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Book Review: Understanding #Gamergate by Scott Cameron

Scott Cameron’s Understanding #Gamergate is a 14,000 word dissertation explaining the core issues which started Gamergate, the major developments which have proceeded since that time, introductions to the major players, and a framework by which the reader can measure and weigh the arguments of both sides.

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Ferguson, r-Types, and Threat Response

This is the insanity of the Ferguson rioters: threaten them, and they will force you to fulfil your threat, to the detriment of both of you. They do not respond rationally.

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Profiling, Threat Assessement, and Prejudice

Threat assessment is a skill that everybody in the law enforcement industry learns to one degree or another. It’s a constant vigilance bordering on paranoia, where the back of your mind never stops examining the environment for any aberrations, even while your conscious mind is focused elsewhere.

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Update on #TheSarkeesianEffect Month 5

The past five months have been a whirlwind of stress, worry, excitement, joy, and a brilliantly idiotic idea taking shape into something that I, Jordan, and you our patrons can – I believe – be proud of.  Below is a screen-cap of the rough draft I’m working on, the remainder of this post will be an update on what’s going on, starting with a request we have for you our backers. 1. We are asking our patrons to grant us a 1-month extension We originally projected a 5-month production period, and hoped to be done filming by the end of...

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Daddy Government and the Corporate Boyfriend

Daddy Government and the Corporate Boyfriend are two concepts which really sum up the status quo of our society. They’re the two main forces, working in tandem, which ensnare the modern woman, turning her into a useful battery for the powers that be, without regard for the woman herself or the future of our civilization. They’re products of Marketing run amok, that demon-child birthed by Edward Bernays at the beginning of the 20th Century, when he employed the theories of his uncle Freud to shatter humanity into atomized spheres of narcissistic reflection, under the stony, silent gaze of the Puritan God Leviathan.

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Predictions for 2015

Overview We’re living in a civilization that’s declining into a new Dark Age as part of the long cycle, while in the short cycle of generation, we’re gearing up for a major conflict.  These are the seasons in which we live, they’re part of the landscape and there’s nothing we can do about them.  Within this context, however, there is much that can be done.  What the conflict will be about, and how the Dark Age will manifest are still up in the air. Dark Ages result in the decline of states, but not necessarily the decline of peoples or...

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The Ten Commandments for Atheists; A Deconstruction

The following Ten Commandments for Atheists has been popping up on the Internet for the past couple of days, and since I’m stuck waiting on a rendering video, I figured I’d give them a quick deconstruction.

Before I begin, my stance on the whole New Atheist movement: it can be summed up as “So you figured out there’s no god? Good for you. Have a cookie.” I typically refer to the hardline adherents as ‘Atheistkult’, as I find them to be naive and arrogant, no better than the ignorant hordes thumping “Muh Bible!” This isn’t a sweeping condemnation of all Atheists (or Southern Baptists, for that matter), just the noisiest and most poorly read of the group.

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It’s Time for the Manosphere to Mend Bridges with the MHRM

If you ask most denizens of the Manosphere, they’ll describe AVfM as nothing more than “Feminism for men” (meanwhile, the MHRM would probably describe the Manosphere as “Nothing but a bunch of guys trying to get laid”). These are both gross mischaracterizations.

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The CIA Torture Report

On December 9th, 2014, the Democrats of the Senate Intelligence Committee published a report of the torture methods employed by the CIA during the War on Terror over the past decade, methods that were authorized under Bush, and carried on under Obama. My reaction can be broken down into three categories: the morality, the tactics, and the context. Let’s take these one by one.