Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Pre-Sexual Fantasies of a Broken Boy


Listen up, White Man: J.J. Abrams hates you.  He relishes the thought of your extinction as he looks forward to a multi-culti matriarchy where instead of studying math and sciences, everyone sits around discussing their feelings.  As for you, Black Man, he doesn’t want your extinction – you get to prance about doing monkey shine, so long as you obey your white, feminist overlords.

Paying money to see his film is the equivalent of auto-castration.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens offends on both an artistic and moral grounds.  As a film, it’s nothing but a fanboy’s remake of A New Hope; shot for shot, scene for scene, it’s almost entirely lifted from George Lucas; it’s almost exactly the same function as the original, but it’s form is foul and ugly.

George Lucas was a brilliant, renegade Producer back in his day.  He was a terrible Director – an even worse writer – but when it came to Producing, he was a force to behold.  The original trilogy was something new, something that rebelled against the grain of mainstream Hollywood.  He stood on the shoulders of giants (the Buck Rogers serials and the John Carter of Mars stories, et cetera)  and built something new: the Special Effects Spectacle Film.  He did something nobody had done before – that nobody thought would succeed – and wound up changing Hollywood in the process.  These days every big movie is a Special Effects Spectacle.

That’s why Star Wars is remembered so fondly; not because the movies were particularly good in-and-of themselves, but because they were a new – despite being chock-full of the old.¹

This alone is sufficient reason to condemn Abrams’ film; it is the archetypal mainstream movie of today.  It is derivative, paint-by-numbers, fan-boyish, mass-produced, Disney pablum.  Where Episode 4 was unique and challenging, Episode 7 is derivative and copacetic.  It is the antithesis of what Star Wars represented.  It gets worse, however.

The underlying message of the movie is that men – and White men in particular – are useless, destructive, failures, who need to get out of the way so that society can finally progress.

First we have the character of Rey – aka Feminist Skywalker.  In the originals, Luke Skywalker was a callow youth (Episode 4), who grew into a hot-tempered fool (Episode 5), before eventually becoming a seasoned warrior (Episode 6), through the tutelage of his elders (Obi Wan and Yoda), and the supportive friendship of his peers (Han Solo and Wedge Antilles).  Feminist Skywalker, on the other hand, came out of the womb, already an expert on everything.  Despite growing up as an orphan with no finances or support structure, she taught herself to be an expert at motorcycling, scrapping old tech, surviving independently, and fixing starships (in one scene, Han Solo relies upon her to fix the Millenium Falcon when he can’t figure it out), then – when she finds out that she’s a Jedi – she immediately “levels up” to the point where she can fight Not Darth Vader, despite never having held a lightsaber before.

Next we have Han Solo.  In the originals he was a smuggler with a heart of gold.  On the surface just another ne’er-do-well, flying around in his rusty Space Camaro with his hairy friend, but as the movies progressed he rose above his roguish ways to become a responsible General within the rebellion.  For her part, Leia was charmed and aroused by the smuggler, but it was the General that she truly fell in love with.  Since then he’s regressed, and outright degenerated.  By the time Episode 7 rolls around, he’s a burned-up divorcee.  Leia took half of his stuff, and he’s started hanging out with his hairy friend again.  He’s gone from smuggling contraband to doing the sort of dirty, dangerous jobs that only ex-cons work, even getting people killed in the process.  Instead of aging gracefully, he dresses like a teenager, flies around in a ship that was a piece of junk even when he was young, and you can easily imagine him and Chewie making sexually-suggestive remarks to the sixteen year old girl working at the McDonalds drive through.

To make matters worse, his failures as a parent are what drove Not Darth Vader to become the Big Bad in the first place (spoiler warning: Han Solo and Leia are the parents of Not Darth Vader).

Next we have Luke Skywalker; the fat, burn-out, pervert, who ran away from the problems he created.  In the next film² it will be revealed that, not only is he the absentee father of Feminist Skywalker, but that he seduced her mother in such a way that it contributed to the primary conflict of these films.  He not only betrayed his Jedi training by sleeping with a woman (oh, those White men – they just can’t keep it in their pants)³, but he slept with a particular woman who was already spoken for, thus alienating an ally, or provoking an enemy.  The blame for this star war can be assigned entirely to his dick.

Finally we have Mace Dindu, the Black Stormtrooper (I tried to google the character name, but even the websites decrying all of the rassism still referred to him as the “Black Stormtrooper”).  As it turns out, he actually is a Stormtrooper,⁴ raised since birth to serve in the Empire’s Elite, who – upon his first brush of combat – deserted his unit as a “conscientious objector”.  Like most pacifists, he lacked any coherent philosophy behind his objection to violence (Mace Dindu doesn’t read books), and we’re left with the understanding that he’s simply a coward.  He runs away from every battle he’s in, plays the boob and the incompetent throughout, and towards the end the only reason he finally nuts up and fights Not Darth Vader is because he got the scent Feminist Skywalker’s White Pussy into his nose-

-and the first rule for being a Black Bull is that she makes the rules.  Grunt for her, monkey boy: the Cuck’s all Ego, and you’re nothing but Id.  The female Superego is your true master.

This entire film is metaphorical for affirmative action, both the direct and indirect forms.  Women in today’s society graduate High School endowed with physical beauty, they enter a work environment with pro-female hiring quotas, they enjoy financial subsidies for schooling, are less likely to be harassed by the legal system, and the culture at large believes them to be naturally virtuous, hard working, and intelligent – furthermore society is as primed with a cachet of excuses for any and all short falls.  Failed at school?  Broke the law?  Gave birth to a bastard?  Men are to blame!

Meanwhile the boys who were raised beside her have been deliberately held back.  Masculine behaviour was patholigized, and ritalin administered.  They are presumed rapists from birth, and feminist lectures were given.  They’ve been conspiring to hold women down because of their fragile, male egos, and while women’s-only spaces are an absolute must, masculine initiation and mentorship is exclusionary and evil.

The twisted reality fostered by such Hollywood films sickens me; movies are dreams, they reach deep inside of you, programming a new reality.  While most storytelling comes from a place of truth, informing one of virtue and courage, this particular film has been designed to teach you lies.

The reality is that civilization is a result of men’s labour – technological progress has come from men’s inventions – even social advancement has come from men of great wisdom.  The occasional female inventor or philosopher is thrown up to deny the truth of this, but even then you find that they are always – without exception – submissive towards masculinity.  Jane Austin called out the petty, prideful ways of polite society (and women in particular) because she longed for the true leadership and masculinity of her beau, who’d been lost at sea.  Madame Curie advanced science, because she so admired her husband the scientist and wanted to become like him.  Even Ayn Rand delineated her philosophy of Objectivism as an attempt to understand masculinity, and knew perfectly well that no woman should ever be president.

Feminists have never – and will never – accomplish anything of worth, because they reject the masculine principle; the women of the greatest accomplishments are those who’ve submitted to it.  J.J. Abrams preternatural fantasies about female superiors are nothing more than the symptoms of a boy whose development was arrested at an early stage.  He longs for the safety of mommy’s apron strings, the pre-sexual intimacy of suckling at a milky teat, and a warm nest to protect him from the rough games the boys outside are playing.  The masculine terrifies him so he denigrates father figures, while recreating the stories from his childhood.

Disney is the perfect home for him; a corporation that guarantees his safety, while monitoring and adjusting his behaviour whenever he steps out of line.

Women bleed on the birthing bed, while men bleed on the battlefield; that is the nature of the species Man.  The delusions of broken boys like Abrams can’t change that – they can only pervert it.  His world of gender-fluidity sells itself as freedom, but it is anything but; what he sells you is slavery, to your lusts, to your hungers, to your weaknesses, to the governments and to the corporations.  True freedom, true individuality, comes when men pursue a truth higher than themselves, and women pursue the masculine truth that is higher than the feminine.  These men and women are smiling, beautiful, confident, and strong because they obey a truth bigger than they are; those who follow whatever folly their hearts can conjure up are invariably ugly and wretched.  It isn’t culture that creates man and woman – it is man and woman who create culture.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a perfect summation of the sickness infesting our civilization, a sickness which can only be cured by individuals devoting themselves to a higher cause.  It’s time for all of us to find something worth living for, and to cast down the broken people who are held forth as idols.


1. I would argue that this warrants a re-evaluation of his prequel trilogy.  They’re utterly terrible, of course (I still haven’t seen the third one and I don’t plan to), but the concept of green-screening an entire movie has actually succeeded to some extent, and has been adapted effectively in many other noteworthy films.  As I said earlier, he’s a great Producer – it’s his writing and directing that are terrible.

2. This is all speculation on my part, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that I’m right; I predicted most of the scenes and events from this film, based solely off of watching one trailer, and being familiar with hack Hollywood storytelling.  Ask Matt Forney, I accurately predicted the exact scene where Feminist Skywalker was introduced; my only error was saying she arrived on a speeder bike, when in the film she left on a speeder bike.

3. The irony, of course, is that it’s women who are sexually loose with the most degenerate subset of men, and they are the ones who have chosen to raise a generation of maladjusted bastards, instead of being responsible with their reproduction, and demanding commitment out of the men they date.  One Harley McBadBoy + Ninety-Nine sluts = Ninety-Nine single moms.  It is women who have trouble keeping it in their pants, and yet we’re supposed to believe that men are the ones who think with their little-heads.

4. Dear nerds: I don’t care that he’s supposed to be a Boba Jango Fett clone.  That was a stupid idea in the first place.  If you recall, they also lowered the testosterone of the clone soldiers to make them more obedient; because as you all know, the Marine Corp wants more Pajama Boys…

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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50 Responses

  1. Obadyah says:

    Good review. As a Star Wars fan I’ve really been looking forward to a new movie but sadly, from all I hear, this one is not worthy of the franchise/mythology.

  2. jay says:

    ”Even Ayn Rand delineated her philosophy of Objectivism as an attempt to understand masculinity, and knew perfectly well that no woman should ever be president.”

    No female should be the head of state. Either as Monarch or President

  3. Davis M.J. Aurini says:

    Oh believe me, I know; my odium derives from how much I loved the originals growing up. For a brief moment, the trailer had me feel that old excitement. That John Williams score, the X-Wing…

    But then I reminded myself of what the Prequels taught me: that Star Wars is a once in a lifetime thing, and that you can never go home again. Instead of looking back, we should be looking forward. Star Wars will let you cosplay as a ten year old, but something like Interstellar (for me, at least; yours might be something different) will *actually* make you feel that child-like, innocent love that you thought was gone.

    Instead of bitterly reminiscing over Christmases past – let us instead put together a great Christmas for our own children.

  4. Davis M.J. Aurini says:

    @Jay; I respectfully disagree. Female monarchs, unlike presidents, understand that they’re holding onto the country for their son. This is why there have been a number of excellent female monarchs throughout history, and also why they’ve tended to defer to male counsellors when it comes to matters of war.

    Nothing is more important to a virtuous woman than her children, and widows can truly rise to the occasion when they’re needed.

  5. Tom Arrow says:

    Well, that was one interesting read. You obviously are intelligent and good with words, but I think that you are either overestimating your insights into JJs personality. Have you seen the Star Trek movie? The main character there is a white male and a rebel. Still, I like the boldness of voicing your ideas like this.

    Interesting idea about Luke as a ‘pervert’. Not sure I understand it, though. Why would he be her father? And if he is, how would this have contributed to the conflict? Are you saying he slept with his sister? The evil guy is the son of Han and Leia, so you would think that his motivations are important, rather than Rey’s. He is the true enigma in the whole movie; why does he do what he does? Han seems to love him and welcome him back – so why did he leave in the first place? He also looks like a fucking teenager; I had hoped for a more confident villain.

    As for why Leia loved Han, that is pure speculation. It is obvious that Han values his freedom. It is less obvious just what exactly happened between him and Leia. Anyway, what man is eager to commit?

  6. anon2015 says:

    For all his technical skill Abrams might as well be a skeevy turk managing a third rate sausage factory. Just the world we live in I suppose.

  7. Davis M.J. Aurini says:

    @Tom Good points; I’m taking a page from The Last Psychiatrist who interprets movies as psychological catharsis for the writer/audience (and I fully endorse that approach; my novel says a *lot* about me, as well as the men around here who’ve enjoyed it; that we’re trying to learn to be men without fathers, that we want to be good but are suspicious of all organizations, and that we see the world crumbling around us – probably some less complementary things, as well).

    As to your questions:

    1. Star Trek (2009)

    This movie perfectly backs my analysis. First, we have the redesign of Uhura. Originally, she was a secretary, who liked flirting with the nerdy Spock to make him uncomfortable; his natural love interest was Nurse Chapel, a similarly reserved sort of personality who lusted after him. He replaced this organic and realistic character with Alpha Female Uhura, who was the sexually dominant one in the relationship.

    Next, we have Kirk as a Paper Alpha. Partly this is to feed the narcissism of the audiences, millenials who expect everything to be handed to him; but it’s also evidence of his contempt for heroism. He doesn’t believe that men can be true leaders – educated, energetic, and inspirational – instead he believes in the “Frat Bro” Paper Alpha, who’s only cool because he was born into money, and who acts like an irresponsible douche, and has leadership handed over to him because it’s daddy’s company.

    Note that the movie stars with a childish bar fight between Kirk and the fat man, and when Kirk gets (inexplicably) promoted he rubs it in the face of the same fat man, who is now his subordinate.

    2. Luke’s her Father

    This was heavily hinted at in her “Cave on Dagobah” scene; it also explains why Luke ran away, and continues his theme of hating absentee fathers.

    3. Not Darth Vader’s motivations

    He’s the typical child of a single mother – a bastard. He lashes out emotionally like an out-of-control teenager with no discipline, and kills his father as if it’s a Doors song. His motivation is the same as every criminal baby ever raised without a father.

    (Don’t take offense at this, incidentally; one of my favourite scifi/fantasy characters was Rorschach, also the product of a single mother).

    4. Han & Leia’s divorce

    Abrams – if he were a real man – would have showed Han and Leia as an elderly couple, still deeply in love, full of dignity and grace as opposed to their earlier vim and chemistry. Instead he chose to show us another couple that was too selfish to stick together, to make things work, who were each so eager to pursue their own selfish pleasures, that they’re no better than they were as teenagers.

    This has been the story of the West of the past forty years, and Abrams is helping normalize it here. He isn’t condemning it (as he should be), because he can’t imagine things being different. He probably suspects that loving, older couples are nothing but phonies, trying to make him jealous by pretending to have a relationship he is incapable of having himself.

    The specifics don’t matter; what matters is the mainstream narrative of “Husbands are abusive!” It’s always the man’s fault, he’s the one who abandoned his family, even though women initiate 70% of divorces, and another 15% are likely just the husband initiating because she wants it.

    Remember: Leia still has a professional, useful position in society (Career woman! Girl Power!) while Han has becoming nothing but a scam artist loser, the dregs of society.

    As for commitment, well – we are the truly romantic sex. We’re too eager to commit, despite the statistics, and the hostile legal environment. Women are the true pragmatists.

  8. Jim Jesus says:

    You talk about cucking a lot. Given your previous statements about your sexual history, is cuckold an unmet fantasy for you?

  9. Tom Arrow says:

    Damn, David, that is a good response. Honest and reasonable. I admit that I did not expect you to back your ideas up as well, so my respect to you. I was not aware that you were a man without a father as well. May explain why you were susceptible to the Borderline bitch (saw your video on Youtube).

    It is truly amazing how much that which we write tells about ourselves, whether we are aware of it or not. Back when I used to write songs and poems more frequently, I thought I was simply smart and in control of the thoughts I was expressing. But obviously, those ‘controlled’ thoughts were simply what resonated with my brain at the time. It is a bit hard for me to accept being so predictable. Also a reason why I do not like psychology; I guess my subconscious was always afraid to be discovered before I was ready for it. On the other hand, it is a great thing to realize that everything you do makes sense and is not just some random output.

    1. Good point about the paper Alpha. I did buy into it. Then again, I was actually surpised as to why he would want to be part of it all. All that talk about higher purpose than one’s self never really made sense to me.

    2. Interesting. You mean that ‘The force is in you too’ bit, right? And now that I think of it, she did see a replacement dad in Han.

    3. Yes, true, he is quite uncontrolled. I found it enormously silly. But my point is: When Han and Leia talk, I think that it is revealed that the only parted after their son’s departure, which would imply that they were indeed a loving couple before he went away. So that speaks against your theory of a single mother; before he left, Han and Leia seem to have been together.

    No offense taken, I stand by what I am. Incidentally, may I ask what convinced you that being criminal is not the right way to go? Did you arrive at that conclusion to appease father figures or out of real honest evaluation of your subconscious convictions otherwise? I find that in the beginning here in the manosphere, I used to just suck up all the typical patriarchy doctrine. But the more I am honest with myself, the more I reject most of it, too. Not femininity and masculinity, god beware, but the whole reverence of civilization and god and greatness and morals and authority.

    4. Interesting enough. But again, how do you know that those elderly couples are not indeed fake? You are still younger and all you can do is more or less blindly believe what the older men tell you.

    As for it being the story of the West, may I suggest to expand on your concept of catharsis through expression and extend it into a catharsis through filtered interpretation? Is the West really that bad all in all or do you merely see it through the lens of your own life, overemphasizing points that may not be big problems for everybody else? As for myself, as I am resolving my issues, I find that as I change myself, the world and the people around me seem to be changing as well. Suddenly I do not see my own past insecurities and all that stuff in everybody. I just see people who do more or less well.

    As for the men being abusive, I absolutely agree. I have this theory, David, why some men seem to have such trouble dealing with female shaming. I think it goes back to a time in life where especially men without fathers like us lived with our single mothers and our mothers were still physically more powerful than we were. In our subconscious, this has manifested as a conditioned fear that rationally makes no sense. Thus we may think we are afraid of shame while in reality, our bodies are afraid of real physical retribution.

    As for commitment, I tend to disagree. My own eagerness to commit was due to a still unresolved attachment to my mother. The more I get to deal with that, the less I actually care about women and the more I just want to fuck them all.

    By the way, I think your comment subscription does not work. Got no email.

  10. Fakta says:

    Sooner, starwars will be abandoned by men and boy. This feminist movie make me sick!!!!

  11. Looks like I won’t be seeing this movie. I can’t imagine it’s worse than Episode 1, which everyone seems to agree was the worst of the series.

  12. Your says:

    The only thing I dislike more than girl power is fagotry. And this reviewer needs to just go suck a dick somewhere and stop begging for it through “reviews.” I think any other real men who read this review will be disgusted at this pillow biter.

  13. Cap285 says:

    That. Was. Great!

    Finally. Finally, someone with the courage to call it like it is.

    I salute you.

  14. This is an excellent review. A strong independent woman and a black guy playing the lead roles of a movie?! What kind of crazy world do we live in?
    It’s 2015 people.

    Thank you for this David, but I really miss those skulls.

  15. Davis M.J. Aurini says:

    Mentioning the current year is not an argument. “Strong independent women” are an utter joke; in real life they need government welfare to perform 70% as well as men, and in fiction they’re utterly unrealistic.

  16. John lord says:

    You make a very good point about the sort of ” relationship ” white feminists desire to have with male minorities. They aspire to “tame” the “bad boy” and harness his brutality to project it outwards, all the while, never imagining that this strategy will backfire, and he will assert his will over her in a most brutal fashion.

  17. Joshua Raymer says:

    So basically you’re upset because a girl was the main character?
    Jesus christ get over yourself, I’d pick a girl over Generic White Male #9923

  18. InscrutableTed says:

    I bet $50 that Aurini eventually comes out as a transgender woman.

    The guy’s clearly got an obsession with gender and tries to act super-manly while insisting masculinity is superior.

    It’s like how the most obsessive homophobes are always gay.

  19. Parajeet says:

    1. George Lucas is married to a black woman
    2. ” a multi-culti matriarchy where instead of studying math and sciences, everyone sits around discussing their feelings”… that’s what white parents want for their kids as they complain about the lack of recess, the “war on boys” and poor little johnny having to actual sit still and read. We “multi-cultural” East Asian-Americans, South Asian Americans, Arab Americans and Nigerian Americans on the other hand do not want the American school system to be dumbed down and non-competitive. We and/or our parents or grandparents are here to get a highly competitive education, not to learn basket weaving or play sports.
    3. It seems the Manosphere doesn’t understand how the marked works. From “We Hunted The Mammoth” commentariat;

    “I don’t disagree that the success of the film is mostly due to a preexisting fan base + marketing and I don’t think anyone is claiming that its success is all due to Boyega and Ridley. But of course, the goalposts are shifting. They argued previously that audiences only want to see white male stars. If non white male stars/characters are objectionable, shouldn’t that have at least put a dent in the box office?”

    “This is one of the most puzzling things about manospherians that I’ve come across. I know they’re willing to declare that night is day and black is white if it makes ideological sense, but do they not believe in something as basic as the profit motive? Do they not understand capitalism?

    Under the friendly green skies of the alternate universe Aurini and company inhabit, Mad Max Fury Road was a failure, this will be a flop, and niche FPS video games outsell Candy Crush.

    And yet they accuse others of thinking with their feelings. How very rational of them.”

  20. Parajeet says:

    “. It seems the Manosphere doesn’t understand how the marked works.”

    The market. How the MARKET works.

  21. Mono says:

    Wow, a good idea. You should write more often about math and science. Once a week would be wonderful. I would love to read that. I hope you will start soon.

  22. Parajeet says:

    Star Wars based on my culture’s epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

    Jai Hind!

    The Jedi in the Lotus

    “You should write more often about math and science”

    My ancestors invented both so I agree.

  23. DaveElectric says:

    Yikes. My two young brother-in laws wants to see this movie with me 2 days from now, but I just know it is going to suck. What should I do? Should 7 year olds learn the truth about what I think of this abomination?

  24. Graydon says:

    Clap, clap, clap. Wow nice pretentious asshole stupidity. By the way copacetic means excellent, fine or completely satisfactory. If you’re going to pretend to know what you’re taking about and want to sound intelligent, try knowing what words actually mean when you use them. Honestly, it’s adorable, id say try again but I doubt you could do better than whatever this was.

  25. WarCorpse667 says:

    Throwing a tantrum on your blog because a movie hurt your feelings? How Alpha of you.

  26. jj says:

    this was truly an awful movie, but this review is fucking lolz. talk about grasping at straws. grow some balls boys.

  27. N8 says:

    Weren’t you supposed to have your own version of the Sarkeesian Effect done a long time ago?

  28. I Dox Cux says:

    Christ Davis, you are one pseudo-intellectual degenerate cuck. Did it ever occur to you that the original villains AND heroes of Star Wars were largely white and that the quintessential Star Wars villain was voiced by a black man? Spoiler alert: Star Wars is shit tier Flash Gordon fanfiction and has about as much cultural commentary as a damp mop. If you want to rage about cultural marxism and all that gaywad shit, go cry about Star TREK, not WARS. At least an argument can be made for Trek that the franchise bends over backwards to be as unrealistically inclusive as humanly possible solely for inclusion’s sake.

    This paranoid bullshit (seeing white genocide EVERYWHERE) is why people laugh at the alt right and we’ll never effect any sort of change. Bitch you just typed more words about Star Wars than the Wikipedia article about several presidents and religions. Just TL;DR, pseudointellectual psychobabble word salad.

    Stop being a faggot.

  29. HardlyFatal says:

    Never fails to amuse me how apeshit white dudes go on those rare occasions when non-white or non-dude people get to do something. Not all white men are like this, of course, but those who are are the most selfish, unempathetic, emotionally-stunted twats on the planet, never able to share experience or success with anyone. [ED: Success cannot be shared only earned; you need to uplift yourself, we’ve done as much as we can to help you.] They must have it ALL or they will revile those who have “usurped” them. It’s a shame that the decent ones get tarred by the same ignoble brush. [Ed: The economy is not a zero sum game; we didn’t take anything from you, we manufactured our own success. This is why you continue to fail.]

    The first 6 movies of this fandom were exclusively a Caucasian sausage-fest, but is that enough for them? Nope! EVERYTHING has to be about them or they have tantrums. They’re as self-aware as your average toddler, but not as mature.

    If this idiotic behavior is indicative of their delusions espousing the “superiority” of men and/or whites (LOLZ), [ED: you’ve been tacitly admitting that we have a superior world than your own; you’re mistaken in thinking that you can take it from us, you’ll merely kill the goose that lays the golden egg.] and if the white race is, as they think, in danger of dying out due to miscegenation and we’re headed for a gynocracy, well, all I can say is that I for one welcome our black female overlords (overladies?). Because these dopes and their ilk deserve to go extinct. [ED: You can have them right now, just move to Detroit or Liberia; that’s what the world will look like if White men disappear.]

  30. Whatever says:

    I thought J. J. Abrams was just the director, but whatever.

  31. lol says:

    “The underlying message of the movie is that men – and White men in particular – are useless, destructive, failures, who need to get out of the way so that society can finally progress.”

    So then why did they spend the entire movie looking for Luke Skywalker?

  32. EmmaGreene says:

    @Davis M.J. Aurini … “This movie perfectly backs my analysis. First, we have the redesign of Uhura. Originally, she was a secretary, who liked flirting with the nerdy Spock to make him uncomfortable; his natural love interest was Nurse Chapel, a similarly reserved sort of personality who lusted after him. He replaced this organic and realistic character with Alpha Female Uhura, who was the sexually dominant one in the relationship.”

    Wow, you almost had me. You know, a modest Google search would have informed you that Gene Roddenberry had intended to make Spock and Uhura a couple, but the stringent Television Censors at the time wouldn’t allow it because she was black. Abrams simply honored Roddenberry’s original vision as the world is now a different place and no one bats an eye or gets the vapors at seeing an interracial couple kiss. So you see, Nurse Chapel was ‘never’ intended to be Spock ‘natural love interest,’ and Uhura flirted with Spock in the original series because that is all the Censors would allow her to do. The only problem with Abrams having Spock and Uhura in a loving, committed relationship in the 2009 “Star Trek” reboot is that Uhura has more chemistry with Kirk than Spock.

    I take issue with you demoting Uhura’s role in the original series down to a mere ‘secretary’ when she was one of Captain Kirk’s senior officers. Nyota Uhura was, and still is, a Communications Officer–a Starfleet Lieutenant who graduated from the same Academy as James T. Kirk, Sulu, Scotty and every other Officer on the Enterprise, including Spock. She ‘earned’ her place on the Enterprise Bridge.

  33. CK says:

    I can’t decide if this article is sarcastic, or if you just really need to do something with your life.
    I wasn’t going to go see this, but you made it sound pretty good.

  34. /k/ommando says:

    Finally a non-cucked review of SJW. I mean SW. 10/10

  35. Yankee Sean says:

    Ooookaaayy. Davis, I like some of your stuff, but maybe you need to put down the scotch and go outside.

    A New Hope was not genius or original. It was a Flash Gordon serial with the serial numbers filed off, written with a Joseph Campbell-inspired paint-by-numbers script. I realize it was something new and exciting, but original it ain’t. I can understand a movie being uninspiring on a personal level, but refrain from saying “I twas cooler back in my day” and trying to bullshit why it’s so when the facts speak otherwise.

    Rey was clearly left on Jakku in the “care” of Unkar Plutt. He runs that outpost, so he probably put her to work. Besides, she was there for fifteen years. Plenty of time to learn how to do stuff, like cook MREs, or pilot a speeder, and scavenge for parts. It would be less realistic if she was incapable of as for the piloting the Falcon? Maybe she’s had time to hang around on it and has familiarized herself with it? And as for the piloting bit? In the chase scene with the TIE Fighters, she repeatedly scrapes the Falcon against the ground or on bits of ship. And as for her being the lead… I’m sorry that the idea that Force ability is not passed exclusively via the Y-chromosome upsets you.

    On Luke… maybe you watched a different version than the one I watched, but the dialogue made it pretty clear to me that somebody BESIDES Luke (maybe the mother?) left Rey on Jakku. The thing is, you’re acting like you know everything that’s going on there when we are only 1/3rd of the way through a 3-part story. Maybe he was ignorant that he had a daughter? Maybe he thought she was dead? Point is, we are not privy to the full story- but of course, you know better, right?

    On Han and Leia: their pre-teen/teenaged son joined the remnants of the same tyrannical regime they fought and on several occasions nearly died fighting, and started it off by slaughtering a bunch of his peers. If you think that it would’ve been impossible that their relationship could have been fractured by that, you must know some incredibly lucky people. Or possibly not spent time around ordinary people.

    On Finn: wow. You seem to take this guy’s existence as a personal affront. He didn’t execute disarmed opponents? What a tragedy, his application to ISIS, the Imperial Japanese Army, and the Einsatsgruppen will all be rejected. He runs away from fights? What do you call those duels of his, other than “running away in the direction of his enemies”? Finn clearly has no compunction about killing people, he does it multiple times throughout the film.

    And why, when a female white character and a male black character form a bond in a high-stress situation (how dare they decide to rely on each other in the face of people trying to kill both of them!), a bond that appears completely platonic at this stage, does your mind immediately jump to them having sex? Do you have a interracial sex kink that you are very loudly trying to pretend you don’t have because your white nationalist friends will stop liking you if they find out? Does the thought of watching your girlfriend have sex with a black guy who’s better endowed turn you on? The guy who wrote the Malleus Malificarum was formally censored by the Church after he confessed that all those naughty, licentious witches and supernaturally seductive succubi was really just him having a demon kink, feeling guilty about it, and then writing about it in a “negative” light to make himself feel better.

  36. Davis M.J. Aurini would rather watch manly man things like greco roman wrestling but he is satisfied after three minutes.

    The criticism I would make about it is Handsome Generic White male 3425 was unnecessary, the lass and the black dude had it covered.

  37. Bill Brasky says:

    Well Davis, this one really got some mommas boys to put down their Action Girl figurines long enough to menstruate out a defense of their kike mind programmers, didnt it?

    This was just a more honest version of Greg Johnson’s take…I will never watch this particular demoralization porn myself, but from the flak, it sounds like you must have been over the target…

  38. Axel says:

    Has it ever occured to you, that if you are right and we are on the brink of feminist-overlady world your statement: “One Harley McBadBoy + Ninety-Nine sluts = Ninety-Nine single moms.” doesn’t make much sense? If the first were true the equation would be: One ToyBoy + Ninety-Nine Herlay McBadGirl = One Ninety-Niner Dad. If the second were true what would be an appropriate sign of “I’ll be a perfect Dad, please let us make babies”? So that I can understand, how the 99 girls should have judged that it’s not Lucky PerfectFamilyDad but instead Harley McBadBoy?
    Also, I suppose Harley McBadBoy, as uneducated as he might be, should be perfectly aware, that he has 99 children. You say it’s the womens’ fault he is not with them any more (you called him McBADBoy! and said, quote “being responsible with their reproduction, and demanding commitment out of the men they date”)? It’s more likely it’s his “I go f*** this slut and be off!”-Attitude. And, supposing, patriarchy is right, why do only women need to be “responsible with their reproduction”? And how do you propose women shall “demand commitment” from this, let’s call him, misunderstanding alpha-male?
    So I suppose the real problem is Harley McBadBoy (AND of course Herlay McBadGirl!”) faking to be an alpha-male/feminist overlord, so he/she tricks women/men into believing they could demand, but actually could not. And it’s neither the Sluts, nor the ToyBoys fault (and I doesn’t mean this offensive!). It’s generally never and will never be the victims fault, being the victim, be it one of harsh aggression, just dominance or simple manipulation. Or at least this is true for 99,99%, there are victims loving to play the victim-role, and I’m not talking about victims of serious crimes!
    It totally doesn’t matter who thinks with what, as long as they do think, I suppose. If I may ask a last question, and this one will probably sound a little offensive, so I apologize beforehand: what is keeping you from studying math and science inventing the next big thing instead of sitting around on youtube discussing your feelings? At least you say it’s what cool white alpha men do.
    Regards, Axel
    PS: Yes, Star Wars VII is a ripoff from episode IV, and there are a few flaws (Yes, I point at you Not-Darth! And at you Not-Adolf! And at you Not-Death-Star! … :-)), but aside from that it’s quite entertaining. And IMHO JJ did a pretty much better Job with Star Wars, than he did with Star Trek.

    Ed: You’re writing assumes that the sexes are equivalent; they aren’t. They’re chiral. When they work together, they work great, when they’re out of sync, they break in different ways. Read this:

    Furthermore, the fact that you describe my YouTube channel as a “discussion of feelings” show how deeply you’ve fallen into effeminacy. Philosophy and logic are not feelings. As for my personal reasons for choosing the path I have chosen, they’re irrelevant to the discussion at hand; you’re not asking out of true curiosity, but for the sake of adding an ad hominem attack, IE: “You’re only making this argument because you’re not rich/successful/happy.” Such solipsism has no place in adult conversations.

  39. Axel says:

    Interesting, thanks for the answer. To clarify some things: I don’t think sexes are equivalent. But I oppose the idea, that they are chiral. My belief is they differ a lot in regards of biology (and therefore probably thinking in certain ways, aka sexism) and behaviour, and I think this is perfectly fine (and doesn’t mean one sex is superior to the other). But they are equal in regards to their rights and responsibilities. Every being is (no I’m not vegetarian ;-), yeah, I know I’m a little bit contradicting).
    Actually I think you are wrong, about the effeminacy. I don’t want to deny I might have fallen for/into it, but the reason I describe your channel as “discussion of feelings” is not that I’ve fallen. Second I did not want to make an ad hominem attack. I don’t know your personal situation, so I actually can’t make an ah-attack. In fact I believe you are to some amount rich (looks like it), I don’t know if you are successful(but I suppose your channel shows, that one could say you are), and I believe you are so absolutly perfectly happy that it’s beyond belief ;-) (looks like it).
    But I wanted to, lets say, ‘tickle’ your doubt and your pride (the first don’t seem to be there at all, the latter pretty much dominating). As a philosopher (that I suppose you see yourself) I believe doubt must have a strong position in your mind, and from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to. And, to be honest, that you don’t like the new trailer for Ghostbusters seems to me being a feeling. Well, you are not discussing it, I give you that. Concerning solipsism, we seem to have a very differing impression of it, because as I understand solipsism it contradicts ah-arguments.
    Back to topic. For the last question, about your personal situation I explained above, and it was on this behalf more of a rhetorical question. The main question I’m rising, I’m not asking out of curiosity, I’m asking out of opposition. Opposition to your third argument in the last four-arguments list. I could oppose a lot in the text, including what this argument actually has to do with the Star Wars Movie, but this would go too far. The Opposition is strongly based on your description of “female dominance”, or the threat of it, but what you are describing in this third point, is exactly the opposite. Females are “sexually loose”, “have chosen to raise a generation of maladjusted bastards”, are not “responsible with their reproduction”, do not “demand commitment”, “have trouble keeping it in their pants” condensing to the equation “One Harley McBadBoy + Ninety-Nine sluts = Ninety-Nine single moms.” … I do not see “multi-culti matriarchy” and “white, feminist overlords” in this. And if we suppose the equation is correct I wanted to know a guideline how women would be able to separate “Lucky PerfectFamilyDad” from “Harley McBadBoy”.
    Again, this post got longer, as I intended. Sad, that we cannot meet in person over a beer and a cigarette streaming the discussion to youtube, would probably be one hell of a show :-).
    Regards, Axel

  40. @Axel, read more of the classics. Marcus Aurelius, St Augustine, the Bible; or even some of the more modern stuff, Schopenhauer, or H.L. Mencken.

    If I seem to lack doubt, it’s because I try and only state things that I am quite sure about. I am humble enough to state God’s truth, even if a multitude decry me for it.

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