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The Logic of the Algorithm: the Existential Threat of Artificial Intelligence

Understanding this threat requires that one comprehend the differing natures between man and machine, a difference far more profound than the distinction between “wetware” and “hardware”. The reasoning processes are utterly dissimilar and incompatible; the former must dominate the latter, otherwise disaster will ensue. A man who is controlled by his machine is no man at all.

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American Kiss by Dr Danny de Gracia

“…the classic icon of the 20th century was the American kiss. Look at the scenes from the end of the Second World War. Men and women had fire, moral passion, unbridled love for life and love for one another. It showed in the way they kissed each other.”

As I Walk These Broken Roads 1

The Broken Road (Poem)

William Manning, who writes at Modern Maleficarum, was inspired to write a poem by my novel As I Walk These Broken Roads; I figured I’d share it with you. The Broken Road A thousand leagues I’ve wandered I’ve seen near everything From unrelenting wastelands To cold, refreshing springs A land of rakes and scoundrels A field of toiling saints No place for me to rest my eyes As I walk these broken roads The gears that keep us moving The tomes of sages past A million years of history This magic makes us last My eyes have seen no aged...

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There Will Never Be another True Metroid Game

I’m afraid I have some bad news for you: there will never be another Metroid game that lives up to the original. You’ll never have a sequel that does it justice. No matter how much you protest, no matter how hard Nintendo tries to meet your expectations, you’ll be disappointed with whatever shallow imitation comes out and tries to reinvent the series with next-gen graphics.

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Sunday Funday: Tumblr Degenerates.

What is it with Tumblr and all the broken-degenerates being attracted there?  Is it because of the way the “+1, Community Comments Only” structure feeds into their desires for a preternatural family? Regadless: check out this excellent video which a fellow from /v/ put together for your amusement. For your Enrichment: The French Revolution; the Beginning of the End.  Just the standard narrative, but extremely well done.  A great starting point – this is a Triple-A history lecture.

Grand Theft Auto V and Misogyny 3

Grand Theft Auto V and Misogyny

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the complaints coming from the usual quarters: GTA V contains “disturbing” attitudes towards women.  It more-or-less started with a GameSpot Transexual praising the game, aside from this one “issue,” and since then it keeps popping up all over. Quite frankly, I’m sick of it. And yet, GTA V is a game that does merit conversation; it’s a game that contains theft, murder, and torture, over and above the alleged misogyny – surely this is worthy of discussion; by what grounds to we deliver a resounding “Shut your fool mouth, woman!” to the feminists that...

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“Life During Peacetime” and “Boris the Shitting Buffalo”

Life During Peacetime by Matt Forney Let me tell you about good writing. Good writing is about a lot of things: honesty, first and foremost.  It needs to be so brutally, scathingly honest that it induces symptoms of narcissism in the author.  This is why authors drink: it’s the only thing that kills the shame of exposing your inner core.  Next, it needs to be perceptive: not just of the self, but of those other characters who share in the story.  You need to truly understand and empathize with humanity if you’re going to be a good writer.  And finally...