As I Walk These Broken Roads, by Davis M.J. Aurini


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Out of the irradiated wastes comes a soldier. On the far edge of the trade routes, in a small farming community, there lives a mechanic. Two men from a previous era, surviving through steel and cunning in a world of degenerated philosophy; a world where the old tech is treated with savage, animistic worship.

A storm is coming. When civilization is scattered and broken, what is a man supposed to do?

How is a man supposed to live?


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As I Walk These Broken Roadsis a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel about a soldier and a mechanic who team up to try and survive in a degenerated world; a world that’s stopped moving forward, a world where the old tech has been allowed to rust away over the years.

It explores the ideas of masculinity, brotherhood, social evolution, epistemology, and the nature of violence.  Its the first in a series which asks the question: “Where are we supposed to go, and what are we supposed to do, when the world that’s been handed to us is broken?”

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It’s available in both print and e-book format through Amazon (if you’re outside of the United States, be sure to check out your local Amazon affiliate), the print version is stocked by all major brick-and-mortar retailers, and if you’re a Kindle owner, then it’s also available through the Kindle Lending Library.

Reviews of Broken Roads

Castalia House Books: “Two of the three big confrontations in the book have a very interesting element in common: failure of leadership. Or more specifically, treacherous leaders. A few misguided men in positions of power, blinded by pride, lead their own people to spectacular disasters. It is easy to imagine that the unexplained causes of The War have much in common with this too.

Danny de Gracia at the Washington Times: “…one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve encountered this year,” and on his personal blog: “It is at its core a clever allegory for our modern day Western civilization where value, knowledge and passion have been “nuked” by the culture wars…

The Free Northerner: “The action scenes are realistic and well-written. The dialogue is solid and beleivable, while the philosophical conversations are interseting, but never extend too long or interfere with the story.

Matt Forney: “…Broken Roads stands on its own due to his meticulous attention to detail, keen understanding of psychology, and lean, economical prose. Aurini’s style of writing is reminiscent of Hemingway; he never uses two words when one will suffice, allowing you to fill in the gaps with your own imagination…”

Viktor Kowalski: “From the start it’s obvious that the novel with will rich in author’s philosophical observations about contemporary society, as well as such themes such as brotherhood, alienation, technological/social progress or degradation, violence, survival and so on.”

Koanic Soul: “Aurini’s book is deceptively simple. On the surface it’s a simple apocalyptic tale with bursts of sharp action punctuated by long lulls full of psychology, philosophy and relationships. The deep conceptual waters are only hinted at, left for the reader to plumb.”

Aaron Clarey

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