Laramie Hirsch on a Return to Catholic Monarchy

Laramie Hirsch has an interesting series of posts on returning to a Catholic Monarchy.  I’ll refrain from any major commentary at the present time, but I heartily recommend that you give it a read.  For now, I’ll just say that his arguments are in alignment with what I’ve been saying about the necessity of an upward pull for civilization, and we Catholics ought to be setting the example.  We must double-down on living a Godly life.

The Kingdom of Católica America
The Kingdom of Católica America: Part 2
The Kingdom of Católica America: Part 3
The Kingdom of Católica America Part 4: A Review of Star Spangled Crown
The Kingdom of Católica America Part 5: Arguing For It




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Davis M.J. Aurini

There's nothing like a good Rye-Whisky to dull the pain of staring at the ugliness of this world. Sometimes it's almost more than a man can bear, but someone's gotta dig down into the rotten, hateful core. I'm a writer, goddamnit, and that's my job.

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4 Responses

  1. Nathan Metric says:

    The movie The Matrix teaches us a valuable lesson. A lesson that the Alt-Right for the last couple of years has failed to grasp. What are a bunch of Alt-Right people suggesting we do? They are suggesting that we somehow buy a bunch of land away from all the chaos going on in society and somehow exclude people who do not share our values. This is a Randian notion. There are two problems with this mentality.
    The first is it is illegal to discriminate in practically all Western countries. In the United States for instance, we this thing called the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you want to for example create a community of only Catholics that requires housing discrimination which is illegal. It is extremely unlikely we are going to be able to overturn the 1964 rights act so the only way we are going to get create these communities is not by retreating from society, but by social engagement. The Matrix teaches us that if we want to change the system we must first be IN the system. We must be in the system but not be of the system. We must allow ourselves to suffer. We must allow inconvenient people into our lives in the hopes that they can be saved. Of course, if we are to save people we must have IMPECCABLE reasons for our wisdom which then brings me to what the second problem with this Randian solution is.

    I have a feeling the vast bulk of the alt-right are just as nihilistic as the people they criticize whether they are willing to admit their beliefs publicly or not. They still hold that there is no possibility for a purpose of our lives, they hold there is no one virtue to guide us all so this results in them thinking all values are subjective, which then gets to disbelieve in the virtue of reason. After they disbelieve in the virtue of reason they then conclude that they need either racial homogeneity or some Second Religiousness (see Oswald Spengler) to solve nihilism’s threat to their self-interest.

    Racial homogeneity because they think their values are only predominantly manifest in their own race and only make sense to their own race.
    Second Religiousness because they cannot reason people out of following their base desires so they need to use religion to manipulate their base desires.

    And what is so frankly obvious in both of these solutions is the sheer lack of virtue in them. Where is the virtue in manipulating people into a belief system you know is false? Where is the virtue in your values and traditions if your values and traditions are racial and not rational?
    Only people who believe Might is Right are spiritually dead enough to do such deeds. They are just as Godless as the people they criticize. More materialistic than the materialism of our age.

    So here’s my critique of this guy’s monarchical fantasies.

    He gives us no standard of virtue. He as a much a child of nihilism as everyone else I know. His method for solving the problem of nihilism is functionally no different than the fascist answers to nihilism: Force and manipulation of people’s base desires. That’s all religion is. Manipulation. Religion does not try to appeal to man’s sense of duty but rather it appeals to his fear of pain and death.

    He expects people to either adhere to or pretend to adhere to Christianity for Machiavellian reasons instead of rational reasons. This is nothing more than an appeal to consequence fallacy. Sorry, but the very reason people even took the Red Pill is because they believe truth is more important than comfort and stability. This Mr. Blue Pill does nothing to refute our preference for the truth.

    And finally the easiest way to debunk Catholicism is to say two words:

    So if not Catholicism then what would my answer to nihilism be?
    A rational man is a man who believes there is nothing more important than the truth and the most important truth to him is Only Death is Real.

    Life is fleeting. If you accumulate power all your life well eventually you are going to lose all your power. If you accumulated a lot of wealth you are eventually going to lose all your wealth. If you acquired fame you are eventually going to lose that fame to the heat death of the universe.

    Death is inevitable, unknown and absolute. The more meaningful and pleasurable life is to a man the more meaningless and painful death is. So therefore the purpose of life isn’t to avoid pain and death. The purpose of life is to justify pain and death and the way we justify pain and death is by accumulating knowledge of the truth and developing wisdom (ethics) based on the truth being the highest virtue.

    The honorable end is the one thing death cannot take away from a man. Honor is forever. Power, Wealth and Fame are not. Sadly, the author of these articles and perhaps the great bulk of alt-right people are power lust. More beast than Man.

    Aurini you said you were writing a book debunking the Leviathan yet here you have a true believer in the Leviathan. Literally the quintessential example of what a Leviathan-follower is. The only difference being is that he is more dishonest than Hobbes was.

  2. Mycroft Jones says:

    The Pilgrims and Puritans came to America to get AWAY from Catholicism. You say they aren’t “Western”? As soon as they get political power, the Catholics go back to the old “off with their heads”. No thanks.

    As for Universalism, that is the doctrine of Babel, which God is firmly opposed to. Read the Bible through to Revelations, and even in Heaven man is still divided into nations. Laramie Hirsch denies the meaning of the Babel story, which is clear to many. Read Roosh’ article about Calhoun’s Rat Utopia. It explains Genesis 6 and 7; Universalism, if successful, would mean extinction for our species within 200 years. Thank God every such Universalism project is doomed to failure; the bigger the empire, the more exponentially great the centrifugal forces tearing it apart. God will continue to divide mankind; if any seek to Unite mankind politically in His name, it is abomination.

  3. Hey good comment Nathan.

    Aurini how are you book sales? I have recently launched my own scifi series but not sure I want to tie my anonymous blog name to my real life. Any insight from your side?

  4. Charles says:

    “Racial homogeneity because they think their values are only predominantly manifest in their own race and only make sense to their own race.”

    “I have a feeling the vast bulk of the alt-right are just as nihilistic as the people they criticize whether they are willing to admit their beliefs publicly or not”

    I remember a fairly detailed thread on 8chan/pol/ of Anons wanting create the “White Race Religion” where they worship themselves as Gods.

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