Let God Sort It Out

Folks, let me tell you about my dream; it’s a fairly simple one.

A Knighthood from Her Majesty; the charge of leading the Fifth Crusade; and then to settle in a benighted land, to end my days attempting to heal the people and the earth, with the aid of a woman with long, dark hair, and almond eyes…

Ridiculous, ain’t it?  That is not the world in which we live.  As my old History professor, Dr. J.C. Weaver used to say, “Every Historian approaches History with their own contemporary bias.” And each of us – as agents within History – live within our own historical context.  Cycle and patterns, flavours and ages.  Virtue, Honour, Integrity?  These are eternal concepts – and as such, they only appear in myth.  In one sense, they are the truest distillation of our nature as God-formed beings upon this Earth, and ideals which we should all aspire to…

…and to put it another way, Roland was an illiterate Frenchman who got drunk on bee-piss, and shit his pants that one time.

The modes of virtue which are available in one age are different from those that are available in another – and far more poignantly, our remembrance of past virtue is, at best, a distortion from an intermediate age, with its own nature, and its own aesthetics.  If you haven’t read Orlando Furioso, then The Rains of Castamere will serve as a historically inaccurate but genuine example.

So what of this present age?

Decay surrounds us on all sides; subtle signs of it, here and there.  I live in the second-richest city in Canada, a right-wing city full of hard-working oil-patch people, and yet whenever I walk through the downtown core I see broken sidewalks, uneven paving jobs, and half torn-down structures.  I pay over a grand-a-month in rent, while only a block away from me is an abandoned building.  I hear a lot about this supposed “Kali Yuga“, and while I’m no Hindu Theologian, it certainly does seem to fit the past 30 years or so.

The worst part of all this?  Whenever we try to fight back, we only seem to make it worse.

Nihilism has become, in our time, so widespread and pervasive, has entered so thoroughly and so deeply into the minds and hearts of all men living today, that there is no longer any “front” on which it may be fought; and those who think they are fighting it are most often using its own weapons, which they in effect turn against themselves.
~Eugene Rose, NIHILISM : The Root of the Revolution  of the Modern Age

The Blue Pill, the Red Pill?  Both of them are parts of The Plan.  The Red Pill gives you superpowers, but only inside the Matrix, you’re still doing exactly what the Architect desires.  Allowed me to quote from that Poet who pretends to be a Mercenary:

Anything you do that doesn’t decrease the elite’s power or income is an approved activity. If your grassroots group is large enough, a corporation will throw you a bone during your change.org boycott against their product so you continue your thoughtless consumer behavior and the top executives can upgrade their yachts come summer time as planned. You may occasionally get heat from the cultural elite because of your opinions, but it’s not impossible to fight their soft power. Yes, I can fight the Huffington Post or Jezebel, but I can not fight the state, and neither can you. If you choose to go that route, and are scratching at their ankles, it will be over for you.
~RooshV, “We Are Nothing More Than Distracted Sheep In The Real Game Of Power”, April 7th, 2014

We live in an age where you cannot use the tools of violence without serving the enemy.  Every sword is a boomerang, turning back upon yourself.  You attempt to destroy your opponent – and you wind up hurting your friends.

What are we to do?


Let me ask you something else, instead: how would you run a Christian business?

The other day I went downstairs to buy a pack of cigarettes from the convenience store, and the owner was using the “tap-click” feature with my Debit Card on his new machine, while monitoring it with slitted eyes. He started asking me what I knew about Credit Card security, and it’s implications when it comes to this new “tap-click” feature, with-which our debit cards no longer require an input-pin.  Long story short, this is what guys like him have to deal with:

  1. If your credit card is stolen, the banks have insurance to cover the purchases; you won’t be held liable.
  2. Business owners have to pay for the privilege of using Debit Card machines, and agree to the Terms of Service.
  3. Part of the contract is that business owners have to follow all 853 rules all the time, no exceptions…
  4. My Korean friend failed to check the ID on a credit card purchase some months ago…
  5. Ergo, he was out a couple hundred bucks for the fraud committed by the Credit Card thief; and now Debit Cards are just as deadly.

Spare me the Libertarian justifications; the banks and automobile companies just got bailed out, to the tunes of millions of dollars, and the ongoing stimuluses (which I long ago stopped tracking) continue to go to the rich.  Not to mention, a representative of Microsoft recently told me that it was my fault that 8.1 broke my laptop’s touchpad, since it was my responsibility to inspect all the drivers before installing the update that their OS repeatedly “suggested” I install.

You don’t own; you only rent – and you always rent on twisted terms, dictated not negotiated.  And if you want to get right down to it, you rent on terms based upon usury – software usury, bank-card usury, tax usury – the foul scent is everywhere.  So, tell me, gentle reader – how do you run a Christian business?

The answer is you don’t!

Not too long ago, there was a big kerfuffle over World Vision allowing the homosex or something… during the period of my life where I’d been falsely accused of assault, and a 26 year old blonde threatened me with prison if I didn’t find “gainful employment” (entrepreneurship doesn’t count), I had the “opportunity” to work for that terrible organization…

If I need forgiveness, yanking on heart-strings to secure child-sponsors is in the top ten.

The door-to-door sales people for World Vision are 50% criminal, and 100% degenerate.  And they’re worried about the homosex?   Absurdity.  They long ago “outsourced” 90% of their business to non-Christians, and any display of Christian Ethics is merely a marketing gimmick.

The more “pure” something is, the more corrupt it inevitably turns out to be.  You simply cannot run a Christian business in this world.  To do so, you’d have to turn away half your custormers, and all your vendors.  You’d have to refuse to accept fiat currency, and then the feds would go Ruby Ridge on you.  There is no purity to be found in this world – to again quote from The Song of Ice and Fire, “Your honour ain’t worth shit!”

So what, then?  Shall we all start up Tumblr blogs,  do a line of coke, a hit of E, and a snort of poppers?  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?

Or – like the Korean business owners – or those African immigrants working at the “Crack Mac’s”, who have to deal with all the drunk natives – shall we choose to live by the words of the man who invented the modern Fantasy genre?

Actually, I am a Christian, and indeed a Roman Catholic, so I do not expect ‘history’ to be anything but a ‘long defeat’- though it contains some samples or glimpses of final victory.
J.R.R. Tolkien (quote unconfirmed)

H/T Sean


This system is utterly broken.  Refuse to participate?  You’re part of the problem.  Fight for what’s right?  You also become part of the problem.  Do what the cop says – you’re just encouraging them.  Fight the cops – you become the justification for new laws.  They got you coming and going, and there ain’t no escape.  Go Blue Pill, and you become an emaciated shell of a man, cuckolded by a bitter, childish-wife.  Go Red Pill, and get burned out on childish, bitter sluts.  The Red Pill gives you super-powers – but have you ever played a game with God Mode enabled?  It gets old, fast, particularly when there’s no cathartic value built into the game’s plot.

And trust me on this, brothers – there ain’t no cathartic value to this game’s plot.  As soon as you surpass the manipulative mechanics, there’s nothing left.

We are – all of us – degenerates.

We are all hypocrites.  We’re all scam-artists and tax avoiders, we’re all players and pick-up artists, we’re all paper-alphas and posturing Internet Super heroes.  In the age of Kali Yuga, everything is a terrible and tragic joke.  Righteousness is a marketing gimmick; decency is a persona.  Everything you do is just an attempt to get more click-bait.

This system is so broken, that only One power can fix it: only God can sort it all out.

So there you have it, folks; that’s the sliver lining.  This world’s so terrible that you can’t fix it – by definition only God can, so that’s reason enough to believe in a Higher Purpose right there.  If only God can sort it out, then God will sort it out… eventually.

[Feel free to replace the word “God” with Karma, the Force of History, Natural Law, or Economics…]

All we can do – all any of us can do – is to continue to follow our own paths to virtue, while doing our best to stay on the good side of the Lord.  Try to be on the right side of History.  Try not to piss Him off.  Try and be charitable to those who are deserving (Hubris always results in Nemesis, after all), and courageously violent against those who need a beating…

…but don’t believe in your own bullshit.

We’re all enmeshed in this idiotic embarrassment of a world; pretending you’re above it won’t actually make you above it.  It’ll only make you look like an ass.

Accept the limits to your power – how little, not just you, but how little any man can accomplish – and take joy in living the most virtuous life you possibly can.

A Holy War is needed – of that there is no doubt.  But a Holy War does not solve the problems which remain at home.  What good is a righteous victory, if you return to an abandoned homestead?  A homestead founded upon pretense and ego, not one of love and purpose?

Keep your fist primed, keep it ever ready to strike in beautiful anger – but remember that economic laws are God’s laws, and he will see fit to meet punishment when it is His time to do so.  In the meantime?  Try and stay on his good side.  Keep fit, keep reading, keep improving – and always keep your powder dry.

Don’t shy away from opportunities to learn about life.  Make mistakes – the worst mistake you can make is inaction.  Let go of your pride and ego; do something worthy of a story.  And always trust your gut; the Lord’s vengeance will arrive in due time – and in all likelihood, sooner than any of us would like.

In the mean time?  Live your own bloody life, and if apologies are needed?  Apologize to God, and nobody else.

The Garden of Earthly Delights

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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42 Responses

  1. JDAM says:

    We’re all just waiting for something to happen. Some collapse, some explosion, some Savior figure that will never compare to that of Christ, and so on. Just on our haunches, waiting… waiting…

    If the Kali Yuga really is spread across a period of four millennia then we’d better get used to it. Damn, that sucks.

  2. JDAM says:

    Correction: four *hundred millennia. Even subconsciously I tried fighting that number of zeroes.

  3. The faux virtue is an incredibly important type. Masculinity is dealing with shit and making flowers, or at least harboring that urge. However, the idea that “[‘]God[‘] will sort it out” is itself nihilistic. Free will is paradoxical, but we are still responsible and privileged to have natural agency.

    About once a lifetime in Western civilization ruled by Westerners, there is a crisis that is also opportunity to create the next order for a cycle. It must come because corruption haplessly calls for it. At that point, the matrix superhero powers will be available outside of any man-made order directly in the raw order of nature. There will be latitude. What will be possible will be more than most can conceive, just like with seducing women or people platonically. It will take unashamed masculinity to see the options, to ‘know’ the nature of the tree of liberty and thy masculine self. Too bad the masses will likely be in the way enough to prevent the best people from reaching critical mass with their values and ideas.

    Will it not be liberating to work at building a system to live by rather than to live by a system of work? I don’t see the cause for pessimism. The fact that the problem is the solution is cause for joy, covert joy, to be unleashed in the ‘faith’ of being a man, should lady luck give you that opportinity to choose a direction for history. Will you have approach anxiety and let her pass your beta ass, dear generic male reader?

  4. Correction: The faux virtue is an incredibly important TOPIC.

  5. Calgary Sean says:

    Holy crap, that was the post you had on your mind last week? Well done, sir.

    It would seem as though there are cracks in your atheism, though. I once had them, too.

  6. BB753 says:

    The main problem is that the military has been tamed by the Cathedral. You can’t fight with guns. You need tanks, planes, missiles, etc.You need the military for a real coup.
    But they’re such sheep!
    All we can do is wait and pray. All regimes come to an end eventually. We might not witness the coming regime in our lifetimes. We might not even like it if we did.
    I see no way out. Maybe turn to Russia for help?

  7. Goober says:

    I think that the real trick here is to just stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.

    Just do what YOU can. If it isn’t good enough, then either settle for less, or figure out how to do better.

    That isn’t to say “drop out.” It also isn’t to say that dropping out is not an option.

    Each person has to do what is best for them and theirs, and whatever they can to keep the other from forcing things on them that they don’t want.

    It isn’t perfect, but the reality, as shitty as it is, is this:

    That ain’t goin’ to change.

    At least not any time in the forseeable future.

    A collapse won’t fix it, because the same people that screwed things up befor ethe collapse will still be around.

    A revolution won’t fix it. i can count on one hand the number of times that revolutions have resulted in better conditions after than existed before, throughout history.

    Fact is, we need to just buckle down, embrace the suck, and enjoy the decline, while looking out for ourselves, and recognizing that as bad as we think we’ve got it, we’ve still got it pretty damned good, all things considered.

  8. Glenfilthie says:

    That bit about not opposing the state? Aurini, a bunch of ranchers in Nevada sent the gubbermint packing. I know Americans are a lot more uppity about their civil rights and freedoms than Canadians are – but that is what comes of having to fight for them. The state is advised (and well aware) that if they wake me up, and I have to get off my beloved couch in front of the TV – some asshole is going to pay in blood!

    It’s all fun and games until that first shot is fired – then, anything can happen. I feel good about the future; nobody is in charge now, everyone is out for himself, and the name of the game is to screw the country for everything it’s worth because that is what everyone else is doing. That needs to change – and it will when the fridge is empty, the banks are closed – and some bunghole in a uniform is demanding that I hand over my guns. He will get them too – ammo first!

  9. Kristophr says:

    It will get sorted out, one way or another. Buy a thousand ounces of silver and a year supply of food now while both are cheap. Get a roll of 20 ounce coins, and a bucket of freezedried each month. You can afford that.

    Arm yourself.

    And don’t hesitate to use the three “S”s when needed.

  10. Mark Yuray says:

    My dear Aurini, this post was spectacular. Such is the dilemma of the child of modernity.

  11. Paul B says:

    We tend to reduce arguments and opinions to their most elemental. My own contribution has always been to take a pragmatic view, blend with cautious optimism in how our behaviors will impact our lives, and, when in the dark, travel from candle to candle rather than planting ones’ feet. I’ve never, ever been disappointed by the impact of putting my head down and focusing on work rather than the view when conflicted. So much of what hurts us is self-generated, sometimes it’s best to just let deus ex machina happen as a background process rather than be dissected understood.

    My old captain, on prepping me to become an officer on his ship, on the voyage prior to my taking the exam, used to shut down the autopilot, radars, GPS, navigation computer, Gyrocompass repeater, fax, radios, satellite system- everything but the red light over the paper chart and the little peep light over the compass. “Just look out the fucking window and navigate, Paul. If you need to turn to avoid traffic, turn. Don’t worry about the other guy if he’s not in your way.”

  12. Bhruic says:

    “it’s implications”
    its implications

    “courageously violent against those who need a beating”
    Bob Wallace: “After all, what can you do with the evil except kill them?”
    For the past few years I’ve thought about abandoning civilized discourse and going down this route, disregarding the predictable consequences for myself and the common man. Justice is still justice.

  13. Hans P says:

    Heck Aurini, if I didn’t know better I would think you were on the verge of becoming a full-fledged Christian :)

    Cheers from the Saudi-Arabia of feminism

  14. Craig Himself says:

    You’re really getting down to the Real Business now, which is always the perfect time to remind someone of the fact that…

    There is just too much evidence that a certain person
    o said he was God
    o said that he could forgive sin
    o said that he could cleanse us of the sins committed both BY and AGAINST us
    o ACCURATELY predicted his own death and resurrection

    Whoever this person was (and is), his return to life after death proves that
    1: ALL of our Logical Conclusions are incomplete and insufficient.
    2: Whatever this person has to say carries a lot more Absolute Weight than anything we can come up with on our own.

    And we’re just going to have to live with that. Too fucking bad.

    Cry out to God, Davis, and He’ll hear you. Just like me, you need The Impossible, and only God has the keys to The Impossible.

  15. Barry says:

    Or try to take partial revenge by any means possible, strictly legally of course. Starting with insulting blog posts and working up to more annoying feedback methods. I tend to get a bit crazy sometimes.

  16. Sean says:

    I’ve been watching you, recently, Davis. You’re changing, and I think for the better.

    If we assume that every problem has a solution, and the problem that we face is so great that only a God could solve it, then there must be a God.

    Make the Obi-wan Kenobi reference on your own time.

  17. Walnut says:

    Wait for God to fix your problems, and he will do so on his own time – that is, eternally. Meanwhile, I’ll be taking my life into my own hands, thank you very much.

    I’ve grown disappointed in you with your last few blog posts, Aurini. You rant on and on about the supreme importance of this God, or “Absolute Virtue,” but you never actually bother to define what that actually is. And I’d certainly be worried for your soul if you were flirting with Christianity. Christianity, both its dogma and its ethics, are the primary cause of the demise of Western civilizations. Leftists are not destroying the ethos upon which our civilization has been based, but rather are fulfilling it and completing it. I know you know this. So why have you seemingly lost your mind?

  18. This is good, Aurini. Very, very good.

    Humans are by nature irrationally optimistic. For a Rogue’s Gallery of the Mind, take a look at wikipedia’s list of cognitive biases. Humans are not naturally rational.

    The ones that *are* often (as we especially know) might wish that they could unsee what they have seen:


    To the atheists I ask: have you forgotten the nukes? Runaway nanotech? Asteroids? Rogue AI? Superplagues? Antibiotics losing effectiveness? The barbarians within our own borders who are not just invading, but winning? Our modern-day Ragnarok, heat death? The granddaddy of them all, your own death? It really only takes one of these, remember.

    I’m not trying to rub anyone’s nose in this—well, maybe I am. Where exactly does human exceptionalism come from? The dinosaurs made it way longer than we have, and they weren’t screwing around with splitting atoms and coming up with such inventive ways to kill each other en masse.

    The only remotely credible support for a happy ending for all this came from a carpenter a few thousand years ago.

    Everyone can and should, of course, believe what they want. But I don’t know how anyone can keep the motivation to keep fighting without believing that backup will eventually come.

  19. Actually, this would be a good time to plug two specific videos by Millennial Woes, a reactionary who’s chosen videos as a format over blogging:


    His basic thesis (first two videos in the linked list) is that Western Civilization has had its memento mori, has no idea what to do, and is exhibiting the symptoms of advanced depression.

    And…I buy it.

  20. Aurini says:

    Millennial Woes is a cool dude – I haven’t been keeping up on his recent videos though, thanks for the link.

  21. Scott says:

    Great entry, Aurini. One of the soberest things I’ve read on these interwebs.

  22. Matt R says:

    Excellent piece. I must say that I’ve had a similar string of thoughts as I wander through this half-life. I too have heard the groans of this dying civilization, late at night when I walk home from work through the urban ghetto that has become my neighborhood. I have seen the failures of past generations lumped on the next. I have seen the folly of men and women seeking to confess in me their woes after days of drunken stupor and bad choices. I’ve-we’ve men of this generation, have had a lot bear, a lot to see, and not a whole lot to work or build with. In this shit neighborhood of mine, I am always looking over my shoulder, always aware of eyes, I can smell the decay of this civilization wafting from dumpsters outside supermarkets, I can hear a bullet slide into a chamber a mile away.

    ‘I know the truth. I no longer need. Take the bandages off my skin and let me out of the iron lung. Tell the burn ward I won’t be coming back for treatment. Tell the doctor in ICU I won’t be getting that amputation. I am healed. I am screaming. I am smiling like Buddha out of malice and clarity.’

    – Henry Rollins, Solipsist

  23. ‘Go Red Pill, and get burned out on childish, bitter sluts. The Red Pill gives you super-powers – but have you ever played a game with God Mode enabled? It gets old, fast, particularly when there’s no cathartic value built into the game’s plot.’

    Damn man this was one of your better ones.

  24. Leslie D. Soule says:

    Well put! It’s refreshing to see writers who speak freely about the problems of society & the world in general. This world is indeed broken. And, indeed, we cannot fix it. “Suffering is everywhere” says Buddhism. That being said:
    -Some 26-year-old blondie tried to threaten you with prison if you didn’t find employment? Fucking Borderlines. My ex-boyfriend tried to threaten police action on me for “assault” when I slapped him because of his repeated suicide threats. No one needs that shit.
    -Rent sounds as expensive in Canada as it is in the U.S. I’ve been told I’m lucky for paying nearly a grand a month, not for rent, but for my mortgage payment.
    -I agree with the basic sentiment of this post. What can any of us really do, but try and be good people?

    But I dream of being the thorn in the Empire’s side – of undermining the status quo-loving government from the inside out – of being the thing I write about as defying the “Crown” and all its hypocrisy – the black unicorn. We writers must all have our own helpful dreams. :)

  25. Mark says:

    Kali Yuga is still in its infancy.
    There’s much to be seen, more horrors to numb ourselves to.

  26. BLAZINOAH says:

    Beautifully written words to live by.

  27. Jonathan says:

    Aurini, I love your videos and what you’ve contributed. And I think it’s time you give a listen to Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough biological explanation of the human condition.

    When all seems dark, this brings so much light and makes sense of so much madness and bullshit in our world: http://www.worldtransformation.com
    It’s time we all start being honest about the demon inside.

  28. Steve Austin says:

    excellent. love how you bring it back to faith . vengeance is god’s job. ours is to be good

  29. Albion Myway says:

    The fifth crusade? 1213-1221?

  30. Albion Myway says:

    Stupendous if desolate article, by the way.

  31. Parajeet says:

    Hans P
    April 22, 2014 at 11:08

    Heck Aurini, if I didn’t know better I would think you were on the verge of becoming a full-fledged Christian :)

    Funny you read Christianity into this Hans, all I see is “Hare Krishna” with all the references to “homosex” (that’s what Prabhupada called gay men), Kali Yuga and Karma.

    Me thinks Aruni has been reading ISKCON books. True or false, Aruni?

  32. Bo says:

    What a beautiful existential piece. Live in the moment, what matters to you is everything around you, not the internet.

  33. Jones says:

    “The Red Pill gives you super-powers – but have you ever played a game with God Mode enabled?”

    Forget God Mode …

    Play with Snake Plissken Mode enabled instead.

  34. Anders says:

    I personally think it’s a bad idea to mix arguments with religion, it drives people away nowadays and changes the direction of the discussion a lot of times.

    Letting some higher power sort things out for you sounds like such a weak thing to do, maybe it’s not the best perspective.
    As virtuous men I think we have to always aim for greatness, even if that greatness doesn’t involve the whole world. It’s not that our power is limited, it’s just that we have to work little by little to accomplish something big.
    And we all know how much of a bitch life is, you solve a problem and another hundred sprout out. If you learn to be excited by the challenge you can get far. Maybe not change the world, but we don’t live alone, we change lives all around us even if we don’t intend to.
    I say try to die thinking the higher power is proud of your actions, even if that’s just your dad.

  35. Mitchell RH Hughes says:

    Great post.

  36. imnobody00 says:

    Great post. Thank you

  37. Joe says:

    In the mean time? Live your own bloody life, and if apologies are needed? Apologize to God, and nobody else.

    I’ve with you, Davis. I couldn’t agree more.

  38. FLEEVY says:

    [Feel free to replace the word “God” with Karma, the Force of History, Natural Law, or Economics…]

    …or Donald J. Trump.

  39. Jesper says:

    For a long time I refused to understand the religious talk about suffering and its benefits, but as of recently I’ve become more and more convinced that the West will have to go through a period of horrible suffering. It will teach, and it will hurt, but it will be a wake up call.

    Then there’s the other thing. PUA was a desperate call initially for men to reclaim their manhood. As children go the was much stumbling, falling and lots of it didn’t feel good. I’m kinda happy I never got to practice any of it due to me being married. But something is happening. A new guard is emerging with as disparate people as Hypnotica, Zan Perrion and Brian Begin. There is something else going on with these guys, and since it is relationships, one-on-one and about the still-taboo sex and pleasure … how can large companies co-opt that? I wonder if this could grow? Certainly, Davis, if you haven’t encountered the Ars Amorati & Zan Perrion, buy your countryman’s book. It is something else. A ray of light of sorts.

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