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Professional Women and their Empty Marriages 10

Professional Women and their Empty Marriages

Let’s start with a quick test: pretend I just made a negative generalization about your demographic, a generalization that is obviously True to anyone who isn’t obsessed with living in Fantasy Land.  What’s your response? A) You shrug your shoulders, “Yeah, us cricket players can definitely be like that sometimes.” B) You pulse quickens, “How dare you say such a thing about poodle owners!” If you answered A then you’re a normal person who understands the difference between demographics and individuals, who isn’t paralyzed with fear at the thought of being criticized.  If you answered B, then I have some...

Angry Young Turks 4

Angry Young Turks

From the eminent Dalrock: I’ll pose the same question back to Ms. Duffy and the commenters who are troubled by the fact that people are angry with the gross injustice which is being done to men, children, and the very institution of marriage:  Why don’t you care?  Why aren’t you angry? Anger is an entirely healthy response to gross injustice.  Apathy on the other hand is an indication of a profound inability to feel empathy, perhaps even masking a strong level of personal investment in maintaining the injustice itself. It’s impossible for me to read something like that without reflecting...