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Misogyny and Muslims

Rape is not misogyny. It is bestial and psychopathic, the behaviour of a brute. A misogynist desires the love of a woman in his own sick way; the rapist pursues nought but hedonism.

The CIA Torture Report

On December 9th, 2014, the Democrats of the Senate Intelligence Committee published a report of the torture methods employed by the CIA during the War on Terror over the past decade, methods that were authorized under Bush, and carried on under Obama. My reaction can be broken down into three categories: the morality, the tactics, and the context. Let’s take these one by one.

Malala Yousafzai: A Manufactured Paragon

Even Beethoven didn’t write his first great symphony until he was in his 30s, and music is the sort of endeavour which can be focused on exclusively, it doesn’t require a breadth of life experience – just a lot of time. Politics, meanwhile, demands a wide set of experiences, a familiarity with the human condition, an awareness of your own dark nature, and a broad understanding of the various philosophies and ideologies which govern human society. There are no savants in politics; and for a teenager to be awarded this medal demeans the medal, as well as the recipient.

Sunday History Lecture: The Growth of Islam

Pour yourself a coffee, and sit down to learn yourself some History from Dr Bill Warner this fine, Sunday morning. 91% violence, 9% peace.  Honestly, this shocked even me. Facts: I’m just a Fact Man. File under “Religion of Peace.” H/T: Theodore Dalrymple Forum

Dancing in the Rain and Honour Killings

Dancing in the Rain and Honour Killings

Bill Whittle, from PJTV, speaking about Inconvenient Truths: Not to be pedantic, but I have a bone to pick with what Scott Ott (the first speaker, after Bill Whittle) says in this video.  Quote: …because I know that’s what happened over the years and the centuries in the Christian church, that the extreme elements were preached against, were outcast, were shunned- This is not an attack on Mr Ott (whom I’m sure I agree with on most things), but rather this sentiment I hear again and again – that Islam is Christianity from 1000 AD, that Islam needs its own...