The following video was put together by the North Korean government (see below) – a polity which I’m far from a fan of.  Nonetheless it gets quite a bit right, and where it gets things wrong it’s usually along the lines of using the Universalist Narrative to hoist the United States on its own petard.

It’s an hour-and-a-half, so clear the schedule, brew a fresh pot of coffee, and settle in.  I recommend keeping track of the portions which strongly go against your grain – for instance, while I despise Quentin Tarantino for a variety of reasons (and endorse their question “What could have happened to this man [to cause him to produce such horrific movies]?”), I have no problem with violence in media.  Torture Porn is its own sort of Modern Ugliness, of course, but tales of Knightly Valour and Post-Apocalyptic Badassery require some sort of Saracen horde to slaughter.

Also: +1 for any movie that describes Paris Hilton as a “narcissistic parasite.”

Edit: from 1Mahn on Youtube:

Hello Aurini, just wanted to let you know that the video you have posted on your blog was not made by the North Korean government, rather, it was made by some film makers from New Zealand.

Interview with the actual film makers.

Anyway, keep posting great content. You make the world a favor.

H/T to Anonymous


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