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Portrait of a Dissolute Man 1

Portrait of a Dissolute Man

This is not a character assassination. This is not even a description of a specific individual. Rather, this is a captured zeitgeist, a Parable of our Age, a symptom of our present sickness.  Note that I said Dissolute, not Profligate (Caesar was always careful with his words); he is as much a victim as the rest of us. The Dissolute Man is not found in some movie studio, deep within the bowels of Hollywood, buried amongst the ancient tomes of memetic biology, manufacturing the contagion – far from it.  The bright lights of the Nightclub are what call to him. ...

Collapse: Long, Slow, and Permanent 7

Collapse: Long, Slow, and Permanent

Most writers in the alt-right/reactionary/androsphere seem to be city dwellers.  Certainly Apocalypse Cometh and Wimminz write from the urban perspective, and I suspect this is part of the reason they (as well as myself) tend to have such dire predictions about how bad the Decline is going to be.  In the cities, the cracks are starting to show. Forget about the violent crime rates – for those of us living in or near the Downtowns, it’s the subtle problems that stand out.  The debased standard of living amongst the lowest class, drinking cheap liquor in public parks, ever reliant on...

Romney’s Going to Lose, and I Don’t Care 1

Romney’s Going to Lose, and I Don’t Care

Part I: I am an Oak Some time ago (actually, quite a bit longer-a-go, but that’s the first time I published it) I predicted that Obama was going to win a second term.  I consider the matter self-evident.  While this may seem a Ballsy, given the current state of the economy and the upcoming Zimmerman trial, I stick by my guns.  Remember that Obama is a Product Placement, not a man.  Freudians have measured our woof, and texture; voters are in the dull catalogue of common things.  Short of a Great Scandal (like, say, Child Pornography in the White House...

Sunday Funday 23/06/2012 – Fuck the police! 1

Sunday Funday 23/06/2012 – Fuck the police!

Vox Day makes fun of “rape culture.” Trigger warning. Is our friend Mencius Moonlighting? A new challenger appears!  I know this guy, he’s wise beyond his years. Pro Liberate warns us about the dangers of Armed Thugs being allowed in our cities. If you disagree with any of this, don’t worry; I’m just some idiot who smokes cigarettes.

The Inevitability of Conspiracy Theories 6

The Inevitability of Conspiracy Theories

“I have always said, the first Whig was the Devil.” ~ Samuel L. Johnson  (1709-1784) The terms Left and Right get bandied about quite a bit, and Nailing Down a meaning is no simple task.  Is it just a sort of shorthand for Conservative and Liberal?  Not if it has a coherent meaning; the parties can never make up their minds on what they want.  Seventy years ago the Republicans were the Big Government Moral Dreamers, pro-black to their core, while the Democrats where the pro-racist-union groupies.  Then Civil Rights happened, and everything turned on its head.  The Democrats became...

Demographic Decline Delusions in the Main Stream 9

Demographic Decline Delusions in the Main Stream

…back in those Halcyon Days, I didn’t own a computer, let alone an Internet connection.  Cell phones were something carried around by blurry girls, devoid of personality.  Newspapers were impenetrably dense, discussing countries and organizations which you squinted at, trying to make sense of the foreign tongues.  And as for books, and magazines?  Treasure troves of new perspectives, challenging argumentation, and eye-opening vistas. The Internet’s changed everything.  Now it’s just a few clicks away to learn who and what FARC is (let alone Joseph Kony), and the thrill of discovering a New Heuristic is a rare pleasure, indeed (what with...

Sunday Funday! June 10th, 2012 1

Sunday Funday! June 10th, 2012

Dalrock updates on the Marriage Statistics: he might not believe in the strike, but he is correct nonetheless. Vox Day out-argues yet another idiot. Captain Capitalism blesses us with one of his rare, long-form posts.  Full of arrogance and grace. Old but new again: Matt Forney FTSU. Stay tuned for Lunatic Fringe Radio…