A Vicious New Tactic from the Alt Reich

It was Ian Fleming who said that once is accident, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.  But what if coincidence keep cropping up around the same group of people?

One such coincidence is the hard-left backgrounds of two different members of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville: Jason Kessler, the organizer, and Garon Archer, representative of the Alabama-based League of the South organization, weren’t merely a couple of left-leaning, Obama-supporting, save-the-planet lefties in years past, but violent demonstrators on behalf of Occupy Wallstreet, who were busy burning the Confederate flag that they’ve now come to champion.

But just a few years ago, Archer appeared in a 2012 YouTube video of an Occupy movement demonstration in Florida, protesting for the arrest of George Zimmerman, who fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida. In the video, Archer – who was himself 17 at the time   – chants slogans against racism and burns a Confederate flag bandanna.

Enemy action?  Or merely the antics of young men who lack identity, masculine guidance, and are attracted to whatever fringe political group will accept them?  Given the Alt Reich’s propensity of choosing empty rhetoric over complex dialectic, their attractiveness to “activist” youth is unsurprising; but then again, don’t be surprised if George Soros money shows up at some point.

Another such coincidence is – I suspect – no coincidence at all, but rather a new tactic that the Alt Reich is employing against anybody who doesn’t chant their slogan and ignore their hypocrisies: I only have two examples so far, but I expect more to appear in the near future – accusations of pedophilia.  Number 1:

Number two:

Note: these claims are utter libel, without any basis is reality.  I hesitate to republish them lest I compound the defamation, but warning of future defamation warrants it, in my eyes.

Now on the one hand, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why the Alt Reich would resort to false accusations of pedophilia: over the past year the leaders of their movement have been exposed as engaging in any and every sexual excess that modernism has created.  Their numbers include transsexuals, furries, homosexual groomers, you name it.  For them to accuse anyone else of being X only invites the obvious rebuttal: pedophilia is the only sexual sin they have left.

But keep in mind who we’re dealing with: we’re dealing with the conspiring hypocrites who published this style guide (excerpts):

The site is in many ways modeled of of successful liberal blogs such as Gawker. They have produced a successful method to appeal to the same age demographic we want to appeal to.

Prime Directive: Always Blame the Jews for Everything

As Hitler says in Mein Kampf, people will become confused and disheartened if they feel there are multiple enemies. As such, all enemies should be combined into one enemy, which is the Jews. This is pretty much objectively true anyway, but we want to leave out any and all nuance.

So no blaming Enlightenment though, pathological altruism, technology/urbanization, etc. – just blame Jews for everything.

This basically includes blaming Jews for the behavior of other non-Whites. Of course it should not be that they are innocent, but the message should always be that if we didn’t have the Jews we could figure out how to deal with non-Whites very easily.

The same deal with women. Women should be attacked, but there should always be mention that if it wasn’t for the Jews, they would be acting normally.

What should be completely avoided is the sometimes mentioned idea that “even if we got rid of the Jews we would still have all these other problems.” The Jews should always be the beginning and the end of every problem, from poverty to poor family dynamics to war to the destruction of the rainforest….

Attacking Mainstreaming Shills

Pro-Jew shills should be attacked. These include Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes and Milo. At the same time, they should also be accused/celebrated as secret Nazis whenever they post anything that lines up with our agenda.

The same group which accuses the Jews of constantly conspiring to undermine European culture, themselves conspires to manipulate and mislead their audiences; echoes of “SJWs Always Project” and “You become that which you hate.” While I have no evidence that they’re actively conspiring to libel anybody and everybody on the right as pedophiles, it is well within their character and modus operandi.  The gullible fools who follow them will happily pick up on the cue, and follow suit.

This is an underhanded, and vicious manner of dealing with your political opponents – but honestly, should we expect anything less from Nazis?  They may claim to be on the right, but their lifestyles and tactics are those of the left.  When subversion is your medium, subversion becomes your message.



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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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9 Responses

  1. Mycroft Jones says:

    Have info for you relating to this topic. Wait for confirmation from Koanic.

  2. Kristophr says:

    Nazis are all National Socialists.

    They belong on the left, not the right. Always shoot to the left.

  3. Hoyos says:

    Former commies turning fascist? The hell you say…

  4. triple speed says:

    I also add to this that right after those people has been exposed has perverts by 8ch /pol/ users, that they were hammering that place with slide threads, noise and opened an alternative board all in a dilettante attempt to fit and wrestle control over some BBS. Be careful who you let into your circles and who you trust. If you attach any importance to legitimate online communication, you should pay attention to reoccurring patterns of noise. That kind of user is nothing but trouble wherever they appear.

  5. Валя Акула says:

    I don’t think you know what dialectic means.

  6. armenia4ever says:

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. We are really starting to see this. Stay strong Davis.

  7. Arts land says:

    The whole calling people pedophiles on the internet was encouraged by voxday himself. When he went on the daily Shoah, he said call people pedophiles if they call you a racist. And stated on his blog as a comment to a reader to call someone who calls you a racist to call them as a pedophile. “You aren’t a racist, and they aren’t a pedophile” was part of his reasoning.

    Voxday clearly is overreacting to get people to support him, and the threats of a lawsuit to gab is another marketing ploy to gain sympathy and support.

  8. Doktor Jeep says:

    What’s interesting here is that “Nazi” is taking on a whole new meaning, and it’s not going to automatically mean what the left wants it to mean.

    The Nazi wing of the right is going to be isolated, found to be not entirely “of the right” and become it’s own thing. They will be like rats looking for a ship that’s not sinking.

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