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Lust in the Time of Heartache 9

So I’m making a short film…

…and entering it into a contest to earn a grant from the Telus corporation. Short version, I need your support: Telus will be awarding 5 films with grant money, based upon which one receives the most votes.  I’m asking that you spend a minute of your time registering on their StoryHive website to vote for my film, Lust in the Time of Heartache. Long version: I think you’re going to like this film (and yes, upon completion it will be available for free online). Note: if you prefer, I’ve uploaded an 8 minute video which essentially the same as this...

Garden of Earthly Delights (Banner) 23

Let God Sort It Out

The hell with ‘em all, and let God sort it out. Seriously; obsessing over this broken world will do nothing but drive you crazy.

Smiling Cat 15

Tinder: If You Stop Laughing, You’re Going to Cry

On Tinder: a handful of carefully chosen photos define the person. Not their written self-description – not the full-movements of a person in motion, existing in time – but the still-frame snapshots. The pure, distilled ego. An archaeological artifact of a dead civilization. Any connection to the inner self is ephemeral at best.

Sisyphus 33

Enjoy the Decline

Does the realization of the meaninglessness and absurdity of life necessarily require suicide? ~Millenial King, “Aurini and Nihilism: A Reaction“ Enjoy the Decline.  I remember the first time I ran across that particular catchphrase; a somewhat-popular blog, with a black/orange aesthetic, run by a man whose call-sign was as witty as his prose.  After reading for a some time, I started a blog-war argument with him – some minor point of contention, to explore the ground upon which we agreed.  Dialogue followed, and not long after that, friendship: my good friend Aaron Clarey – the Captain of Capitalism. It’s struck...

Thus Spoke Zarathustra 25

Finding Virtue on the Razor’s Edge

Virtuous action does nothing but aid and abet the enemy; an enemy focused just as much on murdering you, as they are on committing suicide. Participating in this culture is not virtuous – but refusing to participate does nothing constructive, neither for you, nor for a civilization which caught a terminal illness 225 years ago.

BD 22

Get Down Off Of Your Cross

Catholics seek martyrdom, while Protestants externalize their guilt onto others; this is a thread that runs through our politics and culture, and it’s theologically insane. Misdirected guilt is at the core of our civilizational insanity.

Capture 10

New Material Month

Realize that while most of which feminism and socialism advocates is outlandishly stupid, and certainly deserves a response, the truth is their numbers and stupidity are staggering and incomprehensible.  This has resulted in a limitless number of stupid ideas and stupid thoughts flooding the idea marketplace.  And while your visceral reaction may be to shoot each and everyone of them down, I fear all it is doing is driving traffic to otherwise unremarkable and irrelevant feminists.  Additionally, as you know, I believe the situation in America is unsalvagable, so why bother wasting your time rushing from fire to fire to...

ss2 20


Folks, I’m an old-school scifi nerd who reads physics texts and Artificial Intelligence theory for fun.  Given that I love fiction, I completely understand why AIs like Shodan (the front-page banner for this piece) or the machine intelligences from The Matrix are so often depicted as evil – simply put, it makes for a more compelling story.  The reality of AI isn’t necessarily so bleak; there are dangers, true, but a machine intelligence isn’t innately a threat to human beings. The real threat is the people who study these things. The folks over on LessWrong, in addition to having great...