The Right Wins Every Battle, But Loses the War

Above: the products of single motherhood.

In my recent posts I’ve been asking the question of why the online right is failing.  Gamergate won every battle, but lost the war, handing the video game industry over to big companies and SJW opportunists (see QuQu’s video on the topic for an in depth explanation of what happened).  The Alt Right rose to prominence at the same times as the American public was getting fed up with endless political correctness, only to over-reach and get themselves branded as Nazis and right-wing terrorists.  Going back further in history, you’ll find Buchanan’s failed bid for the ’92 Presidential primaries, the co-option of various cultural and artistic endeavours, and the general affirmation of the NRX observation that “Cthulu only swims Left.”

In this post I’d like to focus on why tactical victories turn into strategic losses, by focusing on the soldiers on the ground.  It was a comment by Doktor Jeep on Vox Day’s blog that helped clarify it for me:

More and more over these last years I have begun to notice that the SJWs are being routed and pummeled by us.
But only because they are weak…

… yet they are still winning. Why?

Because we are wasting time on them. Yes I like all those “talking heads” we have, Razorfist, Sargon, Molyneux, etc. They have good content.

But a part of my brain is saying “now what”.

Yes we know all about the enemy. And more: their history, why they exist. Who, what, when, and how.

Now what.

In the end, what have we accomplished? Our victories are just as shallow as the enemy, though the enemy still gets to ruin lives and continue to wreck civilization. It’s a war of attrition in the end. And even if you have better fighters, you still lose if the enemy has more.

And our enemy still has the media and academia, still has the medical industrial complex. As I write this there’s a crop of new elementary school kids getting railroaded by teachers and virtue signalling parents into a life of LGBT/Oppressed/Whatever with head-drug prescriptions and Tumblr to boot. A new crop of screeching sexually wrecked blue-hairs from their factory. We’ll be dealing with them in 10 years.

In 10 years, what will we have built?
(Royal “we”, not organizational “we” – like “what will YOU have built?” )

I can see what Aurini and Vox are doing, what Roosh has done. But Aurini is on the ball in his comments and he has a video on his channel, “Dark Currents Flowing” (Is he channeling Vox? Could be) where he starts up making such points.

It’s an old problem in the end. If all you exist for and work for is the destruction of an enemy, what do you do then? Self aware Bolo tanks were simply buried….

There are many works though that need not be grounded in fighting the SJWs that will still improve the world. Frankly it would be best to just damn them and go full steam ahead in doing what’s simply right for civilization and the west generally. Maybe this is why they are so thusly programmed to “block our path” no matter how wrong and ridiculous they are. They know they are not going to win, but if they can keep the pass blocked until that critical mass of immigration and societal decay is reached (when the people are beyond hope for not even being able to conceive another way out) then they win. A sacrifice play.

We should steamroller them. Go around them. Stop waiting for the world to improve (and going about it like making noise will help). Go improve it. Yes our “speakers” are informative and useful, but the information they give us can only go so far. We have to use it in meatspace.

Battling the radical left has proven to be a losing strategy, and there are several reasons for this.

First, the fact that conflict is inherently destructive.  It brings nothing positive into the world.  This holds true at the both the high level of national militaries, and the low level of individual conflict.  Militaries cost their nations billions of dollars – and it all of it goes to paying for expensive ordinance that does nothing but destroy.  On the individual level, if a couple of thugs break into your home and you wind up ventilating them with your nine millimeter heater the result is going to be an interesting conversation with some police officers, and chances are you aren’t going to make it to work the next day.

While it carries a vicarious thrill, conflict is never productive.  It’s expensive, sapping your life energy.  This isn’t to say that pacifism is strategically or morally sound – it isn’t – merely that battle is always and forever the least worst option.  Ventilating the two thugs is better than allowing them to ventilate you, but never having to deal with them in the first place is even better.

Fighting the radical left might be necessary, but that doesn’t make it profitable.

The next point worth considering is individual troop cost.  A man of the right is an expensive creature to grow.  He requires education in his own history, not merely pop culture.  He requires investment from both parents, socializing him, teaching him how to fight, and how to learn a useful skill.  He must earn a reputation through hard work, and be able to work as part of a team.  He’s not some sort of cheap disposable which can be readily thrown away – he is a major investment and asset for his civilization.

The Social Justice Warrior, Black Block anarchist, or Antifa member, on the other hand, is cheap and renewable.  Give them a single mother with a drug addiction, provide them with the cheap and fake catharsis of post-modern culture, allow the institutions to brainwash them into being obedient little peons, and they’ll happily spill their lifeblood for the sake of billionaire globalists.  Knock one over and another will spring up in their place; the thrill of battle and of fighting against “The Man” is a siren call for children raised on Star Wars and Harry Potter.  Your average Millennial has been primed for this sort of activation from birth; and more are being created every single day.

Finally, there are the differing goals of the two movements.  Those on the right are fighting to defend civilization, whether it’s something as specific as a Civil War monument, or a generalized principle such as Freedom of Speech.  Those on the left are fighting merely to destroy.  They want to erase history, to encourage dependency, to spread learned helplessness.  When they get someone fired from their job, he becomes yet another dependent on the welfare system.  When their violence demands government intervention, the police state marches one step closer.  When their protest turns something into an object of contention, that object gets removed for the sake of maintaining decorum.

And when the right responds in kind?  They left wins a strategic victory.  The injured leftist is now a dependent.  The violence of the protest builds the police state.  The object being defended is now a site of contention.  When they destroy something of ours, they win.  When we destroy something of theirs, they also win.

Some might argue that in Trump’s America things have changed; that the Globalist, Radical Left is no longer in the driving seat.  While this is correct, it doesn’t mean that “we” – whoever that is – are now in charge.  From what I can gather, atheist globalism has merely been replaced with Zionist Nationalism.

Political Correctness 1.0 is on the decline, but its replacement isn’t the truth, it’s Political Correctness 2.0.  The goal isn’t a resurrection of culture or history, it’s the continual management of the population through less destructive opiates.  The power isn’t shifting from deracinated, cosmopolitan globalists to the people and their representatives; it’s merely shifting from one group of billionaires to another.  The new ideology doesn’t hold the same vicious hatred for Middle America as the old one did, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to put up with them being uppity.

Capitalism and Communism have merged into a single entity.  Whether it’s Apple’s manufacturing plant in China, or their software division in North America, the people working there are nothing but human resources with less rights than a medieval peasant.  The goal isn’t human flourishing, the goal is to increase the bottom line.  The Nationalists might not despise Freedom of Speech, the Right to Bear Arms, and Free Association quite so much as the Globalists, but it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be happy to put restrictions on these as well.  Docility and obedience are paramount.

The conflict between Left and Right allows both to be captured by deeper interests.  Following Gamergate, the big companies threw a few meaningless bones to feminists, while scooping up the independent studios, and have cemented their ability to turn out mediocre products.  The fight over Civil War monuments will result in a ‘middle ground’ compromise, where the history is whitewashed (even more) to serve a contemporary narrative.  Emmanuel Goldstein has managed to oust Big Brother, but we’re still at war with East Asia, and the telescreens are monitoring us more intently than ever.

Fighting the Left hands power over to others.  What we need is power for ourselves.



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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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5 Responses

  1. dna says:

    too true. we must not take half- measures.

  2. The only way to win is to be creators ourselves and show there are still alternatives to the ‘alternative’ which has now been force-fed into the mainstream. It is the most difficult of assignments, but I have the faith and knowledge that we are more than capable. These people fancy themselves artists based on shoddy pop-culture foundations, if there were ever a time to prove that ‘we can do better’, now is it.

  3. Frank says:

    Your on a hot streak Aurini, you’re growing stronger, I can see it. You’re doing the right thing, keep it up!

  4. Glen Filthie says:

    Good grief! No you won’t win any wars with guys like Vox Day on your team. Hell’s bells – the SF publishing industry was literally handed to him on a silver platter by untalented SJW’s… and he publishes unreadable dreck by authors that suck as bad as he does. Now Marvel and DC have handed him the graphic novel industry on a gold plated platter and he’ll f*** that up too. He isn’t even marketing his comics right. Not to pick on Vox – but he is the face of what’s wrong with the Alt Right, and the way he loses bush wars is exactly the manner in which we lose the culture war.

    And that – in a nutshell is why you lose, Aurini. The left tries to play to everyone. They cherry pick their vibrants, ethnics and affirmative action degenerates, do some turd polishing for the mainstream and they sell like hot cakes. Our guys strut and preen and rattle about their supposedly superior intellect – and alienate the shit out of the mainstream. They only play well to a limited number of cellar dwellers, disgruntled and inarticulate nerds and manginas. The Alt Right is toast, unfortunately.

    But take heart because I am seeing its replacement already. The “dissident right” is starting to rise … led by real intellectuals like the Z man. Like you, he thinks. He extrapolates. Unlike guys like Vox or, say Richard Spencer, he is not emotionally unstable, nor is he forced to pander to a market. He doesn’t have to sell anything to anyone. His readership is exploding because he mocks the loons anywhere and everywhere he finds them. He is intellectually honest.

    That is where we need to be, Aurini. Happily, that seems to be where we’re moving too.

  5. Sam J. says:

    This is a really great article. Thanks for writing it.

    I wonder if a path could be using same strategy as the recently deceased, and great, Jerry Pournelle wrote about as a strategy to defeat the Soviet Union. The book is “The Strategy of Technology”

    This seems to be sort of happening already but I don’t think anyone is directly pursuing this as a strategy.

    Examples would be a IPFS(InterPlanetary File System) to decentralize the net. Decentralized collage that excludes the SJW. Possible insurance and other type businesses to exclude SJW…you get the idea.