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New Material Month

Realize that while most of which feminism and socialism advocates is outlandishly stupid, and certainly deserves a response, the truth is their numbers and stupidity are staggering and incomprehensible.  This has resulted in a limitless number of stupid ideas and stupid thoughts flooding the idea marketplace.  And while your visceral reaction may be to shoot each and everyone of them down, I fear all it is doing is driving traffic to otherwise unremarkable and irrelevant feminists.  Additionally, as you know, I believe the situation in America is unsalvagable, so why bother wasting your time rushing from fire to fire to...

Correlation, Causation, and Racism in “Science” 2

Correlation, Causation, and Racism in “Science”

You’ve got to love the modern pseudo-science of polling.  I remember during the last municipal election cycle, getting a call from a polling agency asking me how important Police Services were to me. “In what context?” I asked. “How much will the importance of Police Services be influencing your vote in the upcoming election.” A meaningless question without context. I hold a dim view of the Calgary Police Service; my anecdotal experiences with them have shown a deficit of actual policing skill.  They can’t differentiate between “Alpha citizen” and “Alpha criminal,” often stiffening in fear whenever they witness testosteronic power...

Game is a K-Type Mating Strategy 7

Game is a K-Type Mating Strategy

This post assumes basic familiarity with r/K selection theory, as well as Anonymous Conservative‘s work exploring how this relates to the two fundamental political stances of our species.  I highly recommend that you buy his book The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics for an in depth analysis, but for the sake of this article a simple explanation will suffice (if you’re already familiar with his theory you can skip to the break). An r-selected species is a reproduction focused species; this occurs in niches of abundance, where food is readily available.  Under such conditions, it is the fastest reproducers who take...

Nepotism, Fight Club, and Playing Catch Up 2

Nepotism, Fight Club, and Playing Catch Up

Playing host to a Bunch of Lunatics winds up being pretty-much a full time gig (even with the lovely Alpha Unit doing all of the cooking); while I’ve been fairly active in other places, I haven’t been keeping up with telling you guys about it.  So right off the bat, a couple of linkages: Danny de Gracia and I had a telephone interview about Internet trolls, and how new-media (blogging, wikipedia) is changing the face of news and information.  Check out the transcript here, with a link to the audio. Captain Capitalism and I had a long conversation about the...

How to Defeat the Left 4

How to Defeat the Left

First off, I need your support.  I’m doing a bit of fundraising just now, so I’d appreciate if you watched the following video, or click on this link for the details. That said, here’s why you all came here: my latest video, How to Defeat the Left: Pravda’s “America, Never give up your guns!“by Stanislav Mishin.

The Venus Project 1

The Venus Project

How do you discredit a movement which has never specifically said what it’s for? My book. My Twitter. Glorious Hat!

Manning Up 0

Manning Up

First off, a new Lunatic Fringe Podcast with myself and Matt Forney, where we discuss everything.  It’s an hour long, with an mp3 for download if you prefer. Now, to the point: My book. My Twitter. Glorious Hat! Stagnating technology. Manna, a short story. Also don’t forget to check out Heinlein’s short story The Man Who Was Too Lazy to Fail.

America’s Fiscal Cliff: Ron Paul Was Right 0

America’s Fiscal Cliff: Ron Paul Was Right

Another interview over at the Washington Times: Danny de Gracia: You recently put out a new video on your YouTube channel which was fairly technical in scope discussing how to govern in a depression. I take it that you haven’t bought into the official line that we’re “in a recovery” now? D.M.J. Aurini: Absolutely not. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson nailed it: All you need to do is to look at the numbers, or listen to your gut. With the numbers we’re looking at a shell game. The Consumer Price Index, for instance: it’s supposed to be a measure of how...