Am I Being No-Platformed by YouTube and Google?

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About ten minutes ago I discovered that I no longer have the ability to upload YouTube videos longer than 15 minutes.  This could be from the immediate copyright claim made against my review of 1993’s Tombstone that I just uploaded (creepy how they manage to pull that off automatically), but there was no indication of that.  The only notification I received was that the video itself was being pulled for review; I’m inclined to believe this was an additional punishment laid on my account some time in the past week, due to the false-flag and hacking attempt I dealt with back in March.  At this point, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve got some enemies working at the information giant, and they’re going out of their way to No-Platform my YouTube channel, and undermine my SEO, on there and in regards to my blog.

Bold claim?  Certainly; but I think it bears up.  Let’s recap what happened in March.

During the night of March 9th and March 10th, roughly two months ago, somebody flagged at least 9 of my videos, which somehow resulted in two sanctions being placed against my channel.  Initially they deleted my entire account, though after contacting them they did restore it, but with the 9 videos removed.  The videos titles were:

  • “Theology I: The Garden of Eden (1 of 4)” (
  • “Theology II: Sin” (
  • “Theology III: Forgiveness” (
  • “Theology IV: American Christianity” (
  • “Restoring the Virtue of Women” (
  • “The Erosion of Privacy” (
  • “Appearance & Essence; Tradcons & Marriage” (
  • “The Question Libertarians Just Can’t Answer (a response to Stefan Molyneux)” (
  • “The Corporate Boyfriend” (
  • “Dating Advice for Anita Sarkeesian” (

And the reason for deleting them? “We don’t allow content that encourages illegal activities or incites users to violate YouTube’s guidelines.” That statement is still present on my Account Status page.  I went back and forth with their claims department over this.  They always wait at least 24 hours in between responses, they append stripper names to the emails to try and manipulate you into being polite, and when you call them on this they switch to names like “Miguel” in the hopes that your latently racist anti-racist attitudes will cause you to be polite to foreigners.  Eventually they passed on my complaint to the “expert” team (whatever the fuck that is), and after waiting several more days they upheld the bans.

Look at the titles of those videos, folks: according to the “expert” team those are promoting illegal activity.  Not harassment, bullying, or promoting Hate Facts – but actual illegal activity.

Concurrent with my channel being taken down, I lost access to my Email Account; it required a cell phone and a security code, which was frustrating given that I’d cancelled my cell service a few months before.  Allegedly this was because of some sort of unauthorized access – but when I checked login devices/IPs, nothing but my home computer and Blackberry showed up.

So either one person flagged 9+ videos of mine, and then tried to hack my Email, without leaving a trace, or…


My account continues to be in bad standing over these flags, preventing me from broadcasting livestreams, and as of recently, also preventing me from uploading videos longer than 15 minutes – which as I’m sure you know, is an issue given the sorts of videos I do.

Since all of that went down in March, I’ve been following my traffic figures; watching where it comes from, and why.  When I launched my new Patreon series, I picked Charisma for Introverts to be the first video, A) because I saw a lot of buzz in the comments sections over that, and B) because it is a very SEO friendly term; there is a significant introvert community out there who are interested in this sort of content.

And yet the views on that video are presently less than 3300; about 50% higher than my average video, for one that was widely anticipated.  Contrast that to my Ghostbusters video – also under dispute – which has over 50,000 views, but – and here’s the important bit – it was a video that went viral on Twitter.

I’ve been noticing a lot of this lately – on YouTube, on Twitter, on Google – lots of little ‘errors’, and the date when it all began is significant: one week before I released my documentary about Anita Sarkeesian, member of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, and UN Advisor on Censorship: Immersed in Subversion.

On the one hand, I’m a small fry; one voice amongst many, whose subscribership is low enough that they can shut me down without making a stir.  On the other hand, I’m dangerous; Immersed in Subversion was precisely what they were worried about: instead of an angry rant by an autistic CoD fanboy, it was an insightful expose of how their side works.  In addition, I keep bringing the fight to them.  Call it Weaponized Philosophy, or the Righteous Truth; what I’m selling makes them sicker than rat poison.

I don’t have a smoking gun, but I have far too many coincidences.  All of this is good reason to suspect that there are individuals actively working to suppress my videos and writing by whatever indirect methods they can get away with.  So what am I going to do about it?

What I’d like to do is move over to a new service entirely; there are paid services out there who’d be less inclined to screw over a customer, but their very commercial nature means that they also cost money – money that I don’t have.

Gentle reader; I need your help.

First, I need your help getting my message out there.  It’s one thing to try and no-platform me; silencing all of you is something else entirely, as the Ghostbusters traffic shows.

Second, I need your outrage.  At Facebook, at Google, at Youtube, at Twitter – at any of these Common Carriers of information who’ve decided to become unofficial censors for the radical left.

And third, I need your financial backing.  Not just because sources of funding like Adsense are unreliable, but because going anywhere else requires capital, not to mention the time spent creating the content in the first place.  It was with this in mind that I launched my Patreon; the money from it not only motivates me to make a longer, better edited, In Depth Analysis video – but will also be going towards paying for the bandwidth, the services, and the equipment needed to improve what I’m doing.  $1/month ensures that I can keep doing this, creating great content, and fighting these sadistic monsters who are driving the degradation we see all around us.

I’m getting flack; that means I’m over the target.  Unlike Miss Sarkeesian, I don’t need half a million dollars to sit in front of a green screen, but any way you want to cut it –

Free Speech Ain’t Free.

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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10 Responses

  1. ten zły says:

    Well, More and more I think there is need for alternative truly free platform.
    Yeah, there a lot of disadvantages to this, but to be honest, there is a point where this bullshit that youtube, twitter and so on pulls off that it will outweigh any disadvantages of new platform.

  2. E Ndtimes says:

    Interesting. Although no surprise to me. When I saw your Twitter I decided to experiment and searched on Twitter for well known uncompromising Truth Speakers and unlike previously they would appear on the search but it seems today they aren’t available at all , what is available are ALL the detractors

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