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The Bad Audio Hour: Demographics and Decline

This week I talk about the declining population in the West, and demographics in general. Roosh V: http://www.rooshv.com/the-end-goal-of-western-progressivism-is-depopulation Victory Girls: http://victorygirlsblog.com/refugee-bill-passes-house-with-veto-proof-majority/ My blog: http://www.staresattheworld.com/ My Twitter: http://twitter.com/Aurini Download in MP3 Format: http://www.youtubeconvert.cc/ Want to request a video? http://www.staresattheworld.com/aurinis-insight/ Just want to help out with a couple bucks? http://www.staresattheworld.com/donate/ Credits: Music by the talented Matt Baldoni: http://www.facebook.com/baldoniguitar

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Mating Disruption: The Decline of the West

One of the curious contradictions you’ll find in Atheistkult is how they embrace a purely Materialist view of reality (declaring the Mind to be nothing but the brain, a clockwork, deterministic automaton), while simultaneously rejecting evolution (of the different sub-types of human) as well as evolutionary psychology: they declare that all humans are free, rational beings (minus the soul part) whom can make any decision they want, and that Game is an imaginary security blanket: in no way are the aggregate behaviours of men and women conforming to some sort of pattern. Humans might be robots – but they’re certainly...

Correlation, Causation, and Racism in “Science” 2

Correlation, Causation, and Racism in “Science”

You’ve got to love the modern pseudo-science of polling.  I remember during the last municipal election cycle, getting a call from a polling agency asking me how important Police Services were to me. “In what context?” I asked. “How much will the importance of Police Services be influencing your vote in the upcoming election.” A meaningless question without context. I hold a dim view of the Calgary Police Service; my anecdotal experiences with them have shown a deficit of actual policing skill.  They can’t differentiate between “Alpha citizen” and “Alpha criminal,” often stiffening in fear whenever they witness testosteronic power...

Forecast 2013: Wars in the Middle East, the rise of China and new political intrigue (a new interview at The Washington Times) 2

Forecast 2013: Wars in the Middle East, the rise of China and new political intrigue (a new interview at The Washington Times)

Hawai’ian politician and journalist Danny de Gracia and I sat down for another interview recently. DDG: What do you think we should expect or look for this year? Aurini: I’d give a fifty-fifty chance of a major shake-up in Europe. The EU has been forcing self-destructive policies down the throats of their member nations, against the will of the citizens, and reactionary nationalist groups are beginning to form. The value of the American dollar will continue to degrade and we could see a new war with Iran or Syria while ignoring that blight upon human existence, North Korea, or the war...

Your Regular Broadcast Signal 1

Your Regular Broadcast Signal

Dear Reader, I’m willing to wager that the following video by Martin J Willet isn’t anything new to you; while the analysis is far more insightful than most, and it may contain a few twists that are new to you, it is part of the standard orthodoxy. So why am I linking it?  Because it is a extremely easy-to-understand explanation of the Dangers of mass-third world immigration, which -furthermore- undermines any standard rebuke.  There’s nothing within it which can be dismissed as “racist” (whatever that word means). In other words- this is a perfect deprogramming piece for a non-ideological Liberal....

Three Paths to Nowhere 4

Three Paths to Nowhere

After writing my last post I was trying to explain it to a co-worker – explain how there are basically three life choices us Men have today, and how none of them will pan out in the long term.  I realized that this was a post in itself, delineating these three choices and why they all suck… only to check my RSS feed and see that somebody beat me to it. The options we have: 1) The Blue Pill: Play along with the system. 2) MRM: Fight the current legal system for equal rights from within the system. 3) Game/MGTOW:...

Demographic Decline Delusions in the Main Stream 9

Demographic Decline Delusions in the Main Stream

…back in those Halcyon Days, I didn’t own a computer, let alone an Internet connection.  Cell phones were something carried around by blurry girls, devoid of personality.  Newspapers were impenetrably dense, discussing countries and organizations which you squinted at, trying to make sense of the foreign tongues.  And as for books, and magazines?  Treasure troves of new perspectives, challenging argumentation, and eye-opening vistas. The Internet’s changed everything.  Now it’s just a few clicks away to learn who and what FARC is (let alone Joseph Kony), and the thrill of discovering a New Heuristic is a rare pleasure, indeed (what with...

Canada: Immigrating Itself to Obscurity 6

Canada: Immigrating Itself to Obscurity

It’s not often that I disagree with the Captain, but when I do I’m compelled to write about it. Understand simply doing what an estimated 50 billion humans have been doing for the past 2 million years (breeding) is nothing great, nothing grandiose, and nothing special.  I don’t care how many “baby showers” there are or how many trillions of dollars are spent, or how precious you think you’re little baby is. Humans are INCREDIBLY common INCREDIBLY numerous and none of us in the universal sense are special. Hmm… actually, upon re-reading, it’s not so much that I disagree with...