The Empowered Female Parasite

That’s what I hear whenever a woman brags about being empowered and independent; it’s the first sign that she’s weak, dependent, and parasitical off of civilization.

The single mothers have been written about extensively in the Manosphere.  With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, and 70-90% of divorces being female-driven YOLO frivorces, we don’t need a Harvard-funded study to prove that plenty of women treat men like walking wallets, and expect society to hold the bag when they birth a bastard with Harley McBadboy.  In fact, it seems we’ve been so successful in this regard that most “moderate” Feminists have stopped trying to openly blame men for women’s poor choices, and even the mainstream media is beginning to sense that the jig is up.

This isn’t to say that the battle’s been won by any means; the “moderate” Feminists are still seeking out wealth-transfer payments from men to women, only now they’re couching them in male-friendly rhetoric.  Press our advantage, I say – on to Stage Two.

Stage Two is shredding the trope of the Empowered, Independent Woman™: the posh, professional princesses who pridefully prance about, with inflated incomes and easy jobs, who remain wilfully ignorant – nescient – of the corrosive effects they’re having on the economy, the society, and future generations.  They’re a bunch of children who’ve put on male costumes – power-suits and coveralls – who want to pretend to be “One of the Boys!”, but who aren’t providing a net-contribution to the world.

Of course this isn’t a universal; there are outliers who actually are providing the value their paycheques claim (I’d estimate somewhere between five and twenty percent), but those are the women who would’ve been working anyway, 100 years ago.  They don’t need Feminism, and they never did; this system is hurting them, too.

To my female readers: try and turn off the part of your brain that wants to vote for Team Woman: there is no Team Woman.  It’s nothing but a glamour created by marketers and politicians to manipulate you.  It’s the path of self-destructive solipsism.

Start voting Team Human instead.

A Society Bent Over Backwards

To explain why these women are such parasites – and to help differentiate the minority who aren’t – let’s start by identifying the conditions which led to this insanity.

1) Affirmative Action

To quote Aaron Clarey, who’s written on this a number of times:

My genuine loathing for HR is no secret.  I believe HR is the single largest non-public sector threat to the private sector and thus, America.  I also believe the vast majority of HR “professionals” are power hungry, sexist, bigoted and incompetent.  I believe HR was created as an affirmative action program for women (this is starting to sound like the Nicene Creed).  And I believe because of HR’s power trip, it has become an agent of compliance and ego-stroking, not performance.

If the government had to use force to grant you your job, it’s not economically productive.  The same thing goes for your Education – if it required lobby groups and bursaries to get women into Universities, it’s because they are an under-performing group.

Women are not a disadvantaged class of people; they are not an abused child who needs counselling; they are not a veteran who needs physiotherapy.  What they are is round pegs being shoved into square holes.

The reason that women “under-performed” in the past isn’t because they were “held down by the patriarchy”, and it isn’t because women are stupid and lazy – that’s nothing but a false dichotomy.  The real reason women “under-performed” is because we’ve been measuring their performance by male standards.  Here’s the thing about men and women: we’re different.  We have different strengths and weaknesses, we have different goals and ambitions, and we have different attraction triggers.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Far from it, actually – our different natures complement one another brilliantly.

One of these differences is the nature of our work.  Employment is a masculine field; it requires hierarchy, end-oriented goals, and a logical, non-emotional style of behaviour.  Home-making and society-building requires egalitarianism, means-oriented thinking, and an empathetic understanding of our neighbours.  Women are simply not suited towards a productive work environment, they are suited to a social environment – and yet they form a plurality within the modern workforce.  How has this come to be?

Affirmative Action.  If you’re a woman with a corporate job, there’s a very high probability that it was manufactured by government legislation and lobbyists.  The company doesn’t need you – and it would be better off if you weren’t there.

2) A Culture of Equality

Affirmative Action on its own is an inadequate explanation; I can already imagine the hordes of Princess Power Suits saying to me “I work in a field that’s made up of both sexes!  I’m not an HR diversity-bot!” And that’s certainly true for a lot of them… but let me ask you something: how far has the company bent-over backwards to create an environment which keeps you happy?

Affirmative Action wasn’t the only thrust of the Feminists, there was also the indoctrination about Equality: the idiotic idea that men and women are interchangeable, when they clearly aren’t.  Our schools told us that women were just as good at Math as men (most of them aren’t), and our media provided countless examples of 120lb girls beating up 220lb men.  It’s amazing, how well this glamour works.  I know rough-and-tumble blue collar men, who’d never hit a lady and who frequently come to women’s defence, who’d be hard-pressed to admit that men are substantially stronger than women

We disbelieve our lying eyes, and make truth out of fantasy.

It’s with this insanity programmed into us that the modern work environment is created.  Managers and directors falsely assume that women are just as productive as men, and if they aren’t, then it’s a failing on the part of the employers.  So workplaces have bent-over-backwards to make work more accommodating to women, while remaining completely oblivious to the fact that they’re making it hostile to the men.  Instead of being a workplace, the corporation has become a boyfriend – which is insane, but with the insanity so widespread, it’s become the new norm.

A woman’s job comes at the expense of trampling on her male coworkers.  You ladies don’t notice it, but the men you work with are constantly minding their Ps and Qs, and restraining their brusque masculinity, lest they get a Sexual Harassment Complaint.  It is the story of Harrison Bergeron: the only way to lift you ladies up was to weigh the men down – and crippling your workers does not lead to improved production.

But that’s just the start – it gets even worse.

In addition to punishing men for being more productive, companies and governments will force men to be as weak as women.  Women take more sick leave and personal days, and so – in the name of Equality – men must do so as well.

A great example of this is the latest piece of legislation being passed by Alberta’s “Conservative” government:

The Alberta government announced today that workers will now be able to take up to eight weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave from the workplace to care for a gravely sick family member.

To qualify for compassionate care leave Albertans must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have worked at least 52 weeks for their employer.
  • Provide their employer with a certificate signed by the attending physician regarding the grave condition of the family member, and their need of care.

“No one’s job should be in jeopardy when they take time off work to care for a loved one.,” said Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour Thomas Lukaszuk in a press release.

Since women are already taking plenty of time off to take care of their sick relatives, this puts men at a competitive advantage.  Can’t have that!  We need to make the Men more lazy, too.

The entry of women into the workplace has been a boon to large corporations, who can afford mountains of paperwork delineating HR policies, companies who treat Humans as if they’re Resources to be exploited, but it spells the death of small businesses who are increasingly burdened under legislative landslide.

Women: not only do they consistently vote for socialist tyranny, their mere presence in the workplace demands it.

The Unintended Consequences

1) Women’s Work Was Not Unproductive

The Feminist drive to get women into the workplace was fuelled by boredom, and the delusion that men were having “fun” when they went to work.  This is one of the darker aspects of female nature run amok: women need men’s attention for validation, and the childish girls we have running around today require it constantly.  You can see this whenever a modern woman gets drunk: they’ll constantly (and annoyingly) seek out male attention, imposing their presence where it’s not wanted.  Birthday parties are bad, and Bachelorette parties are worse.  The modern degenerate woman is like a dog cooped up at home, tearing up a loaf of bread to get attention – they’re completely out of control.

And so women rushed in to these male spaces, desperate for attention and praise, but they never stopped to consider that they had duties to perform in the home.  Children don’t raise themselves, and somebody needs to cook dinner.  With the entry of women into the workplace, all of these jobs have become outsourced, and this hasn’t made society better:

  • State or Company funded daycare, where a “Professional” abuses your children.
  • Fast Food and TV Dinners, fattening you up, and making you ill.
  • Convenience, convenience, convenience – at an exorbitant price.
  • The end of Domestic Tranquility, and the dominance of the Boob Tube.

With 8 hours of work, 2 hours of commute, and 8 hours of sleep, that leaves us 6 hours in which we have to eat, raise our children, follow the news, improve ourselves, take care of our homes, repair the car, and try and love one another – all while experiencing the adrenaline crash that comes after a long day at work.  Is it any wonder that we’re miserable, alienated, and desperate for escapist entertainment?  As Keoni Galt points out, this lifestyle was designed to keep us consuming worthless crap.

It was stay-at-home moms who saved us from this Consumerist Hell, providing a vital function in the maintenance of civilization.  Arguing that it wasn’t paid word is chimerical – money’s no good if you don’t have the time to spend it – that argument is nothing but sleight-of-hand, a method for attention-deprived Feminists to wedge their way into a male space.

And because we let them get away with it, we all get to suffer.

2) Destroying Men’s Self-Esteem

I already covered how, in accommodating women, the workplace has grown hostile to men: what I didn’t mention was the psychological effects this has.  Feminists like to joke about the fragility of male self-esteem the same way a Parisian harlot would joke about how the French Resistance Fighters are scared of the Nazis: with selfish cruelty, and utter obliviousness.

Men’s Self-Esteem is incredibly fragile – as well as utterly vital to civilization.  Take it away, and you don’t have a man anymore.  What you have is either an under-performing Gamma, eating Cheetos and playing World of Warcraft – or you have a violent misogynist, pursuing pleasure at the expense of those around him.

Appeasing female employees has forced a psychological neutering of men in the workplace.  Healthy masculine virility will get you fired, and the constant kowtowing to bosses who lack virtue destroys a man’s soul.  As Rand Paul recently said:

“This whole sort of war on women thing, I’m scratching my head because if there was a war on women, I think they won,”

“You know, I don’t see so much that women are downtrodden; I see women rising up and doing great things. And in fact, I worry about our young men sometimes because I think that women really are out-competing the men in our world.”

The Republicans fret, and the feminists giggle, over this male under-performance, but the reality is that our institutions are designed to create it.  Addict young boys to Ritalin, propagandize about the evil nature of men, then threaten to take away their livelihoods if they dare to question the Official Truth.  The results – layabouts and rapists – was a foregone conclusion.

This was the price of women’s entry into the workforce.  Was it worth it, ladies?

3) Destroying Male Incentives

One of the most idiotic things I ever read was some Feminist working for the UN, claiming that women in developing countries were more likely to spend their money on their children than men were; that men wasted their money on alcohol and sports cars, while the Responsible, Mature Women spent it on domesticity.  Ergo, we needed more make-work Female-only jobs in the developing world.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Self-sacrifice is encoded into a man’s DNA: we work and strive for the respect of our peers (Patriotism), and the love of a woman (Husband and Provider).  Laziness and welfare is antithetical to our nature.

Women, on the other hand, are programmed to accept these gifts that men want to give them.

It’s only in this degenerate modern age with our perverse incentive schemes that these instincts turn foul.  Men pursue flash and pzazz, wasting their money on foolish pursuits, because that’s the only way to attract women; meanwhile, the women accept free drinks, free rides, and (more often than you think) free cocaine, despite earning the same income as the men around them.

Their personal income is wasted on conspicuous consumption, $500 purses, and Sunday brunches, in a pointless attempt to out-compete other women, while doing nothing to attract men.

And it all boils down to their inflated incomes.

Women are naturally attracted to signs of success in a man, and money is a proxy for that success – and all success is relative.  This is neatly summed up in the Futurama Episode The Cryonic Woman:


Michelle: You know your problem, Fry? You’re not ambitious. You should be chief.

Fry: What do I need, ulcers?

Michelle: But I want power. I’m tired of the chief’s girlfriend lording it over me with her fancy coyote hide.

[They watch Butch’s girlfriend stroking the hide.]

Fry: Alright, alright. If it’ll make you happy, I’ll overthrow society.


It’s not a man’s income that matters – it’s his income relative to the baseline.

So what happens when men and women are pushed into the same employment opportunities?  The obvious: women’s sense of entitlement is inflated.  Instead of an average woman looking to meet an average guy, her income makes her think that she deserves an above average guy – and I know you ladies aren’t so good at math, but I trust you can figure out the problem with this.

Meanwhile, earning an income does nothing to improve a woman’s Marriage Market Value.  Us men value your intelligence, beauty, and compassion – not your bank account.  You ladies value strength, leadership, and accomplishment – which does translate into bank account.

Earning the same income as your male peers ruins them as dating prospects; it raises the baseline of your expectations.  And you ladies never noticed this because unsuccessful, undateable men are invisible to you – you really only notice the top ten percent.

I recommend the following as an exercise: look around your office, and at the men surrounding you.  Instead of asking “Whom would I consider dating here?” you should instead ask “Whom here is a decent, dateable guy?” I predict that a large number of men will suddenly become visible to you – and yet you still wouldn’t consider dating them yourself.

Don’t think men haven’t noticed this; the crisis Rand Paul was talking about is a direct consequence of these shifts.

In a healthy society, hard-work and playing-by-the-rules are rewarded; in our present society they aren’t.  For your average guy, working at your average job, the situation’s twice as stressful, and the reward is all but evaporated.  Their egos are shot, the women ignore them, and their only outlets are video games and porn.

And you wonder why guys are dropping out.


Women haven’t replaced men – they’ve supplanted them.  “Replace” would suggest that they’re now performing the same jobs, at the same capacity, that men used to perform, but they simply aren’t.  From the very start, massive incentives and accommodations needed to be put into place, and even with all of that, women still predominate in A) Paid-forms of homemaking (Daycare, Social Services) and B) easy, air-conditioned office jobs.  All of the hard-work that drives civilization – rough-necks, home construction, engineering – is still being performed by men.

As the only good Feminist Camille Paglia said, “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.” I would add to that – if we continue to hand our civilization over to women, we will soon be living in grass huts once more.

To sum all of this up in bullet-point form:

  • The professional women are playing at make-believe, pretending to be men: their existence requires extensive manipulations of the economy, as well as brainwashing about our psychology.  They are not an organic part of the economy, arising naturally out of the free market, but a forced make-work program, designed to cater to Feminist delusions of Equality.
  • Very few of the professional women are actually productive – they do not work in the industries which form the baseline of civilization, they predominantly work in ancillary, easy, and often unnecessary industries, which would crumble without government support.
  • The nature of the legislation which created these jobs, as well as the women’s presence itself, serves to undermine the masculine virtues which are necessary for the creation and maintenance of civilization.

Professional women are parasites – economically and socially.  Despite their claimed independence, they aren’t holding the bag at the end of the day: they know that society will bail them out of their bad choices, and that if they waste all of their money on purses, they can wheedle a free drink out of a chump at the bar.  They don’t take responsibility for their society, committing themselves to its long-term success, rather they use society to sate their hedonistic desires – for status, for cocktails, for Harley McBadboy, and for the free cocaine and the carousel.

They aren’t birthing the next generation, and even when they are, they’re doing it as either single mothers, or absentee workaholics, handing their babies over to third-world immigrants.  They behave like self-centred teenage girls, using men for ego-affirment, rather than respecting them as human beings, and forming a loving and honest bond.

They’re behaving like errant children, gorging themselves on candy – and the candy is making them sick.

Women are miserable in today’s world: they get everything they want, instead of what they need.  They’ve been absolved of all responsibility by society, and they thought this would free them from Natural Law – but it hasn’t.  You girls have been making choices that are bad for men, bad for children, bad for civilization, and – ultimately – bad for yourselves as well.

Put down the cake, my honey: it’s time to start eating your vegetables.


The first week of February is Traditional Sex Roles Week.  Support it with the hashtag #BackToTheKitchen.

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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31 Responses

  1. Xavi' says:

    Powerful piece of writing big brother, with so many short, quotable pieces. You may have to read this one on Youtube for a wider effect.

  2. Aurini says:

    You know what? That’s not a bad idea.

  3. Icarus says:

    “our different natures compliment one another brilliantly”

    Typo over there. Should be “complement” instead.

    Ed: Typo? I wish – stupid mistake more like.

  4. Glenfilthie says:

    I agree with you Aurini; it seems to me that no matter what concessions are made women will never be happy with them. I threw this concept at the wife the other night – and she disagrees. She figures women have ALWAYS been miserable, that society in just more lenient with them. Eg. – Alberta pioneers – the wife asks what kind of woman would want to go to some godforsaken patch of land, have fourteen kids and be chained to a farm?

    I really had no answer for her. It is depressing to think that women have always been the wretches they seem to be today.

  5. Sean says:

    Davis, I recently stumbled upon the Dark Enlightenment movement. Very heady stuff. It got me thinking about a lot of things. I’m not crazy about the movement’s “let’s sterilize people who move to the country” thing, but I do agree with the sentiment that democracy is stupid, and needs to be replaced. A couple guys have advocated enfranchised stratocracy ala Starship Trooper, while others have advocated neo-cameralism, government-as-corporation, which fascinates me to no end. How much do you know about the Dark Enlightenment? And would you consider yourself and the Manosphere to be a component of it?

  6. I’ve received quite a few hits from being on the blogroll over at “No Ma’am” in the past, so today I decided to peruse a couple of new articles whose titles caught my eye.

    Yours was by far the best – well thought-out, excellent grammar – I applaud both your writing skill and your general MGHOW stance.

    If you’d like to add my blog to your site (as I discuss MGTOW topics from time to time), or just pay me a visit and see how you like MY writing style, feel free. I’m at

    Also, I see that yours is a WP site as well, but there seems to be no “Follow” button either here or on your main page. Please tell me it’s invisible and I’m not just missing it with my ruttin’ old eyes… <_<

  7. Aurini says:

    That’s a problem with everybody, not just women.

    Earlier I was thinking about how being Good often means doing things that are neither exciting, nor enjoyable. It’s not always self-sacrifice in a bloody conflict – often enough, it’s sacrificing your time, and being willing to be bored. We’re constantly offered a million and one excuses not to be committed, or work hard.

    While I don’t want to speak for everybody, the Dark Enlightenment is primarily a philosophical movement, and its advocates are very much modern-day people – the only difference is that they reject modern political theory.

    To explain what I mean, I’ll often defend slavery in America, because our present-day view of it is as warped as a cartoon villain, but I still find the concept incredibly distasteful.

    I don’t think think anybody in it is advocating for violent intervention for the sake of eugenics (“soft” eugenics – such as only offering welfare after sterilization, with an allowance of one child to maintain genetic diversity – is another matter).

    Anacho Papist put up a good reading list of the Canon here:

    @Lu Bu
    Thanks! Your handle sounds familiar – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you in the comment sections, somewhere. Checking out your blog now.

    As for the follow… I really need to get onto that… give me a bit.

  8. salsa shark says:

    Very well put.

    On “2) Destroying Men’s Self-Esteem”

    The film Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) is supposed to paint a picture of a dead-end miserable working environment. The funny thing is, I would take Alec Baldwin berating me and breathing down my neck, as well as Kevin Spacey’s passive-aggressive snideness any day of the week over working with a bunch of women.

    Everyday I see working women heading to the borg cubes in the city. Facial expressions like Ayatollah Khomeini, prematurely aged, rapidly bloating bodies.

    Assuming one of the end goals of Frankfurt School or any other organization with an ill will towards the Anglo world was to disrupt the natural order of relations between men and women, they seem to have succeeded, because I, personally, have no idea how a man is supposed to wife up one of these orcs.

  9. Steve McBogart says:

    Incredible writing Aurini, I sort of wished you’d saved this for RoK to get more eyes on it. Are you publishing anything over there this week?

  10. Apollo says:

    Well done, this is the most compelling, well supported version of this argument I have read.

  11. Aurini says:

    Thanks! I think it’s a bit long for RoK.

    I have a couple of other pieces that are half-done for them right now, focusing on language use and grammar (and despite that description, they’re a lot more interesting than they sound).

  12. earl says:

    “Earlier I was thinking about how being Good often means doing things that are neither exciting, nor enjoyable. It’s not always self-sacrifice in a bloody conflict – often enough, it’s sacrificing your time, and being willing to be bored. We’re constantly offered a million and one excuses not to be committed, or work hard.”

    Since Futurama has been used once…I’ll use it again.

  13. Stingray says:

    They don’t take responsibility for their society, committing themselves to its long-term success, rather they use society to sate their hedonistic desires

    I don’t think most women are really capable of taking responsibility for their society. We’re just not built that way. Our solipsism hinders this is a very critical way. We see society as what it is and what we would like it to be, not how it actually works. It’s just like our cars and our phones. They work and that’s it. We don’t really care what makes it work as long as it does. However, we are more than capable of telling you what we don’t like about it.

    This is one of the reasons we have the capability of caring for a home. We can see what needs to be done to make a home come together for a family. It is all very much on the surface. The laundry basket is full and the dressers are empty. The kids are hungry and the floor has dirt on it, etc. We are good at these things. We are also very good as seeing what is going on with the people around us. The kids are starting to get sick or my husband looks like he’s had a terrible day. Well, this here is what I can do to make them all feel better.

    Sadly these tasks are seen to be at odds with our need for validation.

  14. Stingray says:

    Sorry, that first sentence above should have been in bold as it’s a quote from the article.

  15. benny says:

    This is all obvious enough, but the real question is why men put up with this shit?
    Why do they pander to these bitches, and let them pull this crap, instead of putting them in their place?
    I guess they think the pay off of cheap and easy slut sex is worth it, they might moan a bit about the side effects ie the complete feminisation and therefore disintegration of their society resulting in mass immigration and destruction of their civilisation but ultimately they’re sitting back and enjoying the decline, they have no shame.
    Lead or be led, you can’t beat nature, a matriarchy will always be replaced by a patriarchy, no matter how great your civilisation, if it’s allowed to becomes a matriarchy it’s doomed, it will be beaten by even the lowliest patriarchy, ie one composed of illiterate 3rd world peasants.
    Time is of the essence, if you are really serious about saving your civilisation, act now, you can whine MRA style if you like, and try to compete in victimhood with women, blacks and gays, but it won’t get you anyway, it just makes white men look like even bigger pussyholes.
    You’ve just got to reinstate the patriarchy, and the quickest way is via religion, yes I know you ill screw up your nose at this, but you haven’t got time to be all prissy about it, it’s too late for dithering,
    All the abrahamic faiths are patriarchal, so take your pick, although judaism is probably too difficult to convert to so not a very practical choice, Christianity is a little wishy washy but is still a million miles better than the moral vacuum of atheism , but I personally think that things have got so sick that very strong medicine indeed is needed, and it will have to be Islam, lashing sluts and homos 100 times will do the job nicely, yes it’s a shame it’s come to this (thanks degenerate boomers) but the time for talking is over, men don’t talk they take action, I want the return of kings not queens!

  16. An interesting blend of screaming truth and sweet admonitions that at least makes a nice salve and so a nifty pacifier. In a healthy civilization, one with men who regularly meet with men only to discuss the important issues, only the screaming truth would be of interest, and it wouldn’t have to shout. The Futurama dialogue was classic by virtue of the eternal truth it conveyed so rawly. Diligent and excellent find.

    “Home-making and society-building requires egalitarianism, means-oriented thinking, and an empathetic understanding of our neighbours.” I’m not sure, but maybe you want to edit that. Or maybe not.

    “The Feminist drive to get women into the workplace was fuelled by boredom, and the delusion that men were having “fun” when they went to work.” The first part I agree with for accuracy but not precision. Women have a reproductive instinct to socially climb relative to everyone else but The One. The men of WWII were shell shocked lackeys of the post-WWII economy. They were vested in government-dispensed glories, commoditized social proof to fit The Narrative of building the international governance. Their wives never had to measure up to the expectations of their emotionally withdrawn husbands, never had a sense of maxing out their social climbing potential or serving the mission of their respective husbands as authority figures, and with boredom they presumed they could do better as all restless women instinctively must.

    @Glenfilthie I’ll tell you what makes a woman happy, even in the middle of nowhere. Willing domestication to the best man she can get in her mind and who handles her well and has a sense of mission in her mind. The female survival instinct has been satiated by government policies, and the tingles never rest. Liberation wears women into emotional dust because the search is eternal. Men must use appropriate force on women for their own good. Women cast traits of men as traits of women and vice versa as it suit their expedience. The Mystique is masculine. Women can’t systemize, can think in neither absolute nor win-win terms. If they ever seem to, or seem to understand red-pill knowledge, it is an expedient, unreliable. Women are mimickers fitting the highest role they can find to the highest authority they can find. If they find it as singular and perennial, they become happy, they become ladies, they stay home.

    A derivative aside for anyone, RoK has inspired RoQ, but they just can’t truly get it, never will. What they do get is the masculine authority of RoK. I think that is an important tell suggesting a growing influence of the Manosphere.

  17. Simian Browse says:

    Great essay. Logical, concise and an easy read. I have it bookmarked and will make my sons read it when they come of age.

  18. Brennon Guilbeau says:

    Aurini,this is a very well written and enlightening article. You explain it well. Thanks.

    Brennon Guilbeau
    New Iberia, LA

  19. Warrior_Savant says:

    Fantastic post. Well thought out and expertly argued.

    The conclusion I keep coming back to Aurini; and let me know if you agree or disagree, is that men are inherently the cause of these problems.

    I think that the case has been conclusively been made here and elsewhere (i.e. Camille Paglia) that men have always and will always rule the world. We are the builders, the thinkers, the innovators. Any field of human endeavor worth a shit is dominated by men. There is the occasional female outlier but this is indeed a rarity. (E.g. the female engineer who builds a better bridge, the female doctor who develops a radical/effective way to treat disease, etc.)

    So knowing this, I see these problems that women create as side effects of men across 2-3 generations simply checking out. They don’t put up a fight when a women screams for equal employment & equal pay (whatever that means), these men as judges grant women frivorces in droves, these men as police kick in another man’s door once alimony becomes impossible to pay, these men as business owners force other men to take diversity/sensitivity training as a prerequisite for hiring.

    Meanwhile, the same women getting the new modern man to bend over backwards in supplication, is fantasizing about a 1960’s Don Draper. His chiseled good looks and cad like behavior on Mad Men is now TV lore. He drinks, he smokes, he womanizes, he exerts power over lesser beings and does so unashamedly. All “evil” traits so saith the feminist.

    This cognitive dissonance in women, in my opinion, tell us more than anything. They want the Don Draper man and want to be his female equivalent. The two pursuits are mutually exclusive though and yet despite this fact, women continue on this path despite the destruction being left in their wake. And men are letting it continue, regardless of the harm they’ve seen or experienced.

    I just want to know what you think it will take for men, all men, en masse to shake their collective heads and say, “No more. This folly has run its course ladies. It cannot continue if this we want to progress as a species.”

    My theory is and has been: economic collapse. If Uncle Sam fails as a husband/father/provider, women have no choice but to go back to the gold standard. Actual men.

    If you manage to see this comment, I’d be interested to hear your angle on a solution. I don’t see women taking up the task at self-reformation anymore than I see Washington DC having an epiphany “AHA! So WE were the problem all along! I get it now!!”.

    As it was once popularized on the sphere, slut-shaming/fatty shaming movement. A beta-shaming movement could be necessary.

  20. Bhruic says:


    Ed: That was a copy-paste, is it unethical to correct their grammar, or should I write [sic]? For the sake of my readers, I’ll simply correct it. Thanks for the notification – I always appreciate when somebody spends their time to improve my writing (even if, in this case, it wasn’t technically mine). Cheers, Bhruic.

  21. Bhruic says:

    Ah, I would have checked the source if I had seen that you had linked to it (any reason to why you didn’t underline that link like the others?). I’d say using [sic] is the best policy as it’s the most accurate and you aren’t in the business of making the CBC look better than they are.

  22. Aurini says:

    At present, the site makes links slightly darker than the rest of the text, which annoys me because they’re almost invisible; so I’ve been manually underlining them to make them more visible, but occasionally I miss a few.

    I need to go into the code and edit that portion myself, but doing so is frustrating.

  23. Your Worldview - Their Notions (they are out there) says:

    Your Worldview (overall);

    they are out there; the tone, the language –

    the premise; cliched contemporary political-pandering, presumptiousness in fully-comprehending the validity of traditional practices, presuming what happiness means to specific collectives, assumed understanding about (alleged) historical narratives, the applying of a proverbial “one size fits all” (self-version) of “freedom” to all others. An accusatory tone, and placing “western” and “capitalistic” etc. (allowed and placed) social-notions on, and in all countries/destinations.

    the (Comment Sections) in all pieces –

    (Open Comments) – (Responses) –

  24. saintluger says:

    women are children their entire lives and once you figure that out and how to address them then you’re life will be just fine.

    never give a woman anything. something given has no value.
    make her earn it.
    if not boot the loser.
    women are parasites off man.
    sperm is what becomes your brain and spinal cord… she’s just a host to grow in.
    beyond that, what have they done?
    didn’t give me life = my father did.

    please do not feed the whores.
    ya can fk n chuk ’em… that’s what whores are for.
    just protect yourself.
    men created the world and can survive on our own… women barely can… with 40 cats and no friends.

  25. Christopher Michael says:

    … Oh, it does get way worse… what if I proved to you a “Great Whore” council that has influenced in secret for ages pitting mankind against itself. Think, Illuminati… just parasite udderly disrespectful gestators with dreams of rule and ruin the world… and blame men. What THEN? See, they’re slick, like the snakes they are and none know what man knows when born. The Great Whore is a “modern woman’s” mentality and choice… they did it to themselves, not a man’s problem to fix what a baby breaks for attention… all they got to work with. Men and women ARE different… men are creators, women are destroyers, make sense yet? Expand your horizons! What they’re bitching about is that men will not fix them, why waste your time, they’ve made their choices, let them rot in them. The Great Whore mentality is: NO RESPECT – JUST EXPECT. Avoid those and they will breed themselves out of mental existence. Me? Going to New York and across the pond to r/e:educate some “bored” women who wanted attention and meddled in the affairs of men.

  26. bongstar420 says:

    Rich people are basiclly “women”

    If you want to solve the problem with “women” you must solve the problem with rich people. They are net extractors and that is the model women look up to-rich people.

    When rich people earn their way in life, so shall women.

  27. Insidious_Sid says:

    This is the ultimate essay on the female parasite, a favourite subject of mine, especially since having one surgically removed (with the surgical team being divorce lawyers, of course).

    MGTOW forever.
    Don’t feed the parasites.

  28. Mary Smith says:

    You make some points, but you are missing a critical point. NO ONE should have to be dependent on another person (or with them for that matter) for their day to day survival. A woman may not want your or any man’s company and she should have that choice. Who wants to be with someone who only appreciates them for their beauty (or what if a woman is not born beautiful–most are not–what are her choices). You even say yourself men are looking for beautiful, intelligent, kind women–putting beauty first–nice. Unfortunately, in your world, a woman has to find a man who will love her (for her looks) and take care of her while she cooks and cleans for him. If a woman has an intellect (many do–how surprising) how is cooking and cleaning a meaningful life for them. Maybe you should spend your life cooking and cleaning for someone else. I am a very hardworking woman in the workforce and I run circles around my male peers. Furthermore, how are teaching, nursing, finance not meaningful contributions to society. It is pretty clear that you wish to own and control women–and limit their power and choices–so that you can easily have a beautiful, intelligent, kind woman–instead of having to work for it. It sounds as though the competition is too tough for you or perhaps the problem is that you are attracted to only beautiful, shallow women–who do not recognize the value of a decent man or maybe recognize that you are not a nice man. Maybe you should take a look at YOUR choices before belittling and blaming women for theirs. You sound pretty shallow–and if you are one of my choices as a beautiful, intelligent, kind woman I am not interested. I am sorry you may have to get off your arse to make yourself worthy!

  29. >NO ONE should have to be dependent on another person

    That’s unrealistic. We all depend upon other people. Aside from the occasional hermit (and even he brought a bunch of technology with him to set up his cabin) we all depend upon the goodwill, and expertise of others… and even the hermit can’t reproduce without a woman. He’s going to depend upon his woman not to cuckold him or abandon him or murder his children.

    There’s an old song that goes “No man is an island.” No woman, either. The difference between a traditional woman and a modern woman is that the latter uses government force to steal resources from men, without offering anything in return.

    >Who wants to be with someone who only appreciates them for their beauty

    True beauty flows from inner grace and illuminates the physical form. If you meet a man who can only perceive boobs and butts, then leave him to his porn magazines; he’s a child.

    > If a woman has an intellect (many do–how surprising) how is cooking and cleaning a meaningful life for them.

    How is changing the oil on the car a meaningful life for a man? Once you know how to do it, there isn’t any thought, just dirty hands. Doing one’s taxes is equally mind numbing. Mary – that’s life. Sometimes you have to perform boring or arduous tasks to survive. Were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth or something? Most people understand this. Doing something boring and arduous to make your loved one’s life easier is one of the kindest things a person can do.

    > I am a very hardworking woman in the workforce and I run circles around my male peers.

    Then I trust you’re sick of these feminist girls who want to work 70% as hard as men, but earn the same income? Since you work harder than men I assume you make more money – you’d lose out even more than the average man here. If you’re earning less than the men around you, maybe you aren’t as hard working as you believe.

    >Furthermore, how are teaching, nursing, finance not meaningful contributions to society.

    Um, where did I say that they weren’t?

    > It is pretty clear that you wish to own and control women–and limit their power and choices

    Women can do whatever they want; just stop forcing me to subsidize it. Stop parasiting off the economy. If you want my money, then do something for me to earn it, instead of stealing it.

    Mary, you don’t deserve preferential treatment because you have an innie instead of an outie – here you are saying that you deserve special privilege, and I’m just jealous of your privilege. I’m not; it’s ruined you as a woman, and turned you into a nasty, selfish egoist. Why don’t you try providing value to the world, instead of making demands based off of the virtue of having (and being) a cunt?

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