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Game Versus the Reactosphere

One of my biggest pet-peeves is seeing people argue at cross-purposes, and I think that’s precisely what’s going on with this debate between the Neoreactionaries and the Game bloggers: both sides are arguing against a caricature, due to the fact that – despite using the same terminology – they’re both using the terms with subtly different nuances, thus leading to an apparent disagreement, where no major disagreement actually exists. An example of that confused terminology is the conflation of PUA with Gamer. On the surface they’re very similar.  They both write about picking up women, they both use words like...

Sunday Funday: Tumblr Degenerates.

What is it with Tumblr and all the broken-degenerates being attracted there?  Is it because of the way the “+1, Community Comments Only” structure feeds into their desires for a preternatural family? Regadless: check out this excellent video which a fellow from /v/ put together for your amusement. For your Enrichment: The French Revolution; the Beginning of the End.  Just the standard narrative, but extremely well done.  A great starting point – this is a Triple-A history lecture.

I am tEh Canadian Taliban

I am tEh Canadian Taliban

Edit: Naomi is a stalker and an attention whore, who’s trying to doc-drop the Captain and I.  As such I’ve decided to break the links to her website because she doesn’t deserve the traffic.  Quite frankly, she’s just not that interesting of an opponent.  I’m leaving this post up because it’s a great example of Feminist hypocrisy. And a Monster as well, who apparently hates women. It’s funny how fast a shit-storm starts: *Sigh* That Democrat/Patriarchy bit was pretty disappointing – as usual we hear the one instance where the Old System went wrong, and are expected to ignore the...