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Sunday Funday: Tumblr Degenerates.

What is it with Tumblr and all the broken-degenerates being attracted there?  Is it because of the way the “+1, Community Comments Only” structure feeds into their desires for a preternatural family? Regadless: check out this excellent video which a fellow from /v/ put together for your amusement. For your Enrichment: The French Revolution; the Beginning of the End.  Just the standard narrative, but extremely well done.  A great starting point – this is a Triple-A history lecture.

Grand Theft Auto V and Misogyny 3

Grand Theft Auto V and Misogyny

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the complaints coming from the usual quarters: GTA V contains “disturbing” attitudes towards women.  It more-or-less started with a GameSpot Transexual praising the game, aside from this one “issue,” and since then it keeps popping up all over. Quite frankly, I’m sick of it. And yet, GTA V is a game that does merit conversation; it’s a game that contains theft, murder, and torture, over and above the alleged misogyny – surely this is worthy of discussion; by what grounds to we deliver a resounding “Shut your fool mouth, woman!” to the feminists that...

Boris the Shitting Buffalo 0

“Life During Peacetime” and “Boris the Shitting Buffalo”

Life During Peacetime by Matt Forney Let me tell you about good writing. Good writing is about a lot of things: honesty, first and foremost.  It needs to be so brutally, scathingly honest that it induces symptoms of narcissism in the author.  This is why authors drink: it’s the only thing that kills the shame of exposing your inner core.  Next, it needs to be perceptive: not just of the self, but of those other characters who share in the story.  You need to truly understand and empathize with humanity if you’re going to be a good writer.  And finally...

Sunday Sermon 6

Sunday Sermon

The following post is fictious.  According to Snopes: In March 2013, shortly after Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina (now Pope Francis) was selected to succeed the retiring Pope Benedict XVI as Pope of the Catholic Church, a transcript purporting to document an unaired interview between then-Cardinal Bergoglio and an American journalist was circulated on the Internet. The transcript was originally posted to the web site of the UK’s Diocese of Salford, Nonetheless it is a beautifully written piece of fiction.  You don’t need to be a Catholic to appreciate this, you just need to be a real Man.  It’s...

Why Do People Love Star Trek? 9

Why Do People Love Star Trek?

There’s actually quite a bit to this question. ͼ-Ѻ-ͽ And now a word from our sponsor, Glorious Hat by Karl! Voice work by Aaron Clarey. Spring? It’s been snowing up here lately – Obama Hat’s been keeping me warm! ͼ-Ѻ-ͽ My novel My Twitter

“As I Walk These Broken Roads” Reviews & Pics 1

“As I Walk These Broken Roads” Reviews & Pics

Even babies enjoy apocalyptic fiction! Bill over at Apocalypse Cometh writes his review: …This isn’t faint praise because as someone who reads nearly four to five books a week, half of them fiction, because there’s only so much truth one man can take, what Davis has written here is something that I can’t praise enough. Let me put it to you this way, I was so engrossed in his narrative that I spent most of last week re-reading it to the detriment of my own posts on this site. Frost, over at Freedom Twenty-Five: If he couldn’t throw together a decent book,...

Humanism: An Ethos of Death 14

Humanism: An Ethos of Death

The Devil’s Advocate VS. The Grand Inquisitor There’s something compelling about movies with the Devil in them; The Devil’s Advocate is one of the best portrayals I’ve seen, and it leaves you with the sneaking suspicion that it’s not a metaphor; that at some point in the nineties this actually happened… only in the real world there was no happy ending. The plot follows a small-town lawyer who’s never lost a case (played by Keeanu Reeves), being seduced to New York where he becomes a high-paid gun for the city’s corrupt and broken rich, while his wife slowly goes mad. ...