My Collected Writings on politics, science fiction, theology, and women.

Whisky fuelled ramblings 0

Whisky fuelled ramblings

Loneliness is a brutal state of affairs. When the glowing power LEDs of your laptop, and the comforting growl of your car’s engine are your only companions, you’re on your own. But at least you’re self defined. Mars. Mars! The planet’s name breathes through me like the voice of destiny. The Red Planet; our second home; another basket for our eggs. Luna; the spacefarer’s waypoint. Where are Heinlein’s Lunatics? The colonizers? The scientist-adventurers? The Northern Lights shon brilliantly tonight. Blue, green, even amber curtains – solar wind sucked in by our planet’s magnetic field. Ions flaring out in one final...

The Amoral Society 2

The Amoral Society

How can one be moral in an amoral society? The question plagues me. I don’t have the answer. Not yet. But I’ve realized there’s another question implicit within it. Namely: to what degree can principles be compromised without betraying them? Is expediency – sacrificing values to the needs of the moment – ever justified? If one is to take action – to rebel through moral behaviour – at what point should the action begin, and to what degree should it be taken? My context must be defined. At other times, and in other places, the solution came more easily. When...