Leftism is a Strategy, Not a Policy


…and a sick strategy at that.

The term “Cry Bully” is an apt moniker, but it fails to address the whole of the issue; just as those who coined it – self-styled “moderates” – fail to apprehend the depth of the problem (they want to live in a Leftist Utopia, too, they just don’t want any SJWs around, showing the inherent impossibility of their desires).

The Anarchist Notebook provides a breakdown of how this strategy works:

Look at how quickly the leftist pivots from the oppressor to victim role as soon as someone challenges them and calls out the double standard employed. The is a textbook example of why right-wingers should never try to demonstrate the fallacy of leftist logic by applying it to them – they will interpret it literally or lie about the clearly ironic intent.

This behavior spills out into the physical realm. It is very common for leftists to agitate and intimidate with the intent of provoking someone to violence. This is done by creating the impression of an imminent attack (oppressor) with the plausible deniability of simply exercising their rights (the victim) should that person react violently.

The goal is to step as close to the line legally as possible before they face arrest or the person they harass have grounds for legitimate force such as “stand your ground,” while also providing them the opportunity to attack if possible.

Again, recent events provide case-studies of this practice. Notice how the man hits the reporter, and then immediately flees into a crowd of fellow leftists more than happy to shield him.

It is a win-win strategy; if their opponent does nothing, eventually leftists can get in close enough to commit actual violence and then flee – rarely do the police make an arrest and even rarer does the attacker face significant jail time. However, if that person is sufficiently harassed to where they lash out, the leftist can promptly turn around and claim victim status. If they’re being filmed by a comrade, they will conveniently edit out the 99 percent of the footage showing them as the clear instigator. The remaining one percent provides them with an effective propaganda tool to trick normal people into thinking they are saints fighting sinners.

The strategy is sleight of hand.  They want to be a violent mob of thugs stomping around in jack boots, while simultaneously suffering oppression from a violent mob of thugs stomping around in jack boots.  They want to be powerful women, struggling against a millenia-old conspiracy of organized male oppression, while relying upon male support for their movement (financial, physical, and legal), and organizing in turn to conspire and oppress men.  They want to protest the shameful history of White Man’s Burden, while simultaneously acting a generous benefactors to the swarthy races (cue: Liberals are the Real Racists).  They seek to remake reality through rhetoric, and thus force it to realign with the pretenses of their egos.

There are several terms for this: Manicheanism, Gnosticism, or Luciferianism.

At the core of their belief structure is dualism – Good and Evil, Black and white – and yet these opposites lack distinction.  It is not enough that man and woman are of equal importance or complementary – they must be equivalent, interchangeable, even transitionable (what is the transitory state between your left and right hands?).  Good and Evil are matters of perspective; the struggle between two equal and opposite forces, neither of which has a claim on inherent meaning.

Meaning, then, comes from the only being able to straddle the gap: man himself.

The Luciferian places man above the cosmos, he becomes the ultimate arbiter.  He alone is able to determine meaning, to define reality in accordance with his will.  He is not only given dominion over the animals, and set free to engineer nature – he is set free to engineer himself and others.  This wilful reordering of the moral nature of the universe becomes not only the Leftist’s tactic, but his strategy, and his ultimate purpose as well.

Contrast this to the Trinitarian approach, that which has been championed by Christendom: men and women coming together as complements to form that third thing, marriage – not just as a contract, not just as a useful institution, but as a sacrament.  On the question of Good vs Evil, the Christian states that there is righteous behaviour, that evil is a twisted deviation, and that both are defined by the Goodness of God.  Even war between nations is thus governed.  It is not the arbitrary dispute between two selfish nations, but rather a dispute that must adhere to the principle of justice.

The Leftist does not listen to reason because reason is an assault on their wilful usurpation of He who is Most High; reason is a derivation of the Logos, their true enemy, and by attempting to wield it you make yourself into a foe.

Leftists do not hate White men, despite all appearances; they hate the righteousness present in Western Civilization (what’s left of it, anyway), and pin their otherworldly loathing on the symbols of national success; they are more than happy to promote the effeminate, the degraded, and the sickly amongst the White male populace, after all.  Nor do they feel contempt for the Black race: they love the gangster, the single mother, the drug addict – what they despise is those who would pull themselves out of poverty.  The Muslim is a temporary ally, given the depredations promoted by the heretic Mohammad, but even here they seek to degrade them, introducing Western decadence into a culture whose one strength is social discipline.

The Leftist cannot be reasoned with, but neither can he be combated with his own tactics.  When men who follow the Logos attempt to play both victim and instigator it fails.  Subtle rhetoric might cause the occasional leftist to self-destruct in an amusing display, showing the insanity for all to see (and thus recruiting more to our side), but as useful as such battles are, they are not the war itself.  Leftism is the strategy itself, and if it is employed exclusively, we become that which we struggle against; the power shifts, but we become Luciferians ourselves, and the decline continues apace.

Fighting to win is not enough; we must fight for the Logos, for the Truth, for God, and for the future.  All else is vanity.

All is Vanity by Charles Allan GilbertAll is Vanity by Charles Allan Gilbert, 1892



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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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7 Responses

  1. Davis,

    It has always been my assertion that the right needs to use the left’s own tactics against them -fight fire with fire- but you seem to disagree.

    What kinds of tactics would you suggest?

  2. Tactics is one thing – they can be used to win the battle – but if we make it our strategy we’ll use lose the war. I happen to know as a matter of fact that you’re in it for the long fight, that the battle of the day doesn’t define how you’re fighting the war on a deeper level.

  3. @Davis M.J. Aurini

    I see. I sometimes use tactics and strategy synonymously; bad habit, I know. Yes, you are correct that I am fighting this war on a deeper level. The future of my children depends on it.
    It is just that sometimes the long fight seems so obscure or far off that it seems that we’re making no progress at all. It’s at those times I want to strike with more short-term tactics.

    Hope all is well up there.

  4. evilwhitemalempire says:

    “The goal is to step as close to the line legally as possible before they face arrest or the person they harass have grounds for legitimate force”
    Therefore the way forward is to push GOP lawmakers for policies that will EXTEND the grounds for legitimate force.

  5. Ben says:

    “Therefore the way forward is to push GOP lawmakers for policies that will EXTEND the grounds for legitimate force.”

    this is important — is not reasonable to allow someone so closely in your face/space , screaming and chanting, and blocking…
    It is assault. It is domestic terrorism, perhaps false-imprisonment…
    I come from a place where instant hits happen…

    Now days it is so common for them to insult, then instantly switch to victim…and the cycle of insult, mocking, lying, victim gas-lighting…Interested to know if it is leaned from Alynskyytes, or natural…

  6. @Jak – it’s all too easy to fall into the short-term trap, to focus on the immediate problem rather than the ultimate cause. To scapegoat our problems onto some easily available group, or to engage in behaviours which are immediately satisfying, but which offer diminishing returns. I know, because I’m constantly tempted myself.

    @EWE,Ben – the laws are already on the books. Hopefully under Trump we’ll start locking some of these domestic terrorists up. His plan to defund the National Endowment of the Arts is also an important step; that group long ago stopped being about producing national greatness, and is instead a funding source for America’s domestic enemies.

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