Book Review: The Oriental’s Guide to Sex, Strength, and Satisfaction

My friend Larsen Halleck has just published his first book, The Oriental’s Guide to Sex, Strength, and Satisfaction, and I’m happy to give it my stamp of approval.

Let’s start by introducing the author: he’s a certified personal trainer, martial artist, body builder, and a writer at Return of Kings, as well as on his own blog The Barbarian Gentleman, and an occasional YouTuber (who deserves a lot more subscribers than he presently has).  As you might guess from the book’s title, he’s Asian – Eurasian to be specific (he despises the term “Hapa”) – and his focus is on helping the reader transform themselves from the beta male Asian stereotype – a stereotype which used to describe him – into the iconic Asian samurai/martial artist/steppe raider from history.

He’s done it – so you can do it.  As Halleck notes, if there’s one thing Asians are known for it’s being focused and dedicated to a task.

The book covers  every facet of self-improvement needed for the spergy beta male.  How to get in shape, the basics of martial arts, the principles of style and dressing sharply, communication and rhetoric, approaching women and gaming them on dates, and even how to give a woman the sort of rogering she needs (which – I trust – you’ll all be saving for your wedding night).  You might note that the paperback is noticeably more expensive than the ebook, and that’s because he provides extensive illustrations throughout, demonstrating correct forms and techniques, body posture, contrasting colours in the fashion section, et cetera.  That all adds up in the printing costs, but if you’re a fan of hardcopy like I am it’s worth it.

Note that this isn’t an Aaron Clarey book; “How to make money and get bitches!” Your typical nebbish Asian man is already driving a BMW, making way too much money in front of a computer, and possibly even locked into a mortgage on a coffin-sized, over-priced apartment in Chinatown.  While mastering the masculine techniques Halleck describes will improve your financial well-being, that’s not the focus; the focus is to get you out of the crocs and t-shirts, and out there meeting women.  And that is why I hope to see this book sell.

90% of present day politics is nothing but the politics of envy.  Whether it’s Movie Bob hating on Dudebros, Hapas hating on Whites, or SJWs hating on men, the core of the so-called movement is almost always a failure to perform in one’s own life.  Many of the criticisms are technically true, in and of themselves… but you’ll often find that the people making such complaints have never bothered to put in a modicum of effort.  They don’t even bother showing up to the race, so if you’ve been training all summer..?

Hapas complain that Asian men are considered unattractive in North America because of the nebbish stereotype; but stereotypes exist because they’re true.  So is it the epicanthic folds holding them back?  Or is it because they embrace the “loser” identity that goes along with Oriental eyes?  If you’re Asian or Eurasian, but you’re dressed well, physically fit, and you know how to have a conversation about something other than World of Warcraft – do you really think the race will matter at that point?  Larsen Halleck is living proof that it won’t.

I have a very self-interested reason for supporting this book: the fact of the matter is that healthy, successful, and satisfied men don’t vote Democrat out of envy and hatred for White/Male/Rich/1%/Dudebro/Donald Trump/Hitler/whatever.  Masculine men don’t stab you in the back; they help you defend.  They don’t parasite off of others; they contribute and build.  Identity Politics doesn’t work unless the downtrodden group stays downtrodden, and Halleck’s book has the potential to turn envious losers into confident winners.

(And quite frankly, if your average man wasn’t such a pussy, women wouldn’t be dyeing their hair purple or wearing pussy hats; masculine men inspire feminine women.)

There are two types of societal revolutions which occur.  The first is almost always correlated to a cold summer: a bunch of hungry peasants storm the Bastille, kill the King, and then install a bunch of petty, murderous tyrants.  The second sort of revolution occurs when great men get together, uplift their brothers, and create a Renaissance of music, art, architecture, and science.

Sure, The Oriental’s Guide is just a book that’ll help you get laid.  But it’s also a book that’ll siphon off some of the troops fighting on the side of degeneration and chaos, and pull them onto the side of righteousness.  You can pick it upon on Amazon today.



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