Donald Trump is Not Our Saviour

I’m sick of hearing about our bombing of Syria.  A foolish rattling of the sabre, over a chemical attack which, according to the latest UN statements, was performed by our erstwhile ‘allies’ the rebels – the same loose affiliation of Mohammedans who are behind the recent attack in Sweden, pictured above.  New boss just like the old boss, the military-industrial complex will have its way, the Deep State triumphs again.

Common Filth speculates that Trump is an emotionally responsive cokehead; that would certainly explain his success in the fast-paced New York real estate market.  RooshV quotes Quintus Curtius, who points out that that the truth was always there for us to see, but we projected our own beliefs onto the man in the hopes of a return to sanity.

The problem is that we are not a sane people.  We worship a cartoon frog.  We try and lose ourselves in mass movements.  We’re torn between hating the Jew for selling us pornography, and hating the person who says to stop watching it.  We want to cosplay at self-righteousness, without ever doing the hard work of becoming righteous men; we want to be Templars without ever going to church, and in our heart of hearts we’re no different than the Social Justice Warriors we claim to oppose.

This is what I discussed on my livestream, along with Common Filth, The Bechtloff, David McMurdo, and The Blaze. There is no ‘us’; there’s nothing but different factions in a mock sword battle being put on by the SCA.  A generation raised without an identity, locked into the prepubescent stage of putting on costumes.  Adults dressing up like comic book characters, and perverts turning their sexual deviancy into an identity.  All of them, on both sides, begging – demanding for an authoritarian state to save them from themselves.  As Dostoyevsky wrote in The Grand Inquisitor:

Yes; we will make them work like slaves, but during their recreation hours they shall have an innocent child-like life, full of play and merry laughter. We will even permit them sin, for, weak and helpless, they will feel the more love for us for permitting them to indulge in it. We will tell them that every kind of sin will be remitted to them, so long as it is done with our permission; that we take all these sins upon ourselves, for we so love the world, that we are even willing to sacrifice our souls for its satisfaction.

The Left wants George Soros to redeem them from their sins; for the Right, Daddy Trump grants permission to indulge in materialistic debauchery.  The Western man is dying because his soul died long ago; blank-eyed zombies, smoking pot, playing with their iPhone, screwing around on tinder, or finding vacuous catharsis through video games-turned-skinner boxes.  Veal wrapped in cotton; auto-erotic assisted suicide.  That is what your fellow ‘compatriots’ are fighting for; a pleasurable descent into the nihilist’s abyss.

Let’s quote from Quintus Curtius here:

In this era of lies, hypocrisy, and false “god emperors” (what a bloody sham), the only solution is to turn away from the evil and elevate yourself. Improve yourself. You now have to be bigger, better, stronger, faster, and tougher than ever before. You have to be stronger now than you ever thought you could be. Because we have all been sold out and left by the wayside. But they underestimate us…our power and your power. When the time is right, the dividend of all your hard work will be paid. But the road will be long, bitter, and full of despair along the way. You need to dig deep now.

The world we’ve built for ourselves is structured in such a way that the sane man will be driven to the edge, while the mentally ill can subsist in perpetuity.  The model employee is a borderline, who slavishly devotes their soul to HR for the sake of the affect.  The model entrepreneur is a manic charlatan, who sells nothing but non-existent bridges, but whom no one will call out.  Pop culture is nought but indulging in your worst impulses and vices, addicting yourself to wrath, gluttony, or lust.  Family law has turned into a prisoner’s dilemma where the first defector makes all of the profit.

Trying to remain sane, decent, moral, and focused in this environment is a herculean task: abut this is the task which is set before us.

Stay calm and collected.  Network with the other individuals who are walking this path.  Strap steel bands around your skull if you have to, to keep the your mind from detonating!  Don’t let the pressure get to you.

There is but one path forward that doesn’t involve Hell on Earth, and that is spiritual excellence.  A spiritual revival based upon individual discipline.  Abandon the gods of the marketplace, and devote yourself to living the change that you want to see.  The men of this world will not save us – but through the Grace of God we will be able to save ourselves.



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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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15 Responses

  1. Anthony says:


  2. MD says:

    Great post. Inspirational
    Thank you.

  3. Amen. This is the only true advice, ever – but, especially now.

    ED: Thank you Br. Aurelius. Honoured to have you reading.

  4. This post is a moment of clarity, and one of the best posts you’ve ever done. I will spread it in my circles.

  5. Davis, quick question. Can you explain this sentence more: “The model employee is a borderline, who slavishly devotes their soul to HR for the sake of the affect.”

  6. john smith says:

    Trump bombing Syria proves he is a either a Neocon or in their grasp. Trump signing the bill to promote women in STEM proves he is a feminist or in their grasp.

    His campaign against Hillary was nothing more than an intramural spat, a family feud. Nothing will change except the depth of the illusions.

  7. Jean-Noel says:

    To bw well-adjusted to an insane society is to be insane.

    Soljenitsyn told us to stay out of the society while we have to live within it: to be an ermit surrounded by millions.

  8. fjwawak says:

    My first thought was that Trump is responding emotionally. My second was it is not likely. Read for example this analysis:

    The “God Emperor” talk is silly and so are the alt-right’s projections that he is their man (how could anyone take him seriously after his condemnation of alt-right?) but he certainly is in charge of an empire. What do you expect of him? To cave in and let the Russians to rest on the laurels? That’s not how empires are maintained.

  9. @Laramie
    Take two employees: one is a regular man or woman, who’s doing the job for the money. They aren’t slavishly devoted to the company, but they’re pursuing their own self-interest. The other is an empty shell with cats at home, who’s leveraged to the hilt paying for a mortgage and landscaping, who derives their sense of self from the artificial community offered by the company they work for.

    Which one will get laid off first?

  10. guest says:

    Easier said than done, to quote you back to yourself:

    “Civilized society is dead. It’s not dying, it’s dead. Act like a Civilized Man, like a Roman Citizen, and the zombies will realize that you’re amongst the living.”

  11. Michael Spitler says:

    Yeah, things are so fucked up right now sometimes I feel like I’m going crazy. It isn’t easy to keep it together when it seems the whole world is falling apart, and so many people just go along with it.

    It doesn’t help that I voted for Trump precisely because I wanted peace, yet so many rank and file trump supporters seem to approve of this insanity of bombing Syria. Frankly I’m more disappointed in my fellow Americans than I am in Trump.

  12. Paul M says:

    The fundamental mistake so many people are making is imagining that the POTUS has more power than he actually does.

  13. Lucas Temple says:

    I was talking with Quintus on the phone a few weeks back and he pointed out that people see and project what they want on to political figures. Trump is no different. We wanted a savior who could inspire the masses – at least the ones in key states.

    What made him so attractive is his plain-speaking no nonsense matter. It’s still there, but we have to make of that what we will when it comes to policy. If you look closely, he’s the second coming of Bill Clinton in almost every way. The fact that the left was so rabid in insisting he was an uber right wing scoundrel tells us how far we’ve come.

    The reactionaries are right. Culture is pushing left stream.

    Worship of Kek is still a stretch. Groups like /pol have always enjoyed chaos. He’s more of their symbol then a patron saint.

    Great post however. Trump has pushed the overton window. We will see how much and what the effect is in the years to come. His Supreme court justice nomination will have impact for decades.

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