Mating Disruption: The Decline of the West

One of the curious contradictions you’ll find in Atheistkult is how they embrace a purely Materialist view of reality (declaring the Mind to be nothing but the brain, a clockwork, deterministic automaton), while simultaneously rejecting evolution (of the different sub-types of human) as well as evolutionary psychology: they declare that all humans are free, rational beings (minus the soul part) whom can make any decision they want, and that Game is an imaginary security blanket: in no way are the aggregate behaviours of men and women conforming to some sort of pattern.

Humans might be robots – but they’re certainly not animals!

Much like the Libertarians™, they’re scrambling to create an edifice of Objective Truth which is in alignment with Absolute Truth, while denying that the latter exists.  That their fragments collapse into schizophrenic Relative Truth is no surprise whatsoever.

But I’m getting off topic.  This article’s about Mating Disruption, and the impact it’s having here in the West, driving our birth rates below the replacement level.


Mating Disruption generally refers to the impact humans have on the mating behaviours of different species.  Sometimes this can be intentional, as in the case Pest Management through use of artificial pheromones, but more often than not it’s accidental.  Most of the literature focuses on insects and amphibians, but I’d prefer to bring your attention to complex species – for instance, birds.

From (the actual papers are behind various paywalls):

Part of the reason for this widespread disruption is that birdsong, or particularly mating calls, are acoustic in nature and can be greatly effected by human-made noise pollution. This forces birds to leave an otherwise suitable area for breeding, and dramatically reduces the number of opportunities to breed. In addition, larger species of birds, who tend to be endangered or at least threatened anyway) are more susceptible to these disruptions that smaller species of birds. The reason is that larger birds emit lower frequency signals which are easily overpowered by the kinds of noisy disruptions that are created by people (electronic noise, music, traffic, etc.), whereas smaller birds with higher frequency signals can, in many cases, cut through the din.

Our physical behaviour has the potential to impact the wildlife, screwing up their sex lives.  Another example would be the burrowing owl (at least according to my ex-girlfriend, the Biologist) – a particularly stupid species which likes to nest under Texas Gates, and then abandons their eggs when a pickup rolls over them.

There’s also the issue of complex chemicals being released into the environment, and the effects these are having.  From The Guardian:

In passerines, song is a critical form of communication that is used to identify and attract mates, and to defend a territory. We know that birdsong is sensitive to DDT and to heavy metals, but no one knows whether or how PCBs may affect birdsong.

This study adds valuable detail to a growing body of research that indicates that PCBs affect song characteristics, breeding behavior, reproduction, song preferences, and brain anatomy in birds. Therefore, PCBs are changing a critical component of communication and reproductive success in birds, their song.

Note that it’s not that the chemicals are poisoning them, per se – it’s that a minor variation in their hormonal makeup is all that’s needed to disrupt mating on a demographic level (which certainly puts the dropping testosterone rates amongst humans into perspective).

And then, of course, there’s the problems with getting captive Giant Pandas to breed – a problem which widely known, so I trust I don’t have to go into the sticky details.

The important observation to draw from all of this is that relatively minor impacts are having demographically catastrophic effects.  The destruction which occurs when draining a wetland is self-evident: you’re removing an animal’s home.  Being self-evident, it’s also fairly easy (‘easy’ being a relative term) to manage: simply avoid draining all the wetlands, and the species will continue to thrive alongside human industry.

To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld: it’s not the Known Unknowns which are dangerous – it’s the Unknown Unknowns.  One day you’re sitting in your backyard, listening to the songbirds – then 5 years pass, and silence reigns.

All because you had to go and buy a leaf blower.

The Mating Dance exists in a precarious balance, and often it’s something utterly innocuous which winds up throwing it off.  And once it’s thrown off just a bit, well – I think a birth rate which is two-thirds of the replacement level speaks for itself.

As individuals we’re thinking, rational, “ensouled” beings – even the big-M Materialist has to admit that there’s a massive gulf between us and the animal kingdom – but on the aggregate level, our biology asserts itself; a minor effect on the individual has a massive effect on the population.

In the case of humans, Mating Disruptions are coming in three forms (in addition to the dropping testosterone, mentioned above – and keeping in mind that these are broad generalizations, there is some overlap): technological, economic, and social.


I was driving home one night, stuck waiting for the light to turn, next to a combination Steak House/Night Club near my apartment.  Outside in the smoking area was a blonde woman in an expensive dress speaking with several men whose dusky features and ill-fitting suits spoke of the poorer regions of Eastern Europe.

She smiled with that expression I know all too well, and several things crystallized all at once.  In my minds eye I saw the stooped shoulders of my colleague in The Corporation, contrasted to the Europeans’ gesticulations which lay somewhere on the spectrum between Entrepreneur and Thug.

No wonder this country’s going to seed, I thought.

My last article covered the delusion of income equality between the sexes; I only touched on it briefly, but one of the major problems with having a plurality of women participating in the workforce, is that a woman’s income distorts her perspective of her male suitors.  By becoming his equal, she’s turned him into a neuter: she’s isn’t impressed by his Average Quality Car, and the restaurant he takes her to is the same one that she and her girlfriends visited last week.

Those are the economic problems: only Mr Big can impress her.  For the bulk of the women, within one standard deviation of the median income (roughly two thirds of the population), only a man who’s at two standard deviations is acceptable (ballpark at 20%): rough numbers, granted, but I don’t need to pull out charts to show that 2/3 > 1/5.

Nevertheless, the Sex Drive cannot be denied for long; women are eventually going to perform the Mating Dance, even if their partner isn’t the best dancer.  Baby Rabies will brook no compromise: reproduction will occur.

Toss in technological change and immigration, however, and the structure begins to collapse.

Japan, being an ethno-state, suffers primarily from the economic and technological stressors – but the technological stressors have completely run amok.  Here in the West we’re beginning to realize just how damaging Internet porn can be for the male libido (see Your Brain on Porn for an in-depth analysis) but Japan, with their love of all things robotics, has rapidly slid into full-on addiction.

From Human-Stupidity’s analysis of a BBC documentary about Japan’s declining birth-rates:

Japan is closing maternity wards and elementary schools. Not many children get born. Society is aging quickly.

  • @14 minutes: fewer Japanese marry. Only 2% of children born out of wedlock. Only 27% of couples have sex every week.
  • @15 minutes: Don’t miss the men with the virtual girl friends. One of them is married and hides the girl friend from his wife. He is not sure which of the two he would choose: wife or computer program.
 In the video, Japanese men keep repeating that a virtual girl friend is much nicer. The virtual girl friends are usually are teenage age, and the man plays the role of a teenager, too. Virtual girl friends are not messy, no trouble. Why bother with a real woman.

I recommend watching the whole video: things are worse than you think.

Here in the West, the impact from the technology isn’t quite so strong.  Our major problem is the forced intermingling and faux-integration of various peoples and cultures; my above story about the Eastern European immigrants sums it up perfectly.

The majority of our native men are trapped in feminist hell holes, constantly kowtowing to the Idol of Political Correctness.  Think of the birds whose songs have been altered by chemicals – that’s what a Modern Man sounds like to a woman.  Something’s off about him – there’s a fear, deep in his soul – and without being able to put her finger on it, all of her instincts scream “Unacceptable mating partner!”

Enter the recent immigrant.

Normally, the immigrant would scare her off; through a combination of biology and culture, his body movements aren’t quite right.  He doesn’t perform the mating dance the way the Men of her native land are supposed to.  At times he gets too close – and at others, he’s too far away.

But her native environment is full of men who are A) insufficient on the economic level, and B) brow-beaten into exhibiting effeminate behaviour.  She could possibly overlook one of these – she might even be able to overlook both of them, if these men were her only options – but when the immigrant with the grating gestures shows up at her favourite bar, all of her male coworkers are drowned out in his charismatic display, “wrong” though it may be.

Think of the birds whose mating calls are drowned out by industrial equipment.

The immigrant, meanwhile, is partly shielded against Feminist indoctrination through our celebration of Multiculturalism and our fears of being called racist.  When he steps out of line at work, an exception is made for his sake – not always, but often.  Maybe it’s just an aspect of his culture which we have to tolerate.  Like Set weighing a soul against a feather, Human Resources weighs the Multiculturalism lobby against the Feminist lobby – was the immigrant’s behaviour bad enough to tip the scale?  If yes, he’s fired – often in utter bafflement since he didn’t suffer 12 years of Feminist indoctrination – if not, he carries on as usual.

His masculine behaviour – his audacious impunity – is borne upon ignorance of the dire threat he faces, but the women around him don’t notice that: all they think is, Finally – a real man who isn’t afraid of his own shadow!


None of this is meant to vilify the immigrant; he’s just responding to the situation that’s presented to him, and doing the best he can with it.  Quite frankly, he’s a victim of this schizophrenic system, too.

The child-like mind views all situations as zero sum games: one winner, one loser.  In the real world almost nothing is a zero sum game – far more common is the Free Market Economic situation, where all participants are better off, and wealth and beauty and love are ever on the increase.  When a people are left free, when they are able to secure their identity, civilization flourishes.

Then there are the times when destruction reigns, and all are worse off.  Just look at the ammunition for the Carl Gustav 84mm Rocket Launcher: each round costs about $4000.  That’s $4000 of your own money down the drain, spent on destroying something someone else holds dear.  Zero sum games: they just don’t happen.

Brother Obsidian from Just Four Guys describes what’s happening to the Black community, as this forced integration shows it’s ugly face:

The article is perhaps even more profound for what it doesn’t say, than what it does – that a “decent date” is something only college-educated and degreed Men can offer to Women, and/or that only “decent dates” from such Men are what counts. And, as the ensuing comments following the article were keen to point out, invariably these kinds of discussions turn to the “dating/mating/marrying down” variety – i.e., college-educated/white collar professional, and highly accomplished Women, having to “slum it” with their lesser male counterparts.

While this kind of news is a bit of a shock to our White brothers and sisters, it is by no means anything new to us Brothas and Sistas – indeed, it has been the broken record soundtrack of many of our lives, at least mine. If I had a dollar for everytime I’d seen, heard or read from or about Sistas being in the unenviable position of having it all except an “equal” who was “on their level” I’d never again have to work anywhere. This kind of narrative – which does indeed have its basis in fact, I am fully aware and freely admit – has been extant for most of my post-highschool life.

To debate whether the differences between races are biological or cultural ignores that the latter is a result of the former, and in any case the point is moot: as things stand there are substantial differences between the races, which become relevant when they’re forced into a universal standard.

Within the black community, two things are happening to the women: first, they’re being bought-off by liberal welfare dollars, disproportionately allocated to the women over the men, and second, their lower levels of aggression allows them to conform to White institutions which are restrictive to the Black man’s character.

White Men have every right to be upset about Blacks stealing their women – and Black Men have every right to be upset about Whites corrupting theirs.  As for the Asians, Indians, and Middle Easterners who have recently immigrated to the West – I’m not sure exactly what’s going on in their communities, but I’ve seen more than enough slutty Indian girls to suspect that they have some legitimate beefs as well.

Call it “The Tyranny of Equal Expectations”.  Equality before the Law is one thing – but the equal treatment of people outside of the law is monstrous.  A good father will take the measure of his children, and dole out the punishments according to each one’s character; for him to do otherwise is to guarantee that some will receive punishments which are excessively cruel, while others never receive the correction they desperately need.

You can have equality or you can have equity; you can’t have both.

This conception of ethnic identity is closely related to Nationalist Protectionism, an issue the Liberals were attacking a century past; it’s merely an updated form of the same argument.  At present they seek the Liberation from Ethnicity, while in 1914 they were seeking the Liberation from National Economies.  On paper it all seems to work, but when you analyze History, you start to notice something strange:

Every successful nation, and all of the world powers, have been protectionist, ethno-states.


A final thought to leave you on:

I find Jim Crow Laws to be incredibly offensive.  Not because of the reputation they’re saddled with in the modern mind (I never trust the victor’s history), but because looking at the laws, I find quite a bit which I find morally offensive, and in looking at their advocates, I see occasional person who – heck, I’ll even use a Liberal word – I see the occasional bigot who harbours contempt for his fellow man, just for being different.

However, I can’t help noticing that the rates of Black business ownership were far higher before the Civil Rights era granted everybody Equality…

Reversed stupidity is not intelligence; that’s just a fancy way of saying that you shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.  The progressives have been running roughshod over every group they’ve touched, forcing a liberalization of laws upon the land, and then blaming the conservatives for the unexpected consequences that those laws wrought.  Sure, there’s quite a bit I don’t like about the past – but there’s a Hell of a lot more I don’t like about the present.

Maybe it’s time we started rethinking the “evils” of ethnic identity – for all of our sakes!

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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27 Responses

  1. Exfernal says:

    Fine points.

    The preface is grating, though. A purely materialistic view of reality that is also strictly deterministic is simpleminded to the extreme and very XVIII century-like. From the top of my head (a materialistic atheist, mind), it ignores chaos theory, the role of thermal noise, and various quantum effects.

    One of more interesting propositions I have encountered lately is the view of a single nerve impulse as a soliton travelling along the neuronal membrane. What is deterministic about it? As the ongoing brain activity is coded as impulse bursts, intermingling echoes of various inputs producing what you describe as “the Mind” seem non-deterministic for me. Heck, even the simplest “random walk” model is not deterministic. Perhaps “God doesn’t play dice” according to Einstein, but for me “dice playing themselves” seem good enough.

  2. Lothario says:

    Forced integration is an issue, but there are plenty of white only enclaves left in America. Minorities know to stay away from sundown towns and have no desire to integrate hostile areas. The real issue with whites is their low fertility. Not blacks stealing their women. Furthermore, some people do genuinely enjoy diversity and should be free to partake in it as well. And claiming that all superpowers were protectionist ethnostates is a fallacy. The Roman empire and Moorish Spain are two primary examples.

  3. Aurini says:

    1) You don’t sound like Atheistkult to me – I’m attacking them, not Atheists, because of the ridiculous contradictions in their basic theology. I *wish* that was a strawman, but unfortunately it’s an apt description of how most of them think.

    2) Quantum indeterminacy effects are unlikely to accrue to a substantial difference on the neurological level; the brain can be sufficiently modelled by using only the information at the molecular level. Furthermore: indeterminant randomness is still well-within the the philosophical construct of determinism, it isn’t free will.

    Random Walk’s another model, and THAT is an interesting solution, but it’s far too deep for the shallow thinkers who make up Atheistkult.

    My fundamental annoyance with them is their rejection of evolution in all things human – good little Liberals to the end.

    The white enclaves you mention are informal, and defined by wealth; we see this all the time with the “anti-racist” rich, white Liberals: they move o neighbourhoods that blacks can’t afford.

    The problem with this is that children are expensive enough to begin with – and this just makes them more expensive. People in the suburbs will often have fewer children, because they’re paying through the nose for location. They aren’t allowed to create a community with a specific culture in mind – integration is forced.

    As for Rome – they only allowed Roman citizens who’d served in the military to vote during their heyday (an oversimplification, but a fairly accurate one) – as for Moorish Spain, that “Empire’s” main reason for being was rape, slavery, and piracy – as opposed to creating a civilization. They drained the Christians of all their produce, until the rest of Europe finally rallied and chased them back to Africa.

  4. I’ve got to admit that when I saw your line that said, “White Men have every right to be upset about Blacks stealing their women – and Black Men have every right to be upset about Whites corrupting theirs.” I cringed involuntarily at the antiquated terminology (“Blacks”/”Whites”), but that’s just semantics.

    The underlying principle seems far more prejudicial (Bear with me.). You should know: I’ve mentioned elsewhere that “race” was not actually a thing, and that the only difference is one of “culture” or “people groups” (Chromosomal biologists back this up, agreeing that there is less of a percentage of difference between the most similar people of different “people groups” than there is a percentage of difference between people of THE SAME “people group”. I.E. – We are the HUMAN race, but many CULTURES.). I think this is borne out to a certain degree in your recognition of pre-Civil Rights Black business ownership… that despite cultural imperatives, any culture’s general BIOLOGICAL imperative is to thrive where they find themselves.

    I can cede a determination for cultural clustering (as “The exception PROVES the rule.”), but as a father, I can tell you that such xenophobic tendencies are CULTURALLY imposed, and not biological. As such, the former generation influences the latter, and (duh) that’s why the Empires you spoke of existed the way they did. NOT (as you seem to surmise) because it’s unlikely or even impossible for cultures to co-exist.

    And yeah, I’m ALL FOR cultures keeping their traditions (minus the inherent xenophobia)… or else (as Bill Burr said) how else would Black guys know to register their guns and White guys know that they need lotion? We all learn a little from EVERYONE, and I (for one) want to maintain that opportunity.

    If you don’t agree, we can agree to disagree. I still like your writing – I’ll just read it like I do the Bible: taking out portions that are the Truth to keep for myself, and letting the rest slide. ;)

  5. Tom Smith says:

    EBL – Are you a Race Denier? Race is a scientific fact. Different races exist. I can’t believe someone could still think like you. Get with the 21st Century, dude!

  6. Tom Smith says:

    * ELB

  7. @Tom Smith – It’s funny that you should mention “scientific fact”, as even “Scientific American” ( disagrees with you from the jump.

    It’s definitively (and unfortunately) a matter of semantics, as people have taken to calling the scientific classification of “sub-species” a RACE, and that tradition is clearly in error – BY SCIENTIFIC STANDARDS.

    By SCIENCE, Tom, there is ONE race… the HUMAN one. Try not being so divisive, and learn to get along with your neighbors. >_<

  8. Steve says:

    Emperor, you are correct. There are no different races. I am often confused for being the social construct of Black or Asian, though I’m actually a mix of the social construct of English, Scottish and Irish heritage. Someone just the other day confused me for Patrick Ewing. If there were actual distinct biological races (rather than the reality that they are social constructs), this would not happen. I assume you as well are often mistaken for some other social construct?

  9. Daniel Schmuhl says:

    In some sense race is a social construct, just like the idea of species is a social construct. During the process of speciation there is no single moment in which one species becomes another, it’s a gradual process. Some species can actually breed with one another and produce fertile hybrids. But I don’t hear anyone parroting the whole, “species is a social construct” line.

  10. benny says:

    There are no racial differences, just a social construct like gender is, lol this is why MRAs will get precisely nowhere because they want MORE equality, not less, not a return to traditional roles based on nature/reality ie religion, they enjoy the current state religion which is the ideology of PC liberalism they are mainly a bunch of commie, paedo omega degenerates whining to rid there own women of any traditional privilege left, they enjoy the degradation of their own women, openly crowing that white women will suffer, they don’t want to change society, because they know that a return to patriarchy ie religion will raise the price of sex and they will have to compete, if polygamy was condoned then these degenerates couldn’t compete and wouldn’t to able to breed and produce more omegas, weeding out this scum would make the nation stronger, they love living in a matriarchy ie where female promiscuity is condoned, as opposed to a patriarchy ie abrahamic religions, God was a creation of man to protect him from the promiscuous woman, who will turn your society to shit and ultimately means the death of your civilisation, in a matriarchy by definition they can be no alpha males, so when white women are surrounded by pussified beta/omegas, a black man can look attractive, they are definitely masculine after all, but ultimately black men are not alpha ie leaders of men, the best leaders in the world are white, but white men don’t want to accept their role in society, in fact they will fight to keep the price of sex low even if the cost is death to their civilisation, so sad. If white men make themselves extinct the world will be a worse place, but only white men can save themselves, act now, you’ve got nothing left to lose, either fight or die.

  11. outsider says:

    There may not be any different races, but the immense genetically determined mental and cognitive differences between whites/asians and blacks sure make it appear as if races exist, at least to some of the people.

  12. Dan says:

    Here in the feminist-saudi arabia one thing thats become increasingly clear to me: The race-card pretty much always trumps the woman-card among feminists.
    You will see feminists getting outraged when a “rapist” doesn’t get convicted but the same feminists will come to the aid of an immigrant-rapist if he might get thrown out of the country. The reason for this (which leftists here seems to realize) is that theres a fine line between feminist rhetoric and racist rhetoric. You don’t see feminists over here speaking about imported problems we get to see in our society that affects women. You will see feminists excusing these things and they have even gone as far as to criticize those who do talk about these problems, saying that they are putting the attention to a minority group instead of men in general. So the feminists here not only don’t talk about these problems they defend them as well.

  13. ‘Libertarians™’ Can you make a post or comment on this? I have recently realized libertarism isnt what its cracked up to be, and this suggests you think the same.

  14. Aurini says:

    I did a video on it a while back. I like Libertarian ideals – I just don’t find it to be a cohesive ideology.

  15. ramram says:

    @Aurini: Have you read the article/blog post by David Brin:

    I am hesitating if it’s worth wasting time to answer.

  16. Aurini says:

    In his collection of short-stories titled “Otherness” Brin glorified in leftist anti-logic.

    “All cultures are equal, including the cultures that don’t think other cultures are equal!” We need to celebrate diversity by inviting people into our countries who hate us, and want to destroy us, apparently.

    A talented writer, but Leftoid to the core.

  17. Aurini says:

    I’m loving this article. I’ve got so much to say to Brin.

    Or rather, about Brin. Damnit, I need more time in the day! I want to write this response…

  18. ramram says:

    Looking forward to reading/listening (to) your response.

    I quite liked “The Postman” when I read it in high school… oh, well I always liked dystopian novels =)

  19. @Aurini, perhaps like @Emperor Lu Bu, I can’t quite accept this, though I suspect there might be some validity to it. It feels off to me:

    “White Men have every right to be upset about Blacks stealing their women – and Black Men have every right to be upset about Whites corrupting theirs.”

    As I posted in “Freedom Is the Answer,” the problem is not too much freedom, in this case to black men ‘stealing’ white women or to white leftists corrupting black women. Might makes right, and these adjustments are nature’s way. The question is: What is different about the game? It will ultimately come down to a LACK OF FREEDOM for the superior (on paper) to regulate the inferior, and if regular black men and regular white men will not step up and exercise freedom in the form of male popular sovereignty with civilized competence, then nature is entirely correct. Regular men are too weak to deserve better. Fuck ’em. Competition makes for strength with eustress. I find that exercising my male popular sovereignty in the weak spots of The Matrix is critical to attracting women. Of course, through evolutionary exploration if not philosophical choice, other men get away with what they can too in the pursuit of pussy, the greatest of resources, and the conflict can get the attention of The Matrix. There is no escaping the fact that women measure what it means to be a man in commonality with the animals because there is no escaping what testosterone is for, or it’s a waste.

    @Exfernal I like your comment. It was objectively (read: philosophically) intelligent. So were your comments, @Aurini, and I agree with your take on determinism. Atheistkult as represented sounds waaaaay off, not even part of relevant peer review.

    @Emperor Lu Bu, it is absurd to measure inter-race and intra-race by proportion comparison of genetic differences. My sexual attraction is focused on the lack of a Y chromosone. The size of the X and Y chromosomes don’t matter to me: it’s the results. If we go by genetic proportions, men and women are mostly comparable. That would be bullshit too. There is no good reason to believe a 4-digit genome sequence must be less relevant to results than an 8-digit sequence. We don’t know the code.

    Looking at the comment following: Wow, the blue-pill indoctrination oozing freely even at a virtual gathering as esteemed as this. Simple libertarians never cut the rug, never incorporate discrimination. It is not optional under the evolutionary race condition.

  20. On the David Brin piece: (1) It appears to me he is attacking monachism as a strawman. It is my understanding that neoreaction is intellectual backlash against universal suffrage. Why that backlash must go all the way to autocracy I don’t know. If it does, I don’t agree with it. (2) The comparison of North and South Korea is faulty interpretation. I expect the American taxpayer has built up South Korea just like the rest of the US Imperial Empire and even its supposed rivals. The affluence is due to only one demographic group: white men. White men are naturals at imperfect spats of self-governance. Not so sure about yellow men, either way. Japan does not look promising at this point. So, I would argue that in white society, universal democracy does outperform absolute monarchy, but I expect they both suck. What has worked is white male suffrage, and that plenty was so great it is still being torn down. As Muslims were ‘great’ by cannibalizing white antiquity, I suspect ‘monorities’ have done well in the cannibalism of white excellence. It’s like Amerinds doing well on the plains riding Mustangs, but wild horses were available only because the white man was already making better prosperity in the New World that would supplant the lifestyle he unwittingly made available. Same difference with the Civilized Tribes. I’ve had enough of this white guilt shit. I would like to enjoy cultural and ethnic differences, but not as a slave to inferior abilities. It troubles me that the political menu with any numerical strength is essentially multicultural debauchery or degenerate white nationalism. I’ll take white degenerates over non-white degenerates, since the racists who would take exception to my race must be non-whites, and because white dumbasses are smarter than non-white, non-yellow dumbasses. All of our theorizing will mean nothing if the hordes destroy the record of it, and if we can only survive by joining some band of dumbasses. Little did I know when I was young that the hedonists had the right idea because they mortally wounded all better ideas including my own. We are the environment of each other, and hay is made only when the sun shines.

  21. Exfernal says:

    An addendum to the previous comment of mine. I often use the allegory likening the mind to a waterfall – it exists as long as the “water” is supplied. I am unable to conceptualize a mind that exists independently of neural oscillations. Perhaps it’s a personal deficit of imagination showing.

  22. Retrenched says:

    We criminalize maleness and heterosexual male desire, then shake our heads in disbelief when women fall in love with criminals, thugs and sociopaths.

    When being a man is outlawed, the outlaws are the only real men.

  23. Jose C Silva says:

    Here’s a funny illustration of the problem of “sampling” followed by an attempt at committed relationship, a/k/a modern liberated sexuality:

    1. consider that men and women are ranked in some way, and for simplicity consider them in quintiles.

    2. After the sampling period, men and women have assortative matching, i.e. the best with the best, the worst with the worst.

    3. In the sampling period, the hypergamous matching happens: the top quintile of men gets the top 80% of women, the bottom quintile of women sample from the bottom 80% of men.

    (Yes, these are big simplifications; but that’s just to get a rough idea.)

    As a consequence of this behavior in the sampling period, call it Phase I, almost all women will be matched to a man in the second period, call it Phase II, that is _inferior_ to the average man they sampled in Phase I.

    Since the sampling creates a reference point, the match is almost always a disappointment for the women, but not for the man. (This basic behavioral economics result would predict that women bring up the majority of the divorces and lose interest in their men after matching. Theoretically, of course.)

    Here’s a diagram of this dynamic:

    It’s designed for a customer relationship management training exercise, but replace Orange, and the numbers on the left, with Women and Blue, and the numbers on the right, with Men, and see what you get.


  24. gros lolos says:

    Sublime article : continuez de cette façon

  25. Je finirai de regarder tout cela dans la soirée

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