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The Screws are Coming Out 1

The Screws are Coming Out

Now I’m sure you all know about Aaron Clarey‘s war on Higher Edumacation; that if you haven’t read, you’ve at least read about his book Worthless; and that you understand how messed up college is nowadays. Well, it gets even worse. Aaron’s already written about a lot of the problems; about how a degree in transgendered turtle studies doesn’t allow you to build the stuff people actually want (forcing us to hire the Chinese, Japanese, and Indians to do all of this, while we produce…).  About how the levels of debt created by these faux-educations are going to wind up...

Top Economist Blogs: Congrats to the Captain 1

Top Economist Blogs: Congrats to the Captain

EconomicsDegree.Net – Guide to 110+ Accredited Economics Degrees – recently elected Captain Capitalism as one of the top 100 economics bloggers.  Congrats, I say; it’s well deserved. As many of you know already, I’m a huge fan of the Captain’s content.  There’s his book Worthless, a wonderful contribution to the young of today which might just save their economic futures.  There’s his deep-posts full of charty-goodness, often confirming his earlier off-the-cuff predictions.  But my favourite thing about him?  His basic, “Econ 101” posts; not only are they entertaining for the seasoned social critic, not only are they approachable for the...

Update: Lunatic Fringe Radio 0

Update: Lunatic Fringe Radio

Sorry about the dearth of posts; I’ve been working on some projects: Lunatic Fringe Radio: the only Reactionary Podcast on the Internet!  This week, I sat down for an interview with Aaron Clarey aka Captain Capitalism.  Watch it on YouTube, or download the MP3.

The Intellectual Paucity of Historians 3

The Intellectual Paucity of Historians

The other day – Good God, has it been three weeks already? – I wrote what was probably the worst post I’ve ever tossed up on this blog.  It was utter speculative nonsense, with no solid bases in Historical Fact, I made no real attempt to cite anything in it, and despite it’s High Probability of Truth it’s nothing to be proud of. But you see, I had an ulterior motive in posting it; I am now going to use it as a vehicle to point out the intellectual paucity of most Historians. *** Back in the day, I made...