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The Fight for Civilization Requires Heroic Men

In some ways, I’m glad that Donald Trump has lost his lustre; it’s a signal to all of us that civilization can’t be won by worshipping a man, instead it must be earned through individual righteousness.


Let God Sort It Out

The hell with ’em all, and let God sort it out. Seriously; obsessing over this broken world will do nothing but drive you crazy.

Known Unknowns, and Unknown Unknowns 11

Known Unknowns, and Unknown Unknowns

I’m hesitant to write about the Mark Minter situation; this whole thing is taking on shades of celebrity/hero worship, and as a general rule I try not to target individuals with my writing.  I’ll target their arguments, certainly, and I’ll attack groups of people, whether they be ideologues or mentalities, but focusing the eternal laser-light of the Internet on an individual is a cowardly bullying tactic, employed by the anonymous. And yet, I recently wrote a scathing take-down of Kezia Willingham; what makes this the exception that proves the rule? Simple: she chose to make her private life the argument...

Prick Error 1

Prick Error

Now mind you, I’m fairly certain that none of these folks have managed to zero in on the incredibly simple (and rather obvious, in my opinion) solution to these Woes That Ail Us, but I fully support their ridicule of Texas Governor Rick Perry and the Idiocy of his National Day of Prayer for Free Money:

Simulated Stupidity 0

Simulated Stupidity

I gotta say, I’m becoming increasingly suspicious of the Simulation Hypothesis. For those of you unfamiliar, it basically boils down to this.  The idea is, you calculate the numbers – what is the probability of you ACTUALLY being born in this era?  In this particularly exciting life (compared to those poor fuckers in Africa, that is – results may vary)?  Have you ever won the lottery?  Sorry, numbers say that never happens, not in the length of this Universe; winning the lottery pretty much guarantees that you’re a simulation operated by a super-computer who’s trying to figure out “Why 42?”...