2014: The Year We Start Building


Just as RooshV predicted, 2013 was the year we went mainstream.  The ABC 20/20 debacle and TechCrunch‘s article on the Neoreaction are object examples of that, but throughout the media we’ve been seeing terms that originated with us filtering out into the wider culture.

Folks, we have arrived: we’ve figured ourselves out, we’ve established our community, and we’ve demonstrated our ability to impact the narrative. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you – and then you win!” This is the year where they attack; this is the year where we start to build.

When I Became a Man I Put Away Childish Things

At our inception, we were a reactive movement: we’d been lied to about women, we’d been chewed up by the family court system, we’d shelled out money for useless degrees, and we’d been leached off of by politicians, playing both sides against the middle.

We were a generation raised during the Culture War, with nobody on our side.

Angry?  You’d better believe it – righteously angry.

Over the past 5 to 10 years we’ve been picking up the pieces, sharing notes, decrying the monstrosities that allowed this world to become so broken.  We spotted Timothy Leary as the false prophet that he was, but nonetheless took his advice to “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” We realized, bit by bit, that the game was rigged, and that the only winning move was not to play.  Marriage turning into a sucker’s bet?  Time to go your own way.  Women are becoming unfeminine and unloving?  Learn some Game, or expat.  The MSM is nothing but lies?  Why not read some Great Books for Men, instead?

Of course, none of this worked to fix the problems; it was merely an adaptive survival strategy in a world grown hostile to Goodness, Truth, and Decency.  But note that while it all may have been reactive, it wasn’t rebellious in nature; after all, rebellion is the foundation of the system we’re reacting against.

When we turned away from the lies, we didn’t go out seeking a new lie which would have benefited us: we sought the Truth.  The Matrix wants you to become another victim , to engage in the upside-down Hegellian dialectic of brother against brother, woman against man, and child against parents.  We chose not to fight our Feminist Oppressors; instead, we pulled out our scalpels and started vivisecting her, to see what made her tick.

The results speak for themselves: as the years have passed, we’ve all come around to a stable and coherent belief structure.  From different starting points, and for different reasons, all of us abandoned the swamp, and started our ascent up the mountain – and mountains only have one peak.  There is no fine line between the various Manosphere, HBD, Neoreactionary, and Game blogs because we’re all pursuing the Absolute Truth, not a Relative Truth of our own convenience.

And in my humble opinion, I think we’re just about done picking apart the Malignant Feminist Leftoid on our operating table; her heart will give out within the hour.

We’ve figured out Game, we’ve traced the Cultural Marxist roots of Feminism, and we’ve deconstructed the institutional logic of Democracy.  We’ve reached out our hands our brothers, and those who had the courage swallowed the Red Pill, while those who didn’t chose to double-down into Blue Pill Hell.  Our work here is pretty much done, with only a few loose ends to tie up.

We’ve pointed out the problems, and now we’re ready to start building the solution.  In 2014 we’re going to become a positive strength of growth, as the Old and Evil of the Blue Pill Matrix crumbles under its own weight.  I’m not entirely sure what it is that we’re going to be building, but from the nascent vibrations, I can tell you it’s going to be a fearsome engine to behold.

Allies in Unexpected Places

The world wasn’t ready for us in 2010, and we weren’t ready for the world.  All of the negativity and righteous anger needed to be processed and understood before we could take on the mantle of leadership which is our birthright as Civilized Men of the West.

Now we are ready, and we’re going to start finding allies we never thought we’d have.

Case in point: I recently interviewed a lady by the name of Angela May for a documentary I’m working on, and – despite never hearing of the Manosphere or the Red Pill – she said that people need to take an “Anti-Pill” to combat the delusions of our manufactured reality.  On her blog she writes:

The world we’ve been born into is a cleverly designed story-factory to keep us from the truth so that we stay in neat little boxes, all lined up in a row. We do what we’re told like little soldiers afraid to test what happens when we claim our own power.

Heck, Keoni Galt could have written that.

Then there’s her article “What should I do with my life? 6 Ways to say YES to your Spiritual Contract,” which could have appeared on Return of Kings or Bold & Determined – so long as you added some fiery, acerbic wit.

She writes in a far more gentle and feminine voice than any of us Manosphere writers, but she’s writing about the exact same things.  Her writing might not be for you, but it isn’t Huff-Po fluff, it isn’t Soma; Angela May is a fellow traveller, climbing up towards the same summit.

And she’s not the only one.

Everywhere I go, I’m finding people who are brimming with positive energy, and who are receptive to the ideals we’ve been writing about for all these years.  Make no mistake, the Red Pill will still get you fired from your job at the Corporation, but outside of the rat cage people are sick of the lies.  Another example: I was recently talking with another lady who’d been trying to rationalize her submissive role in a relationship, because she didn’t know what submission and dominance actually were.  Five minutes of conversation, and things clicked for her – and, I hope, allowed her to stop wasting headspace on the false-conflict of “Submissive vs Competent and Self-Directed”; a woman can be both.

As we move from decrying lack of virtue, to advocating for a return to virtue, we’re going to find more and more people who’ve been on our side this entire time – only neither of us knew it.  As the media continues to turn a blind eye to the Emperor’s wardrobe, people are growing hungry for the words of a man who calls it like it is.

Heck, just look at my recent posts in reply to Extra Credits; even though they’re ‘just’ a web-series about Video Games, even they feel compelled to decry our present system!

Last year we were subversive and underground; this year we are the mainstream – the world just doesn’t know it yet.

Accept it graciously, brothers.

Narcissism, Hypocrisy, and Gossip

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to anybody with a room-temperature IQ that our culture has grown degenerate, materialistic, and narcissistic: Hollywood provides a constant spectacle where image trumps substance, many are lost in the constant validation-seeking of social networks, and jealousy and self-loathing appear throughout Internet comment threads.

Meanwhile, the Corporations ask for your Facebook password, while the creeps at the NSA snoop through peoples computers, with the stated goal of embarrassing Muslims by exposing what they do in private.

This is growing into quite the backlash.

First, there’s the growing concern over peoples right to digital privacy; I doubt anything’s going to happen over the next couple of years, but you’ll see more and more people growing increasingly disgusted with Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and the NSA.  They won’t be the majority, but they’ll be the minority who matters.

Second, there’s a growing realization that privacy is the opposite of gossip; it’s just more extreme now.  Thanks to the Internet, a thousand anonymous strangers can gang-up and obsess over one person’s flaws.  More of this is going to occur, but because of it, right-thinking people will learn to tune-out the ankle-biters.  To have privacy, one must practice discretion; we’re coming to understand why gossips have always been shunned.

Third, I’ve run into several instances of hypocrisy being re-explained (though I can’t remember which blogs): to put it simply, hypocrisy doesn’t mean “Failing to live up to your stated beliefs,” it means “Employing a double-standard for the purpose of exploiting others.” This is a preemptive strike on the gossips.

On the one hand, we’re going to see a lot less privacy over the next couple of years – more doxing, with a coin-flip as to whether the Government gets involved in it (they might just leave it to the media) – but on the other hand, there’s a growing number of people who are disgusted by the practice.  Doxing and mobbing are going to increasingly reflect poorly on the bullies, rather than their intended victim.

For those of us in the Neoreactionary/Manosphere, we just need to keep holding our heads up high, and remember our purpose.  Never apologize, and don’t even acknowledge them if you don’t have to; the vermin will crawl back into their holes.  This is just another Leftoid form of rebellious Hero-murder.

An Economy on Eggshells

I haven’t been following the economy too closely in recent months, but Apocalypse Nowish does a good summation here:

That inflationary money-printing taken place across the world since 2008 have now been fully (except for a few trillions hold by certain banks) injected into the world economy so we have reach the peak; stock- and bond markets can thus not go up much more. Also; this means that the banks will need to start putting those tucked away trillions to work soon in order to keep real-estate and housing scams going and hence inflation and, consequently, prices will continue to rise in the short run. The only question here is whether interest rates will start going up and destroy the fake “recovery” in the short run and crash markets in the long run, or if injection of FIAT (and new scams) will escalate further and assure hyperinflation down the line. The outcome is basically the same, but interest rates going up coupled with a few policy changes will crash economies faster and make The Greatest Depression shorter in length and depth.

Basically, we’re waiting for a Black Swan; I’ll be surprised if it appears during the next couple of years, but it’s coming.

We all need to start building something that’s anti-fragile.  A modern, Western economy doesn’t turn into Mad Max or Broken Roads when the SHTF; what happens is a series of specific declines and crashes in particular sectors of the economy.  As Johnny Cash said, “Everybody won’t be treated all the same.” As a general rule, if what you’re doing is economically moral, you probably won’t run into too much trouble.

Wouldn’t hurt to have a few things saved up, though… you might want to learn a few lessons from the following article, “Surviving Argentina’s Economic Collapse”:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The End of Politics

As noted above, people are becoming increasingly alienated from the present system; and we’ve been doing the theoretical work, examining why Obama is the inevitable result of Democracy.

In 2014 we’re going to see more dissension from mainstream sources, and the Neoreactionaries are going to be the ones they ask to do the dissension – keeping their hands clean.  As Aaron Clarey noted, they’ve been ignoring us, and failing as mentors; they won’t be able to ignore us any longer.  If we’re smart about it, they won’t be reporting on us – they’ll be asking us to show up on-air to say the things they can’t bring themselves to say.

Most people will call it political cynicism; personally, I call it Hope.

Overall, it’s going to be an interesting year for all of us, but watershed?  I’m still placing that at 2018.

Fingers crossed… these are some interesting times.


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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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11 Responses

  1. will says:

    If you want to know more about anti-fragility:

  2. Stirner says:

    I agree completely about the ascendence of the Dark Enlightenment from the bowels of the internet.

    One thing that is different now: the insights of the DE are clear and obvious, so targeting and spotlighting is only going to bring the DE to new eyeballs. It’s one thing for them to say “racist” or “sexist”, but it is quite another thing for the DE to answer: “I believe that competitive selection worked on humans over the last 50,000 years – isn’t that what you believe too? Aren’t the only people who disagree with that the Creationist types?” To attack the DE is only to publicize it further.

    Second point. They are not going to be able to resist attacking. God help us, but Buzzfeed is the future, not Newspapers. People want their controversy of the day, and websites need their clicks and traffic. For internet media, the DE is a giant source of potential click bait. Even if they would be smart to ignore the DE, they are not going to resist the temptation.

    Third point. The mainstream media is withering on the vine, and turning into the vanity press operations of plutocrats. Academia is about to be disintermediated by MOOCs, online learning, and low-cost alternatives to credentials. Major organs of the Cathedral will be growing weaker, and weaker, while the DE adapts to the new environment seamlessly. The DE was birthed on the internet and in the blogosphere: you can’t starve it of money, or attack it’s institutions, and the control of media channels for outreach and influence is becoming increasingly irrevalent.

    What comes after post-modernism? The answer is us. Alas progressives, this time you are the ones on the wrong side of history!

  3. James says:

    My brother has been harping on none stop about that book Antifragile. I do like the concept from what he explained to me.

  4. Great essay. I have been on a manospherian crash course for about two years now, and even I feel the change as a newbie. I think the fact that the fake economy has sputtered along longer than logic would suggest, has caused us all to reevaluate and realize that the dramatic change may not just fall into our laps. So we’ve had to adjust to the idea that the collapse is more of a slow decline, and what do we do in that scenario? The fact that we have anticipated and prepared for a sudden collapse now allows us to step out and do something, because we’ve got that fall back position fortified. I’m looking forward to what 2014 brings. Should be interesting.

  5. FreshPrinceofDoom says:

    I don’t know, this all sounds wildly optimistic to me.

    You seem to be operating on the assumption that we have arrived at some kind of consensus on the big issues. I don’t see that.

    I don’t get your “monarchist” thing. I don’t want some king to have access to my wife, land and everything else, for one.

    You also have given a “your just jealous” free pass in the past to those who are demonstrably at the institutional-level helm of ALL that is wrong in the world.

    That Angela May chick…eh, some kind of “entrepreneur” of “spiritual” advice? You see this as a step in the right direction for young women?

    I am pretty damn discouraged, myself.

    As someone mentioned above, it seems to be clear now that TPTB are going to manage a slow, grinding decline. The rich will get richer, and douchier, and the rest of us will get poorer and more disposable.

    The Applebaum video was very interesting, and disturbing. And I’m not even referring to that gay tribesman’s uptick.

    No one is even mentioning, in these discussions about surveillance, the fact that they spoon feed the info to local law enforcement.

    Or to a certain chosen nation who orchestrated the entire justifying event for all this…I don’t know, maybe that’s their divine right as royalty?

  6. Sean says:

    Tolkien once remarked, “I am a Christian, and indeed a Roman Catholic, so I do not expect ‘history’ to be anything but a ‘long defeat’- though it contains some samples or glimpses of final victory.

    Every generation faces a crisis, the seeds of which were planted long before any of them were born, whether through the reluctance of previous generations or mistakes these generations made in facing their own crises. That’s “history,” people trying to deal with huge problems and trying to make the world a more pleasant place to live and setting the stage for another crisis that they may not live to see. But if history wasn’t like that, how boring would it be? If everything was always wonderful, would we even really be alive?

    I choose to fight and work to do what I think is right, fully knowing that I may never achieve what I set out to do. I choose to be a man. I choose to live.

  7. paulB says:

    In my isolated little world (on an oil tanker), I’ve found a startling dichotomy in our new hires in the past two years, and I feel that this is partially reflective of the new awareness that Davis is writing about. Specifically, I’m still getting greenhorns from the southern US, hard working, relatively uneducated but quick to learn and eager to qualify to advance, guys who will, at age 25, be married and established and active in their churches and communities. I’ve started to see college-educated kids from the northeast US, as well, who have traditionally been poor fits what with the chips on shoulder and inflated self-worth… but now I’m getting an influx of humbled, well educated kids who are in no hurry to settle down, preferring to accrue some wealth, focus on career and pursue advancement at work with a concurrent low-stress lifestyle at home. An even mix of this type of young, enthusiastic crew creates complementary effects in terms of enhanced productivity, self-improvement, advancement and and a desirable work environment. Writ large, I believe that this shows that positive masculinity creates an environment where a rising tide truly lifts all boats, as both archtypes bring something positive to the table. When you consider this happens where the noise of social pressures are kept at arms’ length, I believe that this supports Davis’ points nicely.

  8. Hey nice article, what will be interesting is all the hostility ramps way up (which it will) that actually will just draw more towards us.

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