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Sunday Funday: Take my wife – please! 1

Sunday Funday: Take my wife – please!

Captain Capitalism describes the latest economic bubble, Chinese rot, and European masochism.  He’s also put together a book of his best writings – I’ve got my copy, I’ll be reviewing it soon. Climate change?  Global Warming?  I’ve got your climate change right here, bub, and it doesn’t look like the Medieval Optimum. The Mandrosphere is not dying; it is an ever flowing river.  A new game/lifestyle/fitness blog is up, thank you for putting it together, Frost.  Expect to see me contributing to it from time to time. Oh, look, a sociologist found exactly what they wanted to find.  Go Team...

Being a Man 4

Being a Man

The Way of Men by Jack Donovan; this is an absolute must read (seriously, if you’re asking this question then buy his book before you buy mine; his is theory, my novel is practice). Ideally, buy both. Linkage: Not going to hold your hands on this one, you gotta do the research yourself. Or course my twitter – which I’ve now turned online:

Kuleana de Hawai’i ad ipsum 2

Kuleana de Hawai’i ad ipsum

Welcome to Stares at the World, where we can screw up grammar in three languages at a time. As I’m sure you all know I recently did a couple of interviews with Danny de Gracia, a politician/journalist/literary critic & chef from the State of Hawaii; he’s my second data-point that there’s a new wave of politicians coming, a group of Gen-X/Millennial Men with the shrewdness needed to rule, and the integrity to rule well. But this post isn’t about him; it’s about Hawaii. Speaking with him got me curious, so during a slow moment at work I decided to do...

Update, and Interview Part II 1

Update, and Interview Part II

I’d like to tell you folks a little bit about what’s been going on, especially with all these Man’o’sphere sites dropping like flies, but first my second interview with Danny de Gracia II; the first one went so well, we figured a longer version was due. Posting’s been a bit sparse, what with launching the novel and everything, but I plan to amend that; and I figured I’d make the commitment publicly so that I don’t have any excuses. Henceforth I will be writing two articles per week, Monday night and Thursday night, as well as a YouTube video on...

Interview at the Washington Times 4

Interview at the Washington Times

Danny de Gracia, a columnist with the Washington Times, was good enough to pick up a copy of my novel, finish it in two days, and then contact me about doing an interview.  We talked about the apocalypse, generational theory, and  – of course – motorcycles.  Go check it out here.

The Screws are Coming Out 1

The Screws are Coming Out

Now I’m sure you all know about Aaron Clarey‘s war on Higher Edumacation; that if you haven’t read, you’ve at least read about his book Worthless; and that you understand how messed up college is nowadays. Well, it gets even worse. Aaron’s already written about a lot of the problems; about how a degree in transgendered turtle studies doesn’t allow you to build the stuff people actually want (forcing us to hire the Chinese, Japanese, and Indians to do all of this, while we produce…).  About how the levels of debt created by these faux-educations are going to wind up...

Novel Q&A 4

Novel Q&A

Feel free to leave comments here, or on the youtube video. Hoping you folks have some good questions for me about the book, so that I can answer them. Review: I think some of you will really like his blog; poke around a bit, and see if it makes sense to you. Facebook & Amazon links: The Last Centurion by John Ringo (Baen Free Library):

Agenda: Grinding America Down 9

Agenda: Grinding America Down

Let’s start with an excellent post from the Captain.  Anti-feminism is not about hating women; none of these controversial ideas we discuss in the alt-right are about hating anyone; it’s about saving our bloody civilization.  And let’s get one thing absolutely clear: these aren’t the accidental side-effects of “good hearted, but misguided” policies.  These are deliberate attacks by a small group of intellectuals who want to bring down the West.  These people have names; they’ve been perfectly explicit in their goals; they know what they’re doing, and they’ve written down both How and Why they’re doing it.  This isn’t a...