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What is the Alt Right

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Yesterday – August 25th, 2016, in Reno, Nevada – Hillary Clinton introduced a new term into mainstream politics: the Alternative Right.

The first time I saw this video, I honestly mistook her voice for a computer generated sim.

They sound like a scary bunch, don’t they?  Racist, race-baiting, conspiracy-theorist, dark-net people, who bully feminists online… so who are they exactly?  Well: yours truly, for one.  Traditional Catholic, scholar, dog-owner, ex-military, patriotic science fiction author – yup, lil’ old me.  Heck, I’ve been writing under this label since before it was even coined – literally!

Now I realize that telling you all about myself doesn’t tell you much about the Alt Right, but I think it’s a good starting point.  You see, the Alt Right isn’t an idea, per se – it’s an alternative to the mainstream choices.  It’s an anti-label, if anything.  Those who embrace the label – the hashtag – aren’t embracing an identity so much as they are rejecting a false choice.  They’re sick of the left-versus-right paradigm where everything needs to conform to some sort of Hegelian dialectic.  They’re sick of being told that the circumstances of their birth mean that they’re guilty of something.  They’re sick of gambling in a casino where the house always wins.

In other words: they’re sick of the status quo.

Let me ask you something, gentle reader: how much independent research do you do?  And how much do you trust the mainstream media?  According to the statistics (which are published by the mainstream media) trust in the Fourth Estate is at an all time low.  We haven’t seen a media this corrupt since the decline and fall of Rome, and that is according to the media itself.  The real situation is almost certainly worse.  Those who’ve been entrusted with investigating and verifying the claims of politicians have, instead, been acting as political agents to cover up the multitude of self-serving lies which the establishment is putting out.  Those of us who’ve been pulling at the loose threads have started discovering some very worrying – and incontrovertible – facts which force some existential questions upon our civilization as a whole.  For example:

  • The divorce rate is over 50%,
  • Reproductive rates are roughly 1.5 per couple (2.1 is replacement),
  • Manufacturing (and other wealth generating industries) are moving overseas,
  • 8 years of the worst economy in American history (worse than the Great Depression),
  • Women report the lowest levels of happiness since we started tracking this metric 70 years ago,
  • Men are dropping out, choosing porn and video games over hostile workplaces and a winner-take-all dating market focused on casual sex, and;
  • There is no plan to pay for Social Security.

Things are bad – really bad – for the Millenial generation.  The old institutions that used to guide young people through life – churches, the extended community, and just plain old cultural norms – have been replaced with predatory institutions which seek to maximize their own profit by exploiting their clients.  On the one hand you have the various welfare industries, keeping people in poverty so that a bureaucratic class can stay employed; on the other hand you have consumerism, driving young people to mortgage their futures in exchange for short-term gratification.

Both the mainstream left and the mainstream right – the Democrats and the Republicans – are on board with this institutionalization of “rape and pillage” economics.  The Republicans are on board with the military-industrial complex, and they’re more than happy to bail out the banks; the Democrats are on board with the hedonism/degeneracy culture, and more than happy to enable poverty.  The Alt Left, meanwhile, pinned their hopes on Bernie Sanders.  They wanted the promises of the Democrats – unlimited resources, a world without strife or war, open borders and circle jerks, more free money for useless degrees – only to have their democratic selection taken from them at the last moment.

Cake yesterday, cake tomorrow, but always bread today; the Alt Left demanded cake today, but the simple fact of the matter is that there isn’t enough money to pay for it.

The Alt Right, meanwhile, has been betrayed by mainstream conservatism too often to take their promises seriously.  We’ve been seeing – no, not seeing, experiencing the effects of the decline first-hand.  No jobs.  No wives.  Broken promises.  Useless educations.  A constant barrage of insulting rhetoric from Hollywood and corporate HR departments, telling us that White Men have an Evil Gene, that we’re what makes the world horrible.

And we’ve had enough of it.

The Alt Right is a varied bunch; we’re primarily a reactionary movement, united more by our rejection of the false narrative being promoted by the mainstream, than by any unity of purpose.  What we’re sick of is lies.  What we want is opportunity.  And it’s the sort of opportunity that we can find with our own wherewithal – ultimately we want to be left alone.

What commonalities we have are situational; while the establishment exploited useful idiots for votes, we were left on the sidelines.  The Alt Right is a coalition of:

  • High-IQ, blue-collar Whites – as well as the high-IQ Blacks and Mexicans who reject ghettoization,
  • Patriots and Nationalists, who don’t want to ship jobs overseas for the sake of economic ideology,
  • Isolationists, who are sick of wasting American lives on wars which benefit the oil companies, while destabilizing the globe,
  • Traditionalists, who are opposed to the “Whatever makes you feel good!” sickness of modern culture,
  • Historians, who understand the fall of Rome, and see the same forces at play in today’s world,
  • NEETs (No Education, Employment, or Training) who have nothing better to do than point out the failings of a society who rejected them, and;
  • Nihilists, who have no hope for themselves or the future, but figure they can get some chuckles out of watching Rome burn.

Let’s be frank; we’re a rough and ornery bunch.  I have personally been outspoken in my criticisms of the nihilists… but I know where they come from.  After all, I’ve lived through it too.  No jobs, no wives, not even good video games anymore – every form of media must remind us that White men are evil, and that we oppressed women since time began – and you wonder why they post rude images on Twitter?

We’re crass and no-nonsense, but we’re far from the incoherent terrorists that Hillary would love to paint us as.  If you want to see racially-motivated incoherent violence – well, just look at Black Lives Matter.  Or – for that matter – ISIS, a group which was created by a foolish foreign policy, and which benefits the current status quo; a group which is funded by the exact same Saudis who fund Hillary herself.

Hillary says that the Alt Right – and, by virtue of them, Donald Trump – is for a theocracy?  Oh, the irony… we’re opposed to a theocratic system which dictates values upon the citizenry – whether it be Sharia Law, or a secular order which demands that Christians bake Dildo Cakes.  She says that she’s for the First Amendment, while working to silence members of the Alt Right for “Hate Speech” and “Crimethink”.

Hillary Clinton has become the embodiment of everything wrong with both the Republicans and the Democrats.  On the one hand, she loves the sort of foreign wars and CIA subterfuge which destabilizes nations; on the other, she promotes government dependency, and controlled information.

The Alt Right contains 50 year old lawyers and 15 year old Meme Lords, and we’re not always the friendliest of folks, but even at our worst – our most nihilistic – we still have a love of life.  As for Hillary Clinton, well…

50 deaths in 15 years.

Choose life.  Choose the Alternative Right.


If you’re wondering what GamerGate is all about, click here to watch my documentary, Immersed in Subversion.
If you want to see my immediate analysis of Hillary’s speech, click here to listen to my livestream with Matt Forney.

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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25 Responses

  1. Karl says:

    This reads more like a sales pitch for Alt-Right rather than a description. I had my wallet out and was looking for where I could enter my credit card info.

    Of all the Alt-Right definitions out there today in response to being named the latest internal enemy by Hillary, this is the closest to what I would want the Alt-Right to be.

  2. Take great care. Here there be tygers.

    You and I, Mr. Aurini, agree on virtually everything, but there are some who’ve adopted the Alt-Right label who are promoting a neo-anti-Semitism that’s already being used to smear our views. The usual form is “Jews have disproportionate influence.” Here’s a link to a typical video:

    In any nascent opinion cluster, some will be found who seek to steer the cluster in an ugly, factually unsupported direction. The collectivization of grievances against an identifiable demographic is typical of such steering. This one is particularly threatening. Be watchful.

  3. Much of our apathy and complacency, and schisms, can be directly tied to religion…
    “submit to Godly authority”, “turn the other cheek”, “sell your coat and buy a sword”, are oft repeated verses that schism the Alt Right into factions we call denominations. Then there are those who believe in nothing, and those who worship the CONstitution.
    Hillary has been on this theme since she was first lady(sic), and spoke about us as the “vast right wing conspiracy”… remember?
    The Left is beginning to cross the line, and the Last Trump is now blowing in the the whirlwind sewed by the Elite. The man and the message are inseparable, regardless of whether he wins, or not. What is that message?
    There will most probably be bloodshed. Sadly, there can no longer be reconciliation when the Others call us ‘enemy mine’.
    Time to do ‘exploits’ is coming.
    We have been nice, until the time for nice is done, then, watch the hell out.
    Excellent site.

  4. Charles Lenz says:

    Trump spews labels toward her now she is firing back. Truth or not, he makes insane comments and denigrates several races and groups of people and when someone calls him on it in the media or fires back a disparaging comment, he wines and plays the victim card. America doesn’t need a victim for POTUS, we need a fighter. Someone who don’t send out his surrogate hit squad to argue what he meant and what he stands for when out of his own mouth he spews nonsense. He is a double talking pitchman for division and hate and the ones who bow down to him, obviously think it is the greatest ideology ever spoken. You want a victim to lead well you found him lol.

  5. Jay says:

    After watching the country go deep into the toilet for four years and seeing the GOP squander w perfect opportunity to make a change to the right I took the Romney / Ryan magnet of the back of my car and threw it off the top of the parking deck. I was done with the GOP Establishment party. I had no intentions of voting in this election. Not for another Bush or career politician or another whiny open borders apologist. And then Trump entered the race and immediately started pissing off everyone on both sides and I knew he was the one. Whether he wins or not he’s espoused the hideous underbelly of professional politics and the media. No one will ever trust them again. And thank God for that. A bunch of lying opportunistic schemers all of them. If he wins things might actually get better. And if they don’t, well, they were already going to hell anyways. Might as well enjoy watching it crash and burn. Maybe only then will things finally start to improve.

  6. Millennial Woes says:

    Francis: do you think that Jews DON’T have disproportionate influence in white societies? The media in Sweden, for example, is entirely owned by Jews, though they are only 0.2% of the Swedish population. You don’t think that’s a disproportionate influence? Would you still say that my claim about the Jews is “factually unsupported”, given that in Britain, too, the media is dominated by Jews? Are you crazy or just a lying coward?
    PS. Your “liberty” won’t survive very long when the browns and blacks take over. Enjoy it while you can, cuck.

  7. John Doman says:

    Mr. Aurini, as another broken human being struggling to follow Jesus, I respect your stand on morals and your analysis of social ills, but I think you should flee the Alt-Right label as soon as possible. It’s simply become too toxic and attached to old-school racism. You don’t seem to be racist, so I would call yourself by another label. What’s wrong with conservative?

  8. Jonas says:

    “The collectivization of grievances against an identifiable demographic is typical of such steering.”

    It’s just basic pattern recognition. It’s what intelligent sentient beings do. I probably wouldnt give an ass that the media of my country is entirely run by jews – if the content of their media wasnt so incredibly hostile, hateful and full of the most blatant lies and revisionism, as well as conducting witch hunts for any conservatives and nationlists while promoting the worst values imaginable. All the while members of the syndicate that runs the media give publicly available speeches how ‘jewry’ has always thrived in a multicultural setting. Their own words, not mine. If I were starting to blame the average jew on the street with no connection to the establishment – that is “collectivization”. Noticing what is blatantly obvious is not.

  9. Glenfilthie says:

    Sales pitch or description?

    Doesn’t matter. There’s blood in the water, it’s ours, and the leftists are circling. You can’t reason with sharks, and you won’t reason with today’s liberals. You aren’t a political dissenter to them, Aurini. You’re a meal ticket. Stop talking and start cooking! That free lunch isn’t gonna serve itself, you homophobic mysoganistic racist!

    Donald Trump and a vote won’t solve any of these problems. Nothing short of a civil war will reverse this.

  10. We are all AltRight, whether we like it or not. That wasn’t true a week ago, but it is now, thanks to Hillary’s speech. This gives us an opportunity to reclaim the label for the sane and civilized nationalists who originally coined it.

    Remember that the people who’ve been dumping poison into the water are the same Goons who made up the SJW movement, and who infiltrated GamerGate, sowing dissension wherever they went. They may or may not take their orders directly from SomethingAwful, but they operate by the same playbook.

  11. mts1 says:

    I used to be conservative, until I realised everything I wanted conserved has been demolished. I looked at the Tea Party, and it may have begun populist but got into the whole unregulated free market b.s. that ruined our economy. I looked at Libertarians, but the self-regulating society you need for total liberty is not there, and the isolationism in a world of sharks we need to beat back will not work. I’m sure I have no home. I was a Democrat until I wondered when was the last time the Ds supported the working man (of all colors), then seeing what USED to be the conservative party invert. Richard Daley Sr. would not recognize what Jr. promoted when he was mayor. So I became a Republican where I found a lot of other ex-Democrat social conservatives in the GOP house where we were tolerated never accepted (they had a ban on Catholics until not too long ago), and we swallowed the fiscal garbage of the richy rich in hopes of social issue wins, of which there are rarities at the state level. The book “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” outlines how we were taken to the cleaners by the GOP elite. And I can’t abide the shaming the Rs give minimum wage earners for trying to make a family feeding wage. I know too many smart, educated people out there in these jobs for whom the good job is simply not there, but instead of campaigning for public aid or kill the boss, they’re trying to make their hard work worth what it is. Look at the faces of your store clerks and they’re not 17 y.o.’s, they’re adults trying to break through at 35 when their fathers walked out the door after high school graduation and walked into a job at the factory, and if they didn’t like it, they went across the street to try the next place. That’s why this generation has no wives or kids. They have the same DNA as the workers in the 50s. And a lot of them are busting their knuckles for a pittance and no job security and HR depts. who want God at $5/hour and they’ll never be that.

    Then Trump comes along. A drowning man will grab the end of a sword to pull himself out. I know he’s a Clinton game. I’m sure most of the Trump crowd knows there’s something not quite right, but he afflicts the comfortable, and Archie Bunkers his way over everyone’s toes, and we all delight in it. Those like me who loathe to vote for Trump see him make elite heads spin like no one in this country has ever done since maybe the last rich outsider, FDR, became a “class traitor” and reassembled the failing D party by winning over the blue collar workers and blacks into the D voting block via concrete wins for their needs, which I’m not sure Trump will do. But there is a schadenfreude in seeing how he honestly scares both the left and right elites who dragged this country to banana republic Argentina status that’s political crack to many of us. He could shoot a blind nun in the middle of the street and still win as long as he gives NPR hipsters, GLAAD activists, and bankster/CEO suits sleepless nights.

    But you’re right in that alt-right is now pinned upon this large group that Nixon once called the Silent Majority. And we’re all the labels they pin on us because we ask the hard questions we’re not supposed to be allowed to ask.

  12. jay says:


    I’d say its time to scrap the enlightenment and all its attendant spawn that plague us today as progressivism and insanity. Reclaim all those ideas that used to be considered sane before the french revolution.

    A civil war without a change in thought and ideas will not solve our problems.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The core of the alt right is countersemitic white nationalism. There are ni “high-iq” blacks or jews on the alt right. Milo is a degenerate faggot and a kike, not alt right

  14. k says:

    Jay, These are the sort of book titles I’ve been looking for — do you have more titles? Please list, if you do. Thanks.

  15. Col. Bunny says:

    ** become too toxic and attached to old-school racism **

    Mr. Roman, I think that is the left’s number one tactic, namely, jam every last thing on earth that can be seen as a healthy reaction to leftist subversion in the categories of racist, homophobic, misogynistic, Islamophobia, etc.

    Mr. Autumn is right. Altright is more about being fed up and rejection. The larger the big tent grows, the more imperative it will be for the left to tar it with “toxic,” etc.

    Not saying you’re doing that, of course. In fact, this leftist tactic is all but useless now. Reasonable people know it’s inevitable and just know not to be intimidated or sidetracked.

    So I think we should embrace the alt-right. The conservatives have proved themselves to be worse than useless. See this excellent article:

  16. Lies = Leftist Ideology
    Normalcy Bias = Result of lies in ‘good people’
    Cognitive dissonance = what you see is not what you are told, brain locked up.

    Political Correctness = “sweet words on the tongue, like honey, that grow bitter in the belly”

    Political correctness+cognitive dissonance=Leftist Ideology
    Cognitive dissonance + Normalcy bias = SDS
    SDS=Social Derangement Syndrome

    Final result= chaos, anarchy, martial law, voiding the constitution, global ‘governance’.
    They play chess, and we play checkers.
    The Right are like a herd of cats.
    The Left are like a hive mind.
    They are The Beast within the soul, that soon will take over with their allies;
    The Green horseman will ride, and the death worshipers come.
    You, and I, must prepare, to go into the wilderness, out of Babylon, while the evil ones destroy themselves. They will, because that is what evil does, it is like unto a beast. Beasts consume the good, until no more good is left to consume, then they consume each other.
    In your heart, conservative, you know I’m right.

  17. Good intro, we need to make sure we are ‘friendly’ to those looking for new answers

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