers which did something interesting for kids and families, neighbours knowing one another, even the warmth of the bar scene in the early aughts – now turned into a padded rubber room, where you drink like a pig in preparation for Monday morning.

  3. Ozyman says:

    It’s a sad thing to notice that the only institution to truly gain in the debasement of culture (especially in women’s) has been the state. Much as Nock postulated, the gain in political power always comes at the cost of social power.

    Communities/families have retreated and in their place an artificial tribalism has come into place where many identify more with the nation/the workplace/their consumerist contemporaries then the deeper connections of the past. And they find out too late that those connections, as shallow as they are, provide no support in their old age when they need it the most.

  4. will says:

    If a corporation is a gathering environment. Then what is the hunting environment jobwise speaking.

  5. RMO says:

    To be fair the corporation itself is not at fault, it is merely a separate legal entity. Now the modern conception of the corporation, it’s aesthetics, it’s lack of
    Responsibility, it’s control of the state (with the unions) this is a bastard.

    The most striking part of this article was where you mentioned housing prices. I had never before contemplated that the invisible hand would take into account, in spite of state intervention, this change in median household income.

    Artificial tribe. This was the conception which was able to slap my feminist bias, at least the meme that’s infected my brain since childhood, in the face. With all this consumerism, control of the dating environ, single mom workaholic bullshit the young man can’t see what’s wrong, he doesn’t know that he’s missing the crucial ingredient to his life. We try to fill it with every thing imaginable, but at the end of the day what we truly miss is the tribe.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Alright, gentlemen. You might not need it but, I’d like to provide a woman’s perspective on this.

    I’ve followed the captain since high school and, I’ve only recently discovered Mr. Aurini’s videos and blog through the captain’s blog. I admire the message y’all are trying to get across to men. However, until this men’s rights movement gains in popularity, feminism will continue to pollute society through the males who have been brainwashed by this artificially feminine culture, as much as it will through women.

    Women don’t really belong in the work place and, it’s not fair to structure the work environment, or the classroom environment, or whatever, to accommodate women at the expense of men. And, no matter how hard one may try to synthesize a work environment to accommodate a woman, it will always be hard on her because, that’s not the environment for which we were designed.

    But, western society, as a whole, no longer embraces the family unit. So, for the woman who wants nothing more than to have children and raise them dutifully, there is a shortage of men who still want that.

    You turn these women out into the work world because, they don’t have men in their lives to guide them or support them and, since they were not exposed to healthy and appropriate relationships between men and women, what you get is selfishness. You see selfishness in men. You see selfishness in women. Both are ignorant of gender roles or have been taught to dismiss them. Now you have women who think the correct path for them is to work and make their own money but, in their minds that money is THEIR money. They don’t want an allegiance to anyone before themselves. And, the feminized men share in that attitude.

    Similarly, if you have a woman who wants a healthy relationship with a man but, she doesn’t want to take advantage of him, the overwhelming majority of men, being feminized, will take advantage of what was intended to be a gesture of respect, by mistaking it to be a desire for independence.

    I was fortunate enough to be raised in a two-parent household where my father was a man, not just a male. But, I’m getting older and, I’m neither married nor do I have any prospect of getting married. So, do I continue to be a burden on my father? If I work outside of the house, at least I contribute something. It’s not ideal but, it is what it is.

    Ideally, you should have children who take care of their parents and families who look out for their own, instead of having to pay huge portions of your income which could be reinvested into the economy to a welfare state for that welfare state to do those jobs ineffectively. Retired people shouldn’t be drawing social security; they should be good to their kids so their kids willingly look out for them when they get old.

    I guess all you can do is fight the good fight but, I think your strongest means of attack is to continue targeting young men.

    Ed: Excellent comment. Selfishness, sloth – the prioritization of short-term gratifications, rather than investment into long-term satisfaction and accomplishment is damning us all. I’m currently counseling a woman who’s trying her damnedest at being a wife, whose husband it acting like an overgrown child… while I have another friend, her and her husband “sacrifice” for their marriage, and they’re ludicrously happy.

    Your comment on money gave me pause – it made me realize that I, and most of my readers as well, conceive of money very differently from the general populace. To us, it’s a form of investment – our home, our vehicle, our reputation, our savings – all different types of investments meant to flower over time. Your average Joe views money as a means to consume baubles.

  7. Joshua says:

    Anonymous, You are apart of the problem not the solution. Any red pill man can read between those lines of bullshit a mile away.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love my job. I do the thing I wanted to do when I was 10. I really take fulfillment in building my career.
    I know your jobs probably suck or you don’t like them. I may be of some minority, but people like me who love their jobs do exist. Don’t deny it.

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