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Reactionary Alignment Chart

  As you probably noticed, I decided to update the style on my site; hopefully this looks a lot cleaner and less cramped, the old one looked good back in 2008, but time and technology holds still for no man. I’m still ironing out the bugs, so this is partially a test post; it’s also an image I put together for a bit of fun.  You need to know both reactionary political theory and the Dungeons and Dragons allignment system to get it, which I figure is about 15% of my audience.  Tell me what you think:


LTR Game: Have a Fake Argument

Recently I was acting in a 3-person “art house” project; I won’t bore you with the overall plot, because what I want to bring up is the ad-libbed argument the actress and I were having.  It was a typical domestic argument about everything and nothing, and I was worried going into it that it might engender bad blood between myself and the actress.  Nothing could have been further from the truth. It started off with her bitching at me about taking the garbage out.  Then I yelled at her for being OCD about cleaning.  Then she called me a lazy...

Correlation, Causation, and Racism in “Science” 2

Correlation, Causation, and Racism in “Science”

You’ve got to love the modern pseudo-science of polling.  I remember during the last municipal election cycle, getting a call from a polling agency asking me how important Police Services were to me. “In what context?” I asked. “How much will the importance of Police Services be influencing your vote in the upcoming election.” A meaningless question without context. I hold a dim view of the Calgary Police Service; my anecdotal experiences with them have shown a deficit of actual policing skill.  They can’t differentiate between “Alpha citizen” and “Alpha criminal,” often stiffening in fear whenever they witness testosteronic power...


The White Poppy Quislings

As my American readers may be aware, in Canada we wear a red poppy on our lapel during the week leading up to Remembrance Day (you guys call it Veteran’s Day).  The tradition traces back to Maj John McRae, who penned the following poem in 1915, shortly before losing his life in the First World War. Remembrance Day isn’t a topic I’ve addressed before because, quite frankly, there’s nothing for me to say; the words have been written, the speeches recorded, and it is our duty as patriots to intone them about the cenotaph on the 11th of November –...

Game is a K-Type Mating Strategy 8

Game is a K-Type Mating Strategy

This post assumes basic familiarity with r/K selection theory, as well as Anonymous Conservative‘s work exploring how this relates to the two fundamental political stances of our species.  I highly recommend that you buy his book The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics for an in depth analysis, but for the sake of this article a simple explanation will suffice (if you’re already familiar with his theory you can skip to the break). An r-selected species is a reproduction focused species; this occurs in niches of abundance, where food is readily available.  Under such conditions, it is the fastest reproducers who take...


Reality Fails the Bechdel Test

Swedish cinemas take aim at gender bias with Bechdel test rating You expect movie ratings to tell you whether a film contains nudity, sex, profanity or violence. Now cinemas in Sweden are introducing a new rating to highlight gender bias, or rather the absence of it. To get an A rating, a movie must pass the so-called Bechdel test, which means it must have at least two named female characters who talk to each other about something other than a man. Anyone with an ounce of sanity will be rolling their eyes at this bit of nonsense.  Nobody cares if...

The 25 Year Old Virgin 13

The 25 Year Old Virgin

I’ve noticed a trend going around, and it’s bothering me.  Let’s call it “Puritanism” – derived from “Purity” not “Puritanical” (though the Cunning Linguist in me suspects that they might somehow be related).  It’s something I’ve noticed appearing here and there in comment sections, you can even find the occasional blogger who will engage in it: the claim to moral purity. We all tend to be a bit idealistic around this deep, dark corner of the Internet; we speak in absolutes, we write about archetypes, and we simplify for the sake of explanation.  We’re trying to create new models for...

The Manosphere: A Response to 20/20 with Doctor Illusion 9

The Manosphere: A Response to 20/20 with Doctor Illusion

Myself and Doctor Illusion sat down to have a chat about what the Manosphere actually is, in preparation for the 20/20 hatchet job; I’ll argue with Paul Elam some other day, right now it’s time to circle the wagons.  With any luck, it should be a fun time for all, veterans and newbies of this deep, dark corner of the Internet. Incidentally, my novel is still available on Amazon, and my Facebook account is Darth.Aurini; feel free to send me a friend request! The story behind the image for this video. A site to download it as an MP3. Also,...


Pry, Valiente, & ABC: A Study in Corrupt Journalistic Ethics

The following post is going to be addressing an article by Alyssa Pry and Alexa Valiente on ABC’s website, titled Women Battle Online Anti-Women Hate From the ‘Manosphere’.  I bring this up at the start because the purpose of this post is three-fold. 1. To establish that the Fourth Estate – the journalists upon whom we rely to transmit an accurate picture of the world – is hopelessly corrupt.  Not just incompetent (though man of them are that, too), but corrupt.  Their intentional dishonesty is an existential threat to our civilization. 2. To discuss the challenges every journalist and writer...


An Epidemic of Low Testosterone

EDIT November, 2014: at the present time, AndroPlus seems to have gone offline, and they’re not responding to emails.  I’ve been in touch with colleagues such as Matt Forney, and we’re a bit worried about what’s happened to the company we gave our voices to.  Early on there had been minor issues which I attributed merely to the disorganization of any new business, but the present state of affairs is far more worrying. The post below remains unaltered (I believe it contains a lot of valuable information outside of the product recommendation), but as things stand I would have to...