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The Wages of Leftism is Rape

…the social shaming of sluts has primarily come from female half of the species, while the violent disgust with rapists has come from the men; the two halves view things from their own perspectives, which is why their union is so necessary for a civilized whole.

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The CIA Torture Report

On December 9th, 2014, the Democrats of the Senate Intelligence Committee published a report of the torture methods employed by the CIA during the War on Terror over the past decade, methods that were authorized under Bush, and carried on under Obama. My reaction can be broken down into three categories: the morality, the tactics, and the context. Let’s take these one by one.

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New Material Month

Realize that while most of which feminism and socialism advocates is outlandishly stupid, and certainly deserves a response, the truth is their numbers and stupidity are staggering and incomprehensible.  This has resulted in a limitless number of stupid ideas and stupid thoughts flooding the idea marketplace.  And while your visceral reaction may be to shoot each and everyone of them down, I fear all it is doing is driving traffic to otherwise unremarkable and irrelevant feminists.  Additionally, as you know, I believe the situation in America is unsalvagable, so why bother wasting your time rushing from fire to fire to...

Correlation, Causation, and Racism in “Science” 2

Correlation, Causation, and Racism in “Science”

You’ve got to love the modern pseudo-science of polling.  I remember during the last municipal election cycle, getting a call from a polling agency asking me how important Police Services were to me. “In what context?” I asked. “How much will the importance of Police Services be influencing your vote in the upcoming election.” A meaningless question without context. I hold a dim view of the Calgary Police Service; my anecdotal experiences with them have shown a deficit of actual policing skill.  They can’t differentiate between “Alpha citizen” and “Alpha criminal,” often stiffening in fear whenever they witness testosteronic power...

Game is a K-Type Mating Strategy 8

Game is a K-Type Mating Strategy

This post assumes basic familiarity with r/K selection theory, as well as Anonymous Conservative‘s work exploring how this relates to the two fundamental political stances of our species.  I highly recommend that you buy his book The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics for an in depth analysis, but for the sake of this article a simple explanation will suffice (if you’re already familiar with his theory you can skip to the break). An r-selected species is a reproduction focused species; this occurs in niches of abundance, where food is readily available.  Under such conditions, it is the fastest reproducers who take...

Nepotism, Fight Club, and Playing Catch Up 2

Nepotism, Fight Club, and Playing Catch Up

Playing host to a Bunch of Lunatics winds up being pretty-much a full time gig (even with the lovely Alpha Unit doing all of the cooking); while I’ve been fairly active in other places, I haven’t been keeping up with telling you guys about it.  So right off the bat, a couple of linkages: Danny de Gracia and I had a telephone interview about Internet trolls, and how new-media (blogging, wikipedia) is changing the face of news and information.  Check out the transcript here, with a link to the audio. Captain Capitalism and I had a long conversation about the...

How to Defeat the Left 4

How to Defeat the Left

First off, I need your support.  I’m doing a bit of fundraising just now, so I’d appreciate if you watched the following video, or click on this link for the details. That said, here’s why you all came here: my latest video, How to Defeat the Left: Pravda’s “America, Never give up your guns!“by Stanislav Mishin.