Interview, and the Regular Livestream

One Man’s Corus invited me to join him on a podcast/interview where we discussed Jordan B. Peterson, Feminism, MGTOW, and the Alt Right, as well as the direction that we’re all headed in:

(And yes, I was a fan of Peterson’s before it was cool.)

My regular Sunday Stream (brought to you by my Patreon backers!) will be going out at the regular time, 1700 Mtn; I’ll be going back to basics, discussing what this whole “Red Pill” self-improvement regime is supposed to be about, and how it relates to the politics that it’s grown into.

And in other news, I changed my oil today.  Managed to eyeball 3.7 Litres on the first try – checked it, and the oil was precisely  on the “Full” line.  Damn, I’m good.

Pic related; it’s the brand of oil I used.  The purple colour is a bit gimmicky, but it’s a quality brand nonetheless.

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Davis M.J. Aurini

Trained as a Historian at McMaster University, and as an Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces, I'm a Scholar, Author, Film Maker, and a God fearing Catholic, who loves women for their illogical nature.

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