Even the Police State is Crumbling

For those of you unfamiliar with this story (there has been somewhat of a media blackout, after all), Keoni Galt has the full story – including why it is that so many of us feel a knee-jerk feeling of support for rogue ex-cop Chris Dorner.

The ex-cop cop killer

But to describe it in brief – Chris Dorner was an ex-military police officer in L.A., until he was fired from the job.  Which is kind of a nasty thing, to be honest – not quite as bad as a Dishonourable Discharge from the military (an Event which has quite the potential to undermine future job prospects), but certainly out there.  While not life destroying, it can be substantially Life Altering.

And the reason for his crime?  In 2007 he reported that then-Officer now-Sergeant Teresa Evans needlessly kicked a suspect twice in the chest, and once in the face.  And speaking the Truth goes against the Thin Blue Line.  Ergo – fired.

Mix in some High Jingo and a few other names of the Corrupt and Corruptible.

So Chris Dorner (in a calm and measured response) declared war not just on those who’d wronged him – not just the L.A. police department in general – but also on the children of the “allegedly” (LOL) corrupt officers.

The L.A.P.D. responded in their typical manner, by shooting two women in a van of a similar colour to Dorner’s.

Looks like there ain’t no good guys in this story.


As I said, Keoni’s done a pretty good job covering everything – let’s forget about the contemporary details – and instead we’ll look at the pattern.

First, let’s keep in mind that it’s the crazy ones who’ll always be the first to snap.  Of course mass shooters are crazy… but is it just me or are they getting less crazy?

Ted Kaczynski is a genius, and what I’ve read of his manifesto makes a worrying amount of sense (Nutshell: we’ve become the servants of the technology which distorts our senses and society, turning us into broken caricatures of humanity – serving that same technology).  What doesn’t make sense is how exactly he thought that mutilating Engineers, Programmers, and Postal Workers would help ignite the Pastoral Revolution.  I can’t help but wonder what happened to that man – shy, introverted, intelligent – what drove him off the rails?  How did society allow this man to wind up in a mountain hut building bombs?

With Dorner, the situation’s obvious – lost job, lost career, lost wife – the guy snaps.  While I’m no phrenologist, his photograph suggests a man of decent character, a dull, middling sort of intelligence, and a propensity to violence.  Much like the protagonist of They Live, who upon noticing the Alien Conspiracy thinks it makes sense to walk into a bank and start shooting.

Almost as if I’m drawing a parallel, eh?

Of course it’s the crazy one’s who snap first; but Dorner strikes me as a lot less crazy than the others out there… and despite his over-reaction, he’s sane enough that a lot of people are emphasizing with him; does anyone still believe the cops are still on the sides of the “Citizens” (said with a sneer, and an implied spitting motion).

Thomas Ball and Andrew Stack were pacifistic in their violence; Ball only killed himself, and the death which resulted from Stack’s suicide bombing was accidental.  They were still following the Old Way of peaceful protest – only in this case they followed the path all the way to the Buddhist Monk.

What happens when the lines between Sane Citizen (“Puh!”) and Disgruntled Killer start to blur?

There are going to be imitators.


Let’s not forget the other lesson of This Little Affair, for that matter – the relative impotence of cops.

I’ll spare you the lecture about how Policing only works in a civil society – the sort of society with a lot of guns, and a ruling Monarch, not a President – and simply cut to the chase and point out that Cops Are Not Dangerous.

Scary?  You’d better believe it.  Merely driving your car is an Indictable Offense, should they be in the mood – and the natural state of the coward is to respond with Maximum Force to a Perceived Slight – so I tend to treat them like ‘rattlers.  Nothing against them, but I move slowly when they’re around.

But they’re not dangerous; aside from an expertise at grappling drunks, they’re less competent in a fight than your average meth-head.

I’ve trained with the S.W.A.T. team; I know their tactics.  They’re designed to take on crack-heads who might have a knife or an solitary pistol, not the sort of person who’s as familiar with an AR-15 as he is with a set of Sais.  I’ve had them confide to me that “One of you Army guys going nuts is one of our biggest worries…”

Oops; break the Justice System, and look what happens…

Scary?  Yes – they like to No-Knock-Warrant you in the middle of the night, while your kids are sleeping in the next room, and shoot your dachshund.  But not particularly dangerous.

The cat’s out of the bag; I already knew that the cops weren’t dangerous.  Now you know – but so what?  Unlike Dorner (who is an ideological Leftist), our brainwaves are Quite Stable.

But we’re not the only ones watching; the West has plenty of enemies who are foreign – not domestic – and savage as they might be, they are not stupid or cowardly.


Welcome to the Decline of Western Civilization, folks – where the cops run scared from the violence of a single man, shooting the civilians whom they never actually swore to protect (that’s just a motto – not an oath), while repeatedly losing him whenever they draw close.  No one in their right mind mistakes the Justice System for Just – “Fuck da’ Police” jokes are regularly heard in office towers.

The Justice System is dead – the basis of civil society is dead – we’re just waiting its hulking mass to fall over, so we can all rip off our shirts and start defecating in the street.

You asked for Democracy – you got it.

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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13 Responses

  1. I call him Chambo.

    His defection is quite frightening. It has reminded me that “consent of the governed” is important, even in an anarcho-tyrannical police state like the US. Could the police and army handle 10 Chambos? 100 Chambos? 1000 Chambos? I don’t think so. They couldn’t handle the LA riots either.

    The US is dangerously unstable. I think its demographics will force increasingly overt despotism.

  2. zhai2nan2 says:

    1 – Spelling nitpick – Emphasizing -> empathizing. Please fix.

    2 – What made Kaczynski go crazy? He was part of a USA government experiment. They exposed him (and many others) to ideologies of extreme violence, in the hope that they would get one or two useful killers out of dozens of units of human fodder.

    ALEXANDER COCKBURN, Alexander Cockburn writes for the Nation and other publications Los Angeles Times; Metro; Part B; Page 5; Op Ed Desk July 6, 1999, Tuesday, Home Edition

    It turns out that Theodore Kaczynski, a.k.a. the Unabomber, was a volunteer in mind-control experiments sponsored by the CIA at Harvard in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

    Michael Mello, author of the recently published book, “The United States of America vs. Theodore John Kaczynski,” notes that at some point in his Harvard years–1958 to 1962–Kaczynski agreed to be the subject of “a psychological experiment.” Mello identifies the chief researcher for these only as a lieutenant colonel in World War II, working for the CIA’s predecessor organization, the Office of Strategic Services. In fact, the man experimenting on the young Kaczynski was Dr. Henry Murray, who died in 1988.

  3. Koanic says:

    ” While I’m no phrenologist, his photograph suggests a man of decent character, a dull, middling sort of intelligence, and a propensity to violence. ”

    Correct, says the phrenologist.

  4. Relkin says:

    Dorner praises Obama and CNN in his manifesto. He is just a spoiled child that isn’t part of the corrupt LAPD gang anymore. No thanks.

  5. Spectre says:

    Pertaining to phrenology – Yes, his eyes are a little too close together, suggestive of him having a narrow minded vision of things which might have led to his tunnel vision in the matter of revenge. That or maybe this guy doesn’t exist at all. The US Gov did repeal the law banning domestic use of propaganda just last month.

  6. Spectre says:

    This story has come to its end. The police are allowed summary executions now it looks like. We might as well call them Judges from the Dredd universe.

  7. V10 says:

    I’ve never had a lot of interaction with police officers, small town or big city. But I used to work with a lot of armed security guards as part of one of my previous jobs. The vibe I got from many of them was that I knew these guys as the jocks and bullies back in school. The kind of people that get off on intimidating others and having their petty authority respected. Most of the time they receive that respect and/or fear, and so they feel no need to flex their muscle, and can afford to be quite affable; like the old T-shirt says, “We’ll get along just fine once you realize I’m in charge”. Maybe it’s not a fair comparison, but it’s what I have to go by. And like you describe, I too become guarded when I see someone who can make my life hell on a whim.

    The public reaction about Dorner has been interesting. Not his fan club, that isn’t a big surprise, the usual adoring fascination of celebrity and violence. I mean those who seem to have a silent or carefully phrased antipathy towards the LAPD or police in general. They don’t approve of what Dorner has done, or hate the cops so much that they want to see them actually killed or seriously wounded, but some part of them is getting warm fuzzies from seeing them running scared. Whether it’s personal history or outrage over a scandal on the local force, they’re projecting at least some of that onto the LAPD (whose reputation make them a perfect avatar for corrupt and thuggish police), and are enjoying the the comeuppance they are receiving.

  8. Qahhabi says:

    Apologies in advance for referring to an unrelated subject on this comment section but your article about the Iranian monkey business is inaccurate. Will go into more detail if you wish to open the comments section of that post

    Ed: Comments are open on the Alternative-Right article.

  9. Qahhabi says:

    Something tells me that the security apparatus is going to start treating young men of a particular demographic sector as the new al qaeda suspects. It will need to justify its existence after all.

  10. Spectre says:

    @Qahhabi – They are already doing that. Returning Veterans. Liberty Lovers. Doomsday Preppers. The Tea Party. They have all been labeled as “might be terrorists” by many of the Alphabet Agencies. They even spent millions conducting “official studies” to figure all this out. Does anyone notice a pattern here though? All these groups are on the Political Right. Its ingenious of these little Drone leftists to suppress any group that can defend themselves.

  11. Keoni Galt says:

    Thanks for the Linkages, Aurini.

    Welcome to the Decline of Western Civilization, folks – where the cops run scared from the violence of a single man, shooting the civilians whom they never actually swore to protect (that’s just a motto – not an oath), while repeatedly losing him whenever they draw close. No one in their right mind mistakes the Justice System for Just – “Fuck da’ Police” jokes are regularly heard in office towers.

    NWA was right.


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