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The Question Libertarians Can’t Answer (a response to Stefan Molyneux) 8

The Question Libertarians Can’t Answer (a response to Stefan Molyneux)

Use No Hooks The mendacious Salon article ͼ-Ѻ-ͽ Libertarian Realist also uploaded a video on this topic today: ͼ-Ѻ-ͽ My novel My Twitter

Anarcho-Capitalism’s Fatal Conceit 7

Anarcho-Capitalism’s Fatal Conceit

An analysis of the fundamental flaw underlying Anarcho-Capitalism, and why it’s ultimately indistinguishable from Marxism.

The Way of Men by Jack Donovan – Book Review 8

The Way of Men by Jack Donovan – Book Review

Back in the early days of the Internet, before Web 2.0, before the Androsphere, back when blogging was a dirty word, there was the Tucker Max Message Board.  A nascent collection of Manly Men and ne’er do wells, with authors such as PhilaLawyer and Robert Greene, a large contingent of military men, a brilliant writers’ forum, Tucker’s writings on proto-game, and, of course, Yours Truly.  The conversations on the Idiot Board (the TMMB’s /b/) were as hilarious as they were insightful (it’s where I first heard of Roissy), and it was an exciting place to be. There we were, a...

Democracy Will Fail You

Democracy Will Fail You

Yes, Politics is Interesting – believe me, I get it. There’s nothing inherently wrong with being a political junkie. After all, some men like fishing; others like fowling. Some men just like to hear the voice off the teleprompter roaring. And I’m just as bad as the worst of them. But as captivating as it might be – watching their deft manipulation of the public, trying to spot the strings of the special interest groups, gambling on whom the Average Bear will choose – I know not to take it seriously. Not that it isn’t serious, mind you – it’s...

Combatting Cultural Marxism 11

Combatting Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism is one of those terms that gets thrown around a lot, and like all such terms it tends to suffer from Adaptive Decay.  It therefore behooves me to write a Brief History on what the term really means. We start with Trotsky and the New Soviet Man. Communism in practice is a centralized bureaucracy with sufficient guns to carry out its plans.  They – the educated, chosen elite – unabashedly claim the Wisdom to direct all individual behaviour.  Their Scholarship, you see, has granted them Greater Insight into the human condition than any Priest could ever dream of. ...

Just Following Orders… 3

Just Following Orders…

…the simpering excuse of the Moral Coward. It’s lesser form, “I’m just doing my job,” brings to mind the incompetent half-ass; the man at the printing store who delivers $500 worth of stationary to you, with an obvious typo in the title – a typo you missed as you wrote the order in haste – which he didn’t think worthy of a telephone call to verify.* For any Man of Red Blood, no explanation of the Nuremburg Defense is necessary: Right is Right, and Wrong is Wrong.  The very pathways of our souls are ordered along these lines.  Debates, perhaps,...

First Principles 0

First Principles

In light of my new status as Patriarch, I figure now’s as good a time as any to revisit the foundational principles that inform my thoughts on Human Nature and Political Economy.  The broad schools of thought by which you could label me – Atheist, Men’s Rights Advocate, Libertarian, Anarchist, Capitalist, Rationalist, Reactionary, Objectivist, or Existentialist to name a few – might serve as good shorthand to sum up my stance, but in the Immortal Words of Eliezer Yudkowsky, Every Cause Wants To Be A Cult. And I ain’t down with religion – particularly not Dawkin’s. The problems with ideology...