Professional Shills and Subversive Support

The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies… except when it does.  Welcome to the world of paid shilling and professional trolling.

Last year a post on Reddit’s Conspiracy board grew to prominence when an individual who claimed to work for the Clinton administration admitted to trolling Bernie Sanders supporters professionally.

In any case, the final nail in the coffin for me happened last night. I was on an imageboard trying to rile up the Trump-supporting natives with inflammatory Bernie posting, and the sum of responses I received basically argued that at least Bernie was genuine in his belief, even if they disagreed with his positions, which made him infinitely better than the 100% amoral and power-hungry Hillary.

I had one of those “what are you doing with your life” moments. When even the scum of 4chan think that your candidate is too scummy for their tastes, you need to take a good hard look at your life. Then this morning I read that the National Association of Broadcasters were bankrolling both Clinton and Rubio, and that broke the camel’s back. I emailed my resignation this morning.

Whether this particular story is real or not is immaterial, as the existence of such provocateurs has long been established as a matter of fact.  The Hawaiian Libertarian has written on this several times.  Edward Snowden confirmed the existence of JTRIG (the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group), a British governmental agency which engages in character assassination and misinformation, and online publications such as The Intercept have followed up by publishing secret documents such as “The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations”.

That government press releases should have an agenda behind them is no surprise; even the most scrupulously honest person has their own view of things, and his own desired outcome.  As for the corruption in the media – that’s exponentially worse.  When those who are paid to scrutinize the facts are instead pushing an agenda, it becomes hard to know what to believe.  But the paid trolls really take the cake.

These people don’t merely attack their political opponents, trying to demoralize them through crude nastiness; rather, they seek to infiltrate.  They pretend to be a friend, a political ally, and then manipulate the conversation to either derail it, or radicalize it – they’ll do whatever they can to undermine the group from within…

…and one of them just showed up in the comment section of my video “A Donald Trump Victory is Vital for our Future“:


Screen capture of her comments. Click to enlarge.

Trump is a pure globalist.. if he isn’t creating golf resorts in Scotland, he’s employing Mexicans in the thousands! Trump is not your friend, neither is Hillary, but she is the lesser of the two evils.

Davis M.J. Aurini
Yeah, the woman who receives funding from Saudis and Bankers is our friend, the guy being attacked by the same groups is our enemy. Right.

I’m merely pointing out the fact they’re both globalists, you’re the one setting the Globalism Vs Nationalism scene. They’re both as bent as one another, but it’s better to vote for the devil you know, than the uncertainty and volatility that Trump offers. Better still, don’t vote.

Davis M.J. Aurini
Hillary is a known globalist who murders anybody who goes against her and who will actively work to suppress anybody on the ‘right’ (really, just anybody who resists the progressive enslavement agenda). Trump might be a crypto-Globalist, but there’s no evidence of that. Supporting Israel and the GLBT is Americana 101, like it or not; you might argue that voting for him is nothing more than a Hail Mary, but it’s still better than wallowing in despair.

[Hilary] “murders anybody who goes against her”, really? who has Hillary murdered, Davis? don’t be coy, a few names will be suffice. I seriously wouldn’t engage in the voting process, invest your time and political passions elsewhere, both candidates will inevitably disappoint.

Let’s analyze what booopdooop is doing here.

In the video I explain that this election is about one thing, and one thing only: the battle between Globalism and Nationalism.  To quote Roosh:

[I finally realized] the missing link… Birth control, abortion, female education and employment, rape culture, sexual harassment, homosexual marriage, transsexual acceptance, open-borders immigration, welfare, and multiculturalism. [It’s all about] Depopulation And Human Control… The one common end goal, whether accidental or deliberate, is to reduce the reproductive rate of the native-born population as a means of controlling them.

Hillary is the Globalists’ chosen candidate, and if she wins then things are going to get bad.  Demographically the Republicans will never be able to win again; the third world invasion of America will ramp up, patriot groups will be censored and persecuted, and violence will skyrocket as gun rights are restricted.  Even if you think Trump’s terrible, he’s infinitely better than Hillary.  If you don’t vote for him, you’re handing America over to the transnational corporations.

So booopdooop posts her first-ever comment on my channel by claiming that Trump is just another globalist; I’m one of you, she’s saying, I’m just not so naive.  I oppose globalism too – that’s why I’m not going to vote!  Now I can certainly understand this sort of hopelessness; all of us have felt it.  The Republicans have been tossing up a series of establishment Neocons as Presidential candidates for decades now.  I myself have even made the argument that we’d be better off with Obama ruining the country (and thus proving the falsehood of Neoliberalism) than by allowing Romney to do the exact same thing (which would demoralize and undermine the very patriot movements that Obama inadvertently strengthens).

But Trump is not Romney; and Hilllary is not Obama.

So I address her comment; she replies by trying to suggest that Trump is a wild card, and Hillary is the “Devil you know”.  By this point I realized that she was arguing disingenuously.  Don’t vote, but vote for Hillary, because Donald Trump is a Globalist, but he’s also a wild card!  I continued to refute her points, not for her sake, but for everybody in the peanut gallery:

Davis M.J. Aurini
Her latest victim is DNC Staffer Seth Rich. In the past six weeks there’ve been 5 suspicious deaths, all of which benefited her directly – and way more if you look at the Clinton family’s history. For somebody who claims not to be invested in the voting process, you certainly seem angry that other people think it might work this time. Either it’s an irrelevant sideshow, or it just might matter this time. If the former, why are you upset? Why aren’t you suggesting a more productive route for us to follow?

+Davis M.J. Aurini *In the past six weeks there’ve been 5 suspicious deaths, all of which benefited her directly – and way more if you look at the Clinton family’s history.* 5 suspicious deaths equals 5 suspicious deaths, not 5 counts of murder. Seriously Davis, is that the best you can do? *Trump might be a crypto-Globalist, but there’s no evidence of that* Yet Hillary is a nailed on murdered, despite there being that same lack of evidence. Great logic, Davis, your double standards know no bounds. *For somebody who claims not to be invested in the voting process, you certainly seem angry that other people think it might work this time* No, I’m just old enough to have seen all this bullshit before. I’m sure those on the left once felt as passionate about Obama as you are about Trump, and look how much change took place over not one, but two terms. *Why aren’t you suggesting a more productive route for us to follow?* Because I don’t think there is one. You’re being offered two very similar choices, with entirely different packaging. Both Trump and Hilary both act in their own self-interest, they’re both egotistical, loose cannons and quite frankly, you’d be advised to stay clear of both. Hilary is a marginally more safer option, but in all honesty, there isn’t much between them.

Thankfully I have an extremely high-quality audience who picked up on exactly what I was putting down.

eat shit you fucking shill and keep your defeatism to yourself you washed up loser

Mr. Emma Wray
If you’re driving off a cliff it doesn’t matter which way you turn, just as long as you turn. There is nothing contradictory in a nationalist owning property abroad. “both act in their own self-interest” The self-interest of a landowner/developer is to increase the general prosperity of the country the land is in. For Trump, making America great again will make him richer. Hillary’s self-interest has been shown to involve shifting State Department policy to benefit people who donate to the Clinton Foundation. Trump has more at stake personally in a better USA, even though he has properties overseas.

Tom Edwards
>if he isn’t creating golf resorts in Scotland
I’m sorry if pumping money in to a nation from which Trump’s lineage is traced sounds like globalism to you, but it is not.

Marcus Antonius
Typical dishonest nonsense. As if we give a damn about Bill getting a blowjob. As for Hillary winning any debates… ROFL

A paid Government sock puppet account. Nothing to see here.

Eventually she copped to being pro-Globalist, and tried to claim that she triggered us because of Rule Number Two: SJWs Always Project.

+Davis M.J. Aurini Which term, Davis? Trump triggering? or regressive-right? don’t discount the power of alliteration. You’ve had all these years to reclaim some great language, and all you’ve managed to make your own is “cuck”, a word so pathetic, it can only really be applied to sad, little white men, with receding hairlines and sub-five-inch dicks. Also, if you say “cuck” enough times, you start to project the image of a big black fella, thrusting his excalibur deep into your lover’s scabbard. Is that the impression you wish to leave people with, Davis? really?

I’ve triggered yo ass, baby! you can’t handle criticism of the man who makes you feel like dancing, the man you see as a father figure, the man who makes you feel brand new. You can’t help but get all mustang-sally when I put yo boy Trump down. Just the way it is..

“A long, long time ago.. I can still remember how triggering Trump fanboys used to make me smile”

I perused her YouTube channel, and she’s subscribed to the usual suspects; Kurt Logan, that guy with the animated face – as well as Sargon of Akkad, whom she presumably trolls as well.  All of this suggests an amateur, who heard about these tactics, and decided to employ them on her own… but given the general decline in human quality, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that a paid professional was this unsavvy.

Particularly given that her account has a real name, and not just chicken-scratch as its identifier.

This form of shilling – paid or otherwise – is morally unique in many ways.  Spy craft has been with us since ancient times; it ranges from simple observation to outright infiltration, but its goals are probitive in nature.  Seeking out the truth of what your opposition is up to is a necessary part of state craft.  Sometimes it goes down a darker path, employing honey traps and sting operations to turn enemies into assets – but even these forms of manipulation are reliant upon the other side having a bad character.  You can’t scam an honest man, and you can’t blackmail the just.

Spy craft and police work are about using the oppositions’ vices against them; with modern shilling, they’re taking advantage of your virtues.

The tactics they use are identical to the sort of inter-personal behaviour you get from psychopaths and histrionics.  They’ll manipulate their social circle into infighting over the most petty things for the sake of their own amusement.  Sometimes they’ll do this by switching allegiances back and forth, ensuring that no side ever has a consistent majority, and thus a Friday night social turns into an endless argument on where to go, or they’ll push somebody within the group do do something radical, thus splintering or (in the case of politics) de-legitimizing the group.

This isn’t a comparison I make lightly – in fact, understanding the sheer darkness of their methodology really is key to being able to spot it.  A bad tree will not bear good fruit, and a corrupt tactic will not result in a just victory.  Be vigilant for the people who worship Betrayal… and remember that if they’re targeting you, it’s because you’re standing in the light.

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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7 Responses

  1. Edamellus says:

    Seems like an easy tell by the fanbusters ethereal coloring and wobbyn avatar, who for straight face valuation would be either outright dumb or troll. But again, poking at the established behind-the-scene operations, they would attack all who go against the grain, in secret but openly on appearing on a public forum. Each one that dedicates to the Whore of Babylon is in the temporary riches of this life, and will sacrifice the sheep to her altar(meaning, using their “Holy Light” to take their souls), toward the One-World-International end. A “Greater Good” steers the population to the heart’s desired slaughterhouse.

    An allergy of mine has made much coughing, sneezing, and other symptoms that is very tiring. It doesn’t happen when showing how to make Grandma’s Cinnamon Bread™(but some ‘tard could appear there), but rather discussing the latest bad hooplah of the day, the election, or what the latest named “Submission” or “Surrender” religion has done. It is the allergy of Bullshit from these annoying, non-human, spiritual brain parasite, fetishistic Whores for Babylon.

    The 3 laws of the Supreme Dark Lord should always be paid attention, and train the habits not pick up from degenerates: they ooze out filth when confronted, and your body & soul should be made Holy and Clean before the Lord.

  2. jewyjewyjewjew says:

    Hey I was gonna say all that^

  3. I very much second the bizarre avatar connection. I’ve seen it way too many times for it to be a coincidence. Perhaps it’s just a complicated signalling pattern among garden-variety egalitarians, or perhaps it’s deliberate obfuscation. It’s hard to tell the difference, but at the end of the day the coincidences are still there.

  4. Andy Todds says:

    This guy’s grasp on reality is slipping. I predict he will end up in a murder / suicide with a transexual in a cheap hotel room in the next few years. Seek help Davis!

  5. Chris says:

    The Chinese Communist Party is known to have what is called the “50 cent army” i.e. an army of 2 million plus underemployed students or otherwise who are paid to scour sites that are banned in China and post propaganda on articles and videos on events related to the Chinese government. The “50 cent” name is how much they are allegedly payed per post.

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