The Hydra’s Eternal Rebellion

One of the challenges of writing about Feminists, Leftist, and Degenerates is how incredibly vulgar they are.  Tell me, does the following paragraph belong in political discourse?

A female Voina activist nicknamed “Vacuous Cunt With Inconceivably Huge Tits” removed a chicken from the refrigerated section of the supermarket, then laboriously stuffed the entire chicken into her own vagina, while being filmed by other Voina members. She then shoplifted the chicken by leaving the supermarket without paying, with the chicken still inserted, and rejoined protesters outside the store.

The correct answer is “Yes, but it shouldn’t.”

It offends my sensibilities (as well as my editorial standards) to bring up such crudities; even the name of the organization – “Pussy Riot” – is the sort of thing that shouldn’t belong in academic discourse.  But Pussy Riot isn’t a shock site, or some sort of San Francisco orgy culture which can be safely ignored: it is the hot, bleeding edge of Cathedral politics.

Trying to attack this head-on is a mistake; all your going to do is provide Jon Stewart with jokes about cops banning marital aids in rural America.  Joe Democracy has never heard of Pussy Riot, and is sufficiently immunized against crimethink that when you bring it up he’ll just assume that you’re a repressed homosexual, seeking out degeneracy for the sake of titillation.  The correct strategy is to recognize Pussy Riot as just one more head of the Hydra.  Some of the heads seem relatively benign, if misguided: feminism, globalism, the “human rights” to dignity and free medical care – the sedated serpents, whispering to Eve – but the Wyvern heads?  They’re universally vicious, but they pop out of separate holes, and seem to be a different animal entirely: the Pussy Riots, the Black Block Anarchists, the Occupussies.

That Hydra heads are so prone snap at each other, certainly helps the illusion.

Lop off one at a time, and the other heads will ridicule you: “Don’t you know,” says the pink one, “That we support equality for men?” The blue one hisses, “This is just freedom of expression.” The mauve head lisps, “This is because Russia treats homosexuals as second class citizens!” You have become Don Quixote, winning each battle, but losing the war.

To take out a Hydra, you’re going to need fire – and not just any fire, you need the white-hot flame of Truth! – but where can you go to find such a commodity?  The man who invented it is currently chained to a mountain, having his liver torn out by eagles, and besides – he no longer owns the patent.  Maybe nobody does.  This Greek Fire is lost to history, and, much like Absinthe, we shall have to reinvent it.

Let us begin by studying this beast.

Though its garb is new and shiny,
This Hydra’s an ancient enemy.
New heads grow, and old heads die,
Ever whispering some fresh lie.
The vitriolic heart remains the same;
What is this black ichor, pumping through its veins?

Perhaps the recent dust-up in San Juan will give us some clues:

This is certainly one of the more pestilential heads!  Lesbianism becomes even more political when the sex is performed in public, I guess (no, that’s not simulated), and is fully appropriate for YouTube.  Obviously.  But it’s the defenders who interest me.

Regardless of one’s theological leanings, the Catholic Church certainly has a few things going for it: it managed to unite Europe in time to hold off the Muslim hordes, as well as keep Genghis Khan at bay; it was the Catholic celebration of knowledge which led to the development of the Scientific Method; and it was Catholic Conquistadors who managed to raze the most sadistically cruel civilization the world has ever seen.

That the Hydra should hate them so much is just one more data point in their favour.

So what is their diagnosis?  What did their spectral analysis of the black ichor reveal?

Oh, my, isn’t this interesting?  The atoms, it turns out, are not from the planes of Cthulu.  They’re perfectly ordinary matter – Love, Faith, Hope, and Charity – the same elements which are used to create marriage, valour, beauty, and brotherhood.  But the molecular structure?  That is where we find the loathsome geometries, the tentacled, cyclopean towers.

The Hydra’s black ichor is Rebellion; 99.9% pure.


To understand what a Leftist believes, simply ask the question: “How could they most effectively and sneakily trick the world into hating God?” Don’t over-think this – they certainly don’t – whether or not you believe in God is immaterial.  They do.  Anything which they see as Godly – Truth, Beauty, Life, Love, or even the elegance of a mathematical theorem – is fair game for Leftist hatred.  Consistency need not apply.

Just look at this post by one Solomon Wong – a relative nobody, Internet-wise, but a perfect example of Rebellious vitriol leaking out from a tortured body of logic:

Anti-racism is anti-white, and we should embrace that. As for the charge of genocide? Accept it. You can argue against it, but what’s the point? Any conscionable person should want the white race destroyed. Who cares if the definition of genocide is being twisted to make people feel bad about doing the right thing? The point is that anti-racism, multiculturalism, any attempt to equalize the races is a strike against the white race. And once equality is truly reached, it will be dead. WE ARE TRYING TO DESTROY IT.

Ten years ago, they were appealing to the charity and decency of White people.  They took a single lie (“Race is a social construct”) mixed it in with a bunch of pro-civilizational attitudes (“Treat your fellow citizen like your brother”) and shielded it with historical atrocities (some made up, some exaggerated, and a few which were actually true).  The result was a noxious potion, but pleasing to the tongue.

Eventually, however, its destructiveness became evident: as things currently stand, the Blacks are getting suspicious, and many Whites are downright furious.  This is the point where they flip their placards around, adopt a new slogan, and add a different flavour to the poison.  New boss just like the old boss.

The Left is fundamentally parasitical in nature, needing the lifeblood of civilization to survive (it has been observed many times that Feminists couldn’t build a civilization on their own, and Marxists are never happy remaining isolated on their collectivized farm) but despite the succour that patriarchal traditionalism grants them, they wage eternal war on it, tearing at it piece by piece.  Each heads will specialize, undermining the others, while simultaneously working in tandem.

  • One will attack the family, with taxes collected from the economy.
  • The second will attack the economy, by uplifting the underclass.
  • The third will attack the underclass, by promoting immigration.
  • The forth will destroy the immigrants, through pathological benevolence.

And so on.

To live as a Rebel, you need something to rebel against.  Short of suicide, they’ll continue to Rebel.  The Feminist isn’t happy as the leader in her marriage;- so instead of dominating a submissive man, she’ll date a badboy, and then scream about rape.  She’ll join a BDSM club, and “top from the bottom.” Or she’ll engage in flagrant, public Slutwalking and Lesbianism, begging for somebody to oppress her.

There’s no logic or reason to their behaviour – at least, not what you or I would think of as logic and reason – only an endless self-destructive spiral which drags the rest of us down with them.

And they have been succeeding quite well.

This is the pulsing-core of the Neoreactionary argument: that despite the fact that “The world is richer, healthier, less poor, less violent, and able to access more information than ever before,” it’s a world of inverted, Rebellious theology, solely suitable for the spiritually dead.  Governments must serve their citizens; becoming nothing more than a source of Narcissistic Supply.  Husbands must lead by submitting; resulting in an asexual desert.  Art must appeal to the commoners; and is thus devoid of beauty.  And the Great must listen to their Lessers; and so Leadership is devolved into Middle Management.

Evil is just a perversion of the Good, since it can never stand on its own.  It uses the Good to create the deliciousness in the poison, or (to paraphrase Frank Sinatra) it’s the aphrodisiac in the a rancid-smelling vial.  It’s doomed to seek compromise, and like all compromises between True and False, winds up being nothing but lies.

What logic there is in the Democratic, Leftist, Degenerate mind, is the logic of the Daemon.  Don’t try and understand them through their appearance in reality; to see beyond the glamour, we must look at them through the lens of fantasy:

The Existential Paradox: Given most daemons’ origin among the souls of the hunted, coupled with their quasi-religious hatred of mortal life, an inherent paradox underlies all daemonic thought: that all things mortal must be obliterated, despite the fact that they themselves were once mortal. The reasons for this hatred of existence are as varied as the daemons themselves, stemming from lives of grief and pain, terrible and unjust ends, heartbreak and wounded pride, and more. Regardless of how their hatred comes to be, most daemons lock away any considerations of their former nature or musings on the roots of their anger, and ages of depravity and delusion scour their beings of anything recognizable as the creatures they were in life. Yet just as a gnarled willow grows from a tiny black seed, so does each daemon know its current being finds it roots in that which it most loathes. This core of self-loathing guides most daemons in their greatest profanities, allowing them to lash out at the living, spirits, other outsiders, members of their own kind, and occasionally even themselves with a viciousness that translates into an absolute hatred of all things that live, once lived, or ever might live. Such makes them the ultimate nihilists, guiding them toward a vision of a silent multiverse, an endless realm devoid of life and which, in the end, even they will be absent from. Yet as much as it loathes all things, every daemon loathes itself a modicum less, and so each strives to be the last witness to a dead eternity.

Lovely little creatures, aren’t they?

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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13 Responses

  1. JP says:

    I will acknowledge that the Catholic Church has done a great deal of good in its time, but the Renaissance was more about the Church not standing in the way of the rediscovery of Aristotle and not about anything particularly CATHOLIC leading the way; otherwise, why did it take over 1000 years just to get back to the level of scientific and industrial knowledge of the Roman Empire, if the Church was such a fount of knowledge?
    Why did they persecute Galileo and Bruno if they loved knowledge so much? Maybe it was earlier Church leaders that did that, and subsequent leaders learned their lesson, but that still means that it wasn’t necessarily anything from within the Church that changed things.

  2. Aurini says:

    The decline of civilization was a result of the Roman Empire collapsing; it was the hidden monasteries which preserved what little knowledge remained, eventually allowing the rediscovery… but more than just that. Both China and the Middle East were more advanced than Europe when Charlemagne re-lit the flame of civilization, and yet they never developed the Scientific Method.

    As for Galileo – keep in mind that they didn’t murder him, and they didn’t prevent him from writing – they just asked him to be less vocal about ideas which (they worried) could undermine Christendom. And his punishment for refusing was house arrest – not torture.

    History has sided with Galileo, but I can empathize with a leadership that worries about dangerous or subversive ideas. Remote-control drones, for instance, or mind-scanning technology – had I the power, I might prevent research on these, until mankind shows the wisdom not to abuse them.

  3. Sean says:

    The Galileo episode has been seriously misrepresented, usually by people with an anti-Catholic bent. The pope was actually a fan of Galileo’s work. The problem was that the Roman Inquisition took issue with Galileo’s Protestant publisher. Oops. And Galileo was not totally innocent: think Sheldon Cooper, but Italian. Yikes. In the end, the pope washed his hands of the whole thing and let the Inquisition and Galileo duke it out. Galileo was eventually forced to recant (more of a take-that move than anything) and forced to not publish in his lifetime. He was still allowed to conduct his research. Within a century of his death, Galileo’s work was taken off the Index of Forbidden Books and even given papal imprimatur.

    Tragically, I think the Catholic clergy has drunk too much liberal Kool-Aid to ever mount the kind of civilization-saving campaign it once did. When the pope is declaring Muslim illegal immigrants trying to invade Italy martyrs and insisting that Islam was originally a peaceful religion, you have problems.

    I think that Christianity is losing the pro-Western qualities it once had. Namely, it’s ever growing universality. It has become too liberal and impotent to be effective. I would advocate for a return to Western Paganism, but I think monotheism is just a little too engrained in Western consciousness at this point for that move to be truly viable. A syncretic religion that combines a single supreme god (divided up into any number of aspects as needed) who presides over lesser deities/spirits (the gods in paganism) might be what is called for. Anybody who has read Tolkien’s “The Silmarillion” has a rough idea of what I am referring to.

  4. Minor consideration: I think that most cruel of societies (not convinced a civilization, as in advancing) depicted in the linked source is the Aztec Empire not the Incas, but I only skimmed. My guess is that the Incas were just a bit less ‘impressive’ but of the same cloth and comparable. What they did to children, no wonder they were a stagnant culture. Apparently, no one could do better. I wonder how Iraq is doing, and North Africa after that spring feva.

  5. Ceer says:

    The Catholic Church in the United States is starting to grow a backbone on certain issues. A few election cycles ago, the bishops started speaking out on the issue of abortion, reminding Catholics that they had a duty to God to vote as if God himself were looking over their shoulder. Now, the USCCB is united in opposition to Obamacare.

    As far as the European church, keep in mind that someone cannot speak in such a way that they cannot be willfully misrepresented. We all know that any media story must fit a narrative, true or not. For a recent example, I saw an article about the pope talking about not judging gay people, when, if you read the actual transcript, the pope makes the quite correct statement that not all homosexuals are part of gay lobby groups.

    The middle ages get a bad rap by historians who want to make the enlightenment era look better. Any civilization that can create this: is already well on its way to becoming modern.

  6. finndistan says:

    The fake bravado.

    Spitting on people who just stand there and sing. Knowing that short of stabbing someone, the police will not do anything, but if any of the chained men would lift as much as a finger, they would never be heard of again, socially ostracized for attacking an innocent female, prison twenty years.

    The strength of just standing there, taking punishment on punishment for a belief that even if by coincidence, overlaps with civilization, against hordes of uncivilized beasts…

  7. Sean says:

    @ Ceer

    The American Church might be growing a backbone, but that is only after many bishops got snookered into supporting Obamacare based on blatant lies that the Church would be exempt from all the contraception and abortion provisions. And then there’s the fact that several bishops support the Democrats’ amnesty initiative as a way of bolstering their congregations and have said that “civilized nations don’t need handguns,” you can understand if I’m a little dubious.

    @ Finndistan

    I know a lot of people sympathize with these tramps, but I have zero sympathy. They purposely violated the sanctity of a church; and if you are Catholic or Orthodox (or at least raised in those traditions), you believe that an Orthodox Church is the real deal, God is actually there. These females (I refuse to call them women) performed their garbage on the soleas of an Orthodox church: they were only a couple steps away from violating the Holy of Holies. They get no sympathy from me.

  8. Chechar says:

    When you wrote, “and it was Catholic Conquistadors who managed to raze the most sadistically cruel civilization the world has ever seen”, you linked to the category on the Inca empire in that blog. A more direct link of the same page is this one:

    By the way, the Incas are also mentioned in the above-linked page, not only the Mesoamericans (Aztecs et al).

  9. sunshinemary says:

    To live as a Rebel, you need something to rebel against.

    Yes, exactly, and nearly anything will do. They can never arrive at their progressive utopia because they are defined by their rebellion. So long as there is anything left standing, they will seek to tear it down. This is why compromising, apologizing, and trying to find common ground with leftists/progressives is utterly useless and is in fact counter productive.

  10. @Ceer said, “The middle ages get a bad rap by historians who want to make the enlightenment era look better. Any civilization that can create this: is already well on its way to becoming modern.”

    Imperial China? All the true wonders Marco Polo saw. Technology can be used to advance or stagnate society. I think we throw around the word civilization around to liberally. Technology and how it is used is a fruit of men. It is the nature of men expressed, their values as expressed by culture and politics, that makes or breaks the societal virtue of a people. If I had to choose between enlightenment or technology, I would choose enlightenment the way Jefferson would choose newpapers over government. Light and shadow is determined by what one frames as Truth. I would rather have a free market of frame and truth than a cathedral. Empericism is the iconoclast of all but Truth. I wish I understood that when I was naively logical as a miserable lad under the care of others’ established frames.

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