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Prisoners Dilemma 12

Civilization and the Iterrated Prisoner’s Dilemma

I cannot overstate what a terrible, terrible thing the Prisoner’s Dilemma is. It is Objective Reality run amok. It is Cthulhu’s maw gaping for our souls. It is an eternal hall of mirrors squeezing in on you, until the glass shatters and tears through your eyes, and into your soul.

self-service-checkout-automation 14

Automated Prisons, and the Dilemma of Love

We are all prisoners of this world, all of us locked into this psychopathic trust game with one another, and the only sane answer is – each and every time – to defect, to sell out your co-conspirator, and to hope to God that they’re just a robotic simulacrum that sold you out first.

The Oatmeal Electric Car 11

Hard Limits and Electric Cars

Heroism and tragedy, death and vanity – they’re two sides of the same coin. In this world, we are often at our greatest when we are at our most foolish.

Great Artist 3

Pursuing Arete: Medicine, Journalism, and Art

All writing (as with all Art, all engineering, all software coding…) must first and foremost be beautiful. Second, it must be True. Third, it must be unique… and most importantly, it must do all of these things unconsciously.

Zion Valley 2 15

A Better Class of People

“A better class of people,” as Aaron puts it. There’s no garbage to be found on the mountain – maybe the occasional wrapper that fell out of somebody’s pocket, but that’s quickly removed by another hiker. Decency and openness in all of the faces you see. People who have the gumption to commit to such an exhausting hike, and whose physical bodies – while not necessarily ‘model-skinny’ – are in solid form.

Confessions of an Online Hustler 2

Book Review: Confessions of an Online Hustler by Matt Forney

“Confessions of an Online Hustler” a step-by-step set of instructions on how to become a “professional blogger”. Make no mistake: blogging effectively is a lot of work (even if you can do it in your underwear), and there are no short-cuts to success. If writing is just a hobby for you, don’t even bother, but if you are thinking about writing on a professional, or semi-professional basis, then this is the book for you.

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What is Capitalism?

Ain’t it funny how the left and the right talk past each other? Liberals think that “Capitalist” means crony-capitalists; that’s not what Conservatives mean by the term. This mis-communication isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

Sisyphus 33

Enjoy the Decline

Does the realization of the meaninglessness and absurdity of life necessarily require suicide? ~Millenial King, “Aurini and Nihilism: A Reaction“ Enjoy the Decline.  I remember the first time I ran across that particular catchphrase; a somewhat-popular blog, with a black/orange aesthetic, run by a man whose call-sign was as witty as his prose.  After reading for a some time, I started a blog-war argument with him – some minor point of contention, to explore the ground upon which we agreed.  Dialogue followed, and not long after that, friendship: my good friend Aaron Clarey – the Captain of Capitalism. It’s struck...

BD 22

Get Down Off Of Your Cross

Catholics seek martyrdom, while Protestants externalize their guilt onto others; this is a thread that runs through our politics and culture, and it’s theologically insane. Misdirected guilt is at the core of our civilizational insanity.