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diversity is our strength 3

Diversity is our Strength

War is Peace Freedom is Slavery Diversity is our Strength Black Pigeon Speaks just released the most heavily-cited and well-edited videos on the “Diversity is our Strength” lie that I’ve ever seen.  Even if you’re already aware of how false that statement is, you may still pick up something new from his video – I wasn’t aware of the mathematical/game theory analysis, though it doesn’t surprise me at all. Interesting addition: did you know that in territories where different races of grasshoppers coexist, their mating calls become more extreme, so as to differentiate the races?  Suggesting that all species are...

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The Necessity and Purpose of New Chivalric Orders

In preparation for the coming Dark Age, it is incumbent upon men of good character to prepare by forming Fraternal Orders dedicated to Chivalry, martial valour, and the spirit embodied by the Paladins and Templars throughout our history.

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2014: The Year We Start Building

Just as RooshV predicted, 2013 was the year we went mainstream.  The ABC 20/20 debacle and TechCrunch‘s article on the Neoreaction are object examples of that, but throughout the media we’ve been seeing terms that originated with us filtering out into the wider culture. Folks, we have arrived: we’ve figured ourselves out, we’ve established our community, and we’ve demonstrated our ability to impact the narrative. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you – and then you win!” This is the year where they attack; this is the year where we start to build. When I...

The Power of the Shield 4

The Power of the Shield

It’s hard being a cop these days. Part of me wants to be sympathetic.  The Boys in Blue are expected to uphold Law and Order in a society that celebrates License and Orgy.  On the one side, they’ve got the journalistic classes and the fattened masses, cowards and malcontents, who are utterly incapable of judging their actions.  On the other, they have the Untermenschen, those half-tamed barbarians, egged on by debauched culture and lobbyists, who speak nothing but the language of violence. If the media starts yelling about “Excessive force,” it’s dollars-to-donuts that some degenerate was refusing to comply. But...

Dancing in the Rain and Honour Killings 7

Dancing in the Rain and Honour Killings

Bill Whittle, from PJTV, speaking about Inconvenient Truths: Not to be pedantic, but I have a bone to pick with what Scott Ott (the first speaker, after Bill Whittle) says in this video.  Quote: …because I know that’s what happened over the years and the centuries in the Christian church, that the extreme elements were preached against, were outcast, were shunned- This is not an attack on Mr Ott (whom I’m sure I agree with on most things), but rather this sentiment I hear again and again – that Islam is Christianity from 1000 AD, that Islam needs its own...

The Corporate Boyfriend – A Testimony 22

The Corporate Boyfriend – A Testimony

A while back I posted a video titled “The Corporate Boyfriend” in which I described the manipulative, addictive nature that many corporate jobs hold for women.  So often we hear Empowered Young Feminists talking about how much they “love their jobs.” As Men, we interpret this in the same manner that we use it: “My job is tolerable, mildly interesting, not overly demeaning, and they pay’s alright.” Men don’t enjoy working for its own sake; it’s a means to an end for us.  Aside from a lucky few, we work to live, we don’t live to work. However, when women...