Full Spectrum Dominance: Demand Emotional Stability from your Compatriots

A comment from Doktor Jeep on my video from yesterday, “How Online Movements are Infiltrated and Subverted“.  In it he points out that the demonization of groups – whether it be the Militia Movement, the 3% Movement, or the recent RoK Meetup: – is used, not for the sake of attacking the movement directly, but rather by making them attractive to the mentally-unbalanced extremists:

The term “Full Spectrum Dominance” comes to mind.

I have observed one thing over the years. When the “mainstream” demonizes a movement, they are not really speaking to that movement. Heck, they are not even speaking to the people outside of that movement. The people on the outside are low-information types who only matter during elections (mostly NOT to show up and vote too). It’s not like there’s a SWAT team in a war room somewhere watching a real time live update public approval meter, waiting for it to hit a certain low point so they can head out and start rounding up the members of the movement on the premise that nobody will care.

What the “mainstream” is speaking to when they demonize a movement, are the demons. Not the actual demons from hell. The human versions. Demonizing a movement makes it attractive to the worst people and then they, without training, without being “on any payroll”, on their own volition, will head to that movement and destroy it with everything from narcissism to aspergers.

I will give a personal example.

Back in the day I was in the militia (que the horror music).

Now, contrary to popular belief, the militia was never into blowing up daycare centers. But by depicting it as such, guess what kind of people the mainstream made it attractive to?

You see, every time they flashed that image of McVeigh every time the subject of “militia” or “Second Amendment” came up, there are people out there who see McVeigh and all those graves and a wrecked building behind teddy bear memorials and think “That’s COOOL!!!!” You know the current type: “Saw” movie posters all over their walls right into their 20s. I forget back then what the equivalent crap to that was.

(side note: the media backed off doing that around 2000-2001 when people started mulling about a class action suit against major media since McVeigh was in fact never in any militia and was told to hit the road when he tried to join one).

On the flipside, there were those who were zealots in search of a cause. It all depended on the propaganda that worked in more than one direction: the militia are terrorist baby killers, delivered to miscreants who think that sort of thing is cool (or…edgy?) or the militia is the last bastion of all that is good in the world (2A didn’t even say that, just said “the people” – leave it at that) and this made it attractive to broken people looking for a glorious cause to replace their identity with. Either way, sane people who felt that people needed to know more about guns than how to collect them and pay the NRA 25 bucks a year found themselves surrounded by dysfunctional people.

The result: No need to send agents. No need to plan an attack. Just sit back and watch serious trainers get flustered by having to babysit retards. Then they leave.Guess what’s all that’s left?

This happened in the late 1990s.

(The effective guys are still out there doing their thing but not under any auspices of the “M word”. Some of them went on to do good things.)

So remember that not all demonization is speaking to the target itself. In this world of hyper-inflated ego, nobody is ever going to change because someone told them they were wrong or evil or something. Not the good guys, and certainly not the bad guys. You can pound on the side of the box car screaming to the SJW-truppen who put you in there that they are being like Nazis, and what are they going to say? You guessed it right. We see it already.

So ultimately, in addition to the narcissists and entryists out for likes, there is a way to send in crazies who don’t know they are crazies and don’t even know they are being sent in. When you collapse a society, you get plenty of “ammo” like this.

Consider the Alt Right/Neomasculinity spheres for a moment: what we actually propose isn’t that radical.  In an era of hyper-addictive virtual pornography, subverted sex roles, and mass licentiousness, infertility is becoming the inevitable result.  Perhaps it’s time to rediscover the wisdom of ages past.  When it comes to politics, a country is a people and their culture first, and a set of laws second.  It’s common sense; it’s supported by ancient tradition; it’s only “radical” when compared to the Utopian politics that have come to dominate our media, government, and educational institutions.

All that makes the men in these movements exceptional is their willingness to ask pointed questions, and accept the answers, even when they don’t stroke the ego.  Beyond that the movements are largely mundane, common sense; masculine men trying to find the best ways to find women, rather than a bunch of freaks painting their lips purple.

Nonetheless we are described as extreme – and thus, the social rejects come seeking us out.  Anime Nazis, Esoteric Trumpers, and Incel NEETs with an axe to grind.  When considering the other men who are attracted to these movements, emotional stability is paramount.  Develop it in yourself, and demand it from your allies.  Our worst infiltrators are not the psy-ops agents – those paid operators who seek to radicalize or demoralize us – but the true believers who are coming from a place of internal instability.

The war for civilization starts inside of us; discipline yourself, discipline your life, and demand the same out of your compatriots.



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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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2 Responses

  1. Doktor Jeep says:

    An lo, an example proving your point (at best, a need for everybody to be an adult, or how failing to always deal with adults from square one will get you into this kind of trouble)


  2. Doktor Jeep says:

    And now I give you, what is likely, the ULTIMATE example.


    You know it’s bad when even these losers find even more ways to lose.

    (Note: Framed picture of McVeigh? Like the second suspect went out and bought a frame? WTF?)