America’s Fiscal Cliff: Ron Paul Was Right

Another interview over at the Washington Times:

Danny de Gracia: You recently put out a new video on your YouTube channel which was fairly technical in scope discussing how to govern in a depression. I take it that you haven’t bought into the official line that we’re “in a recovery” now?

D.M.J. Aurini: Absolutely not. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson nailed it: All you need to do is to look at the numbers, or listen to your gut.

With the numbers we’re looking at a shell game. The Consumer Price Index, for instance: it’s supposed to be a measure of how much an average bundle of consumer goods costs for the average person – essentially a yardstick for inflation, showing you how far your dollar will go. In recent years they’ve changed which goods they use to determine its value – they’ve swapped out goods for a cheaper equivalent good, in the effort to prove that inflation isn’t a problem right now.

But what do we see when we’re at the grocery store? Common sense and the alleged numbers don’t add up. The same thing goes for the unemployment figures; they don’t match up to people’s day-to-day experience. The government claims we only have moderate unemployment, meanwhile we have people so desperate for work that they’ll hand over their Facebook passwords and consent to drug testing.

This isn’t a recovery. It’s quantitative easing. Free money for the banks. At best we’re only kicking the can down the road. This spend-through-the-nose behavior is going to catch up with us.

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