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Aurinis Insight

If you’ve been following my work for a while, you know that I put a lot of thought into my videos and writing.  They generally flow from the ideas, conversations, and books I’m reading in my spare time, and so despite the eclectic mix of topics I speak and write about, there’s some method behind the madness.

I’ve been lucky enough to accrue a substantial following over the years, and one of the consequences of this is that I get inundated with questions, many of which are incredibly complex and require a fair bit of study on my behalf before I can answer them.  Put simply, I dont’ have the time to answer even a quarter of them, and even that quarter requires a substantial time investment.  Ergo my new consulting business: Aurini’s Insight.  This is how you guarantee a response.

If you’ve got a question for me, a video you want me to make – be it historical, philosophical, or political (or anything else for that matter) – I’ll research the topic and put together a ‘University Lecture’ style video for you, going in-depth into the material, and highlighting the connections between it and other relevant topics, citing sources as needed, including multiple title cards for a ‘Power Point’ feel.

The price schedule is as follows:

  • For a 20-40 minute video, $45 (almost all videos wind up being in this category).
  • For complex topics which require two videos (one to set the stage, one to address the question) $75.
  • I can also address personal questions, lifestyle and career advice (though I urge you to consider Aaron Clarey’s Asshole Consulting seeing as he has literally written the book on personal finance).

Of course, if you prefer that my response remain private, or any other form of consultation, that is also available; pricing will be based upon the above schedule.

To engage my services, please fill out the form below, and I’ll respond as soon as possible with an estimation of costs.  Payment is accepted through Paypal (don’t worry, they accept Credit Cards), and as soon as I receive payment I’ll begin researching and recording.

Fine Print
1. Prices are listed in American dollars, but I also accept payment in Confederate Bills and Oxen.
2. Satisfaction is not guaranteed; I will endeavour to do the best job I possibly can, but I cannot promise that you’ll like what I have to say.
3. If the contact form is giving you problems, email me with “Aurini’s Insight” in the subject line at aurinidmj (at)
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