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Another Health Scandal Courtesy of Socialized Medicine

EDMONTON – The Wildrose party is calling on the province’s auditor general to investigate allegations that Alberta Health Services bought an estimated $10 million worth of computer equipment and left it in storage for 17 months before it was used by employees. The allegations, which were by AHS, are contained in separate letters sent to Health Minister Fred Horne and Premier Alison Redford by an unknown whistleblower. Source: The Edmonton Journal Despite having a next-to-zero calorie intake of MSM news, it seems as if I’m inundated with stories of failures in the Canadian Healthcare service.  Just a couple years ago,...


The Strategy Guide to Life

Bold and Determined recently celebrated its 3 year anniversary; I decided to send Victor my well-wishes by channelling some of his “No apologetics, no excuses” brand of possitivity in the following article. Forget for the moment about the economy; forget for the moment about the historical cycles.  Remember, instead, that every generation of Men has had its own set of challenges to confront, and its own obstacles to overcome.  This is precisely what Dickens meant in the opening chapter of his novel A Tale of Two Cities: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it...

Top Economist Blogs: Congrats to the Captain 1

Top Economist Blogs: Congrats to the Captain

EconomicsDegree.Net – Guide to 110+ Accredited Economics Degrees – recently elected Captain Capitalism as one of the top 100 economics bloggers.  Congrats, I say; it’s well deserved. As many of you know already, I’m a huge fan of the Captain’s content.  There’s his book Worthless, a wonderful contribution to the young of today which might just save their economic futures.  There’s his deep-posts full of charty-goodness, often confirming his earlier off-the-cuff predictions.  But my favourite thing about him?  His basic, “Econ 101” posts; not only are they entertaining for the seasoned social critic, not only are they approachable for the...

Update: Lunatic Fringe Radio 0

Update: Lunatic Fringe Radio

Sorry about the dearth of posts; I’ve been working on some projects: Lunatic Fringe Radio: the only Reactionary Podcast on the Internet!  This week, I sat down for an interview with Aaron Clarey aka Captain Capitalism.  Watch it on YouTube, or download the MP3.

Linkage: Voxiversity Edition 0

Linkage: Voxiversity Edition

Blogger Vox Day has been good enough to assemble a series of Lecture & Test posts on a variety of topics.  I’m currently working my way through Rothbard’s America’s Great Depression – an Austrian examination of what occurred.  The book itself, of course, is hosted by the Mises Institute, but this is a great service by Vox Day, nonetheless.  The multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter are a great help. He’s doing more than just blogging – he’s actively laying out coursework for your own edification, from several books (down on the left-hand side-bar).  I might go through...

Happy Consumerism Day 2

Happy Consumerism Day

Well thank God, the damned thing’s finally over.  Eleven months of peace before another one of these awful holiday seasons rolls around , complete with its tacky displays, embarrassing traditions, and the constant insistence that you stretch your face into an ugly, manic grin. I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate Christmas. But it did get me thinking a lot about Consumerism – and what better day to talk about it than Boxing Day?*