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The Insanity of a Hamster-Run Mind 10

The Insanity of a Hamster-Run Mind

Hat-tip to CappyCap; he found yet another example of feminist insanity and delusion in a recent post on XOJane.  Yet again, we have a woman who mistakes “living on welfare” for “being an independent woman,” but the fun doesn’t end there!  Join me as we journey through her memoir, and I point out each obvious mistake she’s made in her life, and yet refuses to acknowledge, leaving one with the conclusion that her life would be VERY easy to fix – if she weren’t batshit insane. I was a single mom for 10 long years. During that decade I relied...

We’re Going International 1

We’re Going International

A conversation between myself and the Observer Watches, a man from Singapore who’s doing his best to enjoy the decline.  Everywhere you look around the globe you see the same effects, from different proximate causes.

Book Review: Enjoy the Decline by Aaron Clarey 3

Book Review: Enjoy the Decline by Aaron Clarey

Accepting and Living with the Death of the United States ͼ-Ѻ-ͽ Once again, Aaron Clarey hits it out of the park with his new book Enjoy the Decline: The Decline is coming.  All the financial indicators show this, and the cultural degeneracy is equally self-evident.  Our generation will not be as wealthy as our parents. But despite these grim times, it’s not only possible to survive, it’s possible to live well.  Part of this is a change to your frame of mind: accept the fact that you’re never going to live in a McMansion (mortgaged to the hilt, a slave...

Shaming Culture 3

Shaming Culture

The Captain has a new post up, The Shaming of John Galt. The left uses shame and “shaming language” for one reason and one reason only – they are factually wrong, so they must “shame” what is “right” or what is real.  Since the left lives in a world that is not based in reality or the reality principle, they have to “change reality” and the best way to do that is to convince or outright brainwash people into thinking the opposite of what is true and the opposite of what is in their best interests. There are so many...

The Screws are Coming Out 1

The Screws are Coming Out

Now I’m sure you all know about Aaron Clarey‘s war on Higher Edumacation; that if you haven’t read, you’ve at least read about his book Worthless; and that you understand how messed up college is nowadays. Well, it gets even worse. Aaron’s already written about a lot of the problems; about how a degree in transgendered turtle studies doesn’t allow you to build the stuff people actually want (forcing us to hire the Chinese, Japanese, and Indians to do all of this, while we produce…).  About how the levels of debt created by these faux-educations are going to wind up...

I am tEh Canadian Taliban 14

I am tEh Canadian Taliban

Edit: Naomi is a stalker and an attention whore, who’s trying to doc-drop the Captain and I.  As such I’ve decided to break the links to her website because she doesn’t deserve the traffic.  Quite frankly, she’s just not that interesting of an opponent.  I’m leaving this post up because it’s a great example of Feminist hypocrisy. And a Monster as well, who apparently hates women. It’s funny how fast a shit-storm starts: *Sigh* That Democrat/Patriarchy bit was pretty disappointing – as usual we hear the one instance where the Old System went wrong, and are expected to ignore the...

Update: Lunatic Fringe Radio 0

Update: Lunatic Fringe Radio

Sorry about the dearth of posts; I’ve been working on some projects: Lunatic Fringe Radio: the only Reactionary Podcast on the Internet!  This week, I sat down for an interview with Aaron Clarey aka Captain Capitalism.  Watch it on YouTube, or download the MP3.