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The Necessity and Purpose of New Chivalric Orders

In preparation for the coming Dark Age, it is incumbent upon men of good character to prepare by forming Fraternal Orders dedicated to Chivalry, martial valour, and the spirit embodied by the Paladins and Templars throughout our history.

Feminism and the Serpent

The serpent doesn’t have a preference of either sex, it merely wants to blaspheme Truth, Beauty, and God’s creation, and Feminists – disciples of this serpent – seek out the same thing,

Fireproof (2008): Unpacking the Feminism [Video]

Fireproof is a 2008 film which tries to put out a positive, pro-marriage message. While it has some good elements, it ultimately fails because of the attitude of “Women are Wonderful and can do no wrong”. It winds up flipping the principles of Christian marriage on their head, and serves as a guideline for setting yourself up for divorce.

Beta Males Create Hypergamy

You manifest your own reality. I know what you’re thinking: nothing but the words of a self-help guru, some manipulative Eastern Mystic, selling bulk-bin books to the Housefrau at Walmart.  Quite frankly, I’m not a huge fan of that positive-thinking garbage, myself; I far prefer suffering.  As Jordan Petersen said in the video I linked yesterday, suffering is how you know you’re alive. Happiness?  Happiness is the heroin drip, the video game addiction, the desire for Thanatos and self-elimination.  Happiness is Utopia, and Utopia’s nothing but the process of killing off everybody, one by one, until you’re the last man...

Logos and Agape: Civilization’s Foundational Theology

Logos and Agape: Civilization’s Foundational Theology

Theology: to most of us who’ve suffered from a modern Education it sounds like “Philosophy for the superstitious.” In reality it’s far more than that.  Theology isn’t some discipline intended only for the musings of celibate priests, any more than Economic Theory is something that only Professional Econometricians ought to understand – it’s so foundational that not only do our morals derive from it, but so too the very heuristics by which we judge morality in the first place. Quite frankly, it’s Theology that makes up the ideological DNA of all Memetics. Throughout the Manosphere and the Alt-Right there is...

Bioshock: Infinite – a Literary Review

Bioshock: Infinite – a Literary Review

I was seriously expecting to despise this game; instead it turned out to be amazing. ͼ-Ѻ-ͽ My novel My Twitter