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Laramie Hirsch on a Return to Catholic Monarchy

Laramie Hirsch has an interesting series of posts on returning to a Catholic Monarchy.  I’ll refrain from any major commentary at the present time, but I heartily recommend that you give it a read.  For now, I’ll just say that his arguments are in alignment with what I’ve been saying about the necessity of an upward pull for civilization, and we Catholics ought to be setting the example.  We must double-down on living a Godly life. The Kingdom of Católica America The Kingdom of Católica America: Part 2 The Kingdom of Católica America: Part 3 The Kingdom of Católica America...

The Crusades and investing in Silver 4

The Crusades and investing in Silver

A couple of videos I wanted to share with you guys. The first is an excellent video about the Crusades, from a Historian whose YouTube channel focusses entirely on the Crusades. You’ll often hear the Atheistkultist go on about how the Crusades prove that religion is violent, and it needs to be eliminated… unlike Atheist regimes like Pol Pot, for instance (Holodomor? Never heard of it!).  It seems that Atheistkult is utterly unable to distinguish one ideology from another; believing in anything is bad, they say, and all ideologies are equally damning.  So they believe in the John Lennon “Imagine”...

Advice From an Old Man 2

Advice From an Old Man

Of the many things lost during the Cultural Revolution of the 60s, one which stands out to me the most is the dearth of colloquial “old man” wisdom which used to prevail.  Call it the cult of immaturity – Baby Boomers worship childishness, and being mature and “set in your ways” is viewed as a failure, rather than as having a solid foundation upon which to build a life.  We have a culture of material optimism, and spiritual pessimism – “One person can’t change the world – and stop being so negative, pointing out all the flaws with my plan!”...

Sunday Funday Linkage: Dating Edition 2

Sunday Funday Linkage: Dating Edition

Captain Capitalism’s 8 Reasons why men and women hate Feminism: In short, feminists have been poor stewards of their right to vote.  I say this because they have consistently as a group voted for more government and less freedom since given the right to vote. What’s that about a gold standard? Petition to designate the Catholic Church as a hate group: file under “people are too stupid to vote.” Arm yourself to reduce the danger, not to feed your fear. America’s three foundational boxes – being destroyed one at a time. Game vs PUA: know the difference! Beta culture: a...

Linkage: Christmas Sellout Edition 1

Linkage: Christmas Sellout Edition

Two weeks to go until Christmas; instead of supporting the Corporate Machine, help support your Friendly, Internet Entrepreneurs! Vox has released his latest novel, A Throne of Bones.  I just received my copy, so the review won’t be up for a while, but the man’s reputation should speak for itself. Speaking of which, did I mention that I’ve published a novel?  Buy the Washington Time’s “Must read book of 2012” before it’s 2013! And Aaron Clarey has a new book, too – Captain Capitalism’s Top Shelf: a collection of his best and most brilliant posts over the past six years. ...

Sunday Funday: Take my wife – please! 1

Sunday Funday: Take my wife – please!

Captain Capitalism describes the latest economic bubble, Chinese rot, and European masochism.  He’s also put together a book of his best writings – I’ve got my copy, I’ll be reviewing it soon. Climate change?  Global Warming?  I’ve got your climate change right here, bub, and it doesn’t look like the Medieval Optimum. The Mandrosphere is not dying; it is an ever flowing river.  A new game/lifestyle/fitness blog is up, thank you for putting it together, Frost.  Expect to see me contributing to it from time to time. Oh, look, a sociologist found exactly what they wanted to find.  Go Team...

Sunday Funday 16-09-2012: Hypergamy in History Edition 5

Sunday Funday 16-09-2012: Hypergamy in History Edition

  PUAs and Gamers are not the same thing.  Know the difference! A fresh and unexplored Political Philosophy. $40 billion per month; sounds reasonable to me. I love Less Wrong, but they’ve jumped the shark. And finally, an Important Message from the Captain (mirror).

Linkage: Voxiversity Edition 0

Linkage: Voxiversity Edition

Blogger Vox Day has been good enough to assemble a series of Lecture & Test posts on a variety of topics.  I’m currently working my way through Rothbard’s America’s Great Depression – an Austrian examination of what occurred.  The book itself, of course, is hosted by the Mises Institute, but this is a great service by Vox Day, nonetheless.  The multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter are a great help. He’s doing more than just blogging – he’s actively laying out coursework for your own edification, from several books (down on the left-hand side-bar).  I might go through...

Linkage: Omnipitron Edition 1

Linkage: Omnipitron Edition

I’ve been meaning to get around to this for a while; not just for the inherent SEO benefits, but also because it’s the Right Thing to Do.  I’m ashamed to say it’s fallen by the wayside.  What with my busy schedule of harassing endangered species, getting drunk with my standup comedian–Literary Agent, scouting out sniper positions throughout the city, and yelling at myself in the mirror – I don’t get nearly enough writing done. So without further ado, allow me to introduce Omnipitron at The Phantom Tollbooth: One man’s journey through blended family, ADHD, and rampant Misandry; he recently wrote...